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TikTok trends that can boost your home’s value by £100,000

property The British region of the Cotswolds ANOB on September 20, 2019: Quaint rustic entry courtyard in the town of Wyck Rissington in the Cotswolds area of the United Kingdom
Vintage-inspired trends such as cottagecore décor are popular on TikTok and could add value to your property. Photo: Getty (Don White via Getty Images)

Want to try something new with your décor? Herringbone floors, outdoor kitchens and living walls are just some of the TikTok trends that could add value to your home.

Recreating the top 20 trends on TikTok and Instagram could increase the value of your home by up to £100,000 (if you do all 20!) — according to research by find-a-tradesperson platform Rated People. 

Around 60% of UK homeowners plan to recreate at least one of these trends this year, the research found.

Vintage charm

Vintage-inspired trends were popular in the research, which analysed over 800,000 jobs on the Rated People platform and surveyed over 2,000 people.


Herringbone floors was the top trend, with 72 million views on TikTok, 100,000 hashtags on Instagram and 40,000 annual UK Google searches. It was the most popular home improvement trend in the study, and it estimated that buyers would pay up to £5,500 more for a home if it had a herringbone floor.

Modern luxury open-plan kitchen with a center island and built in appliances with white decor over a decorative herringbone parquet floor
Herringbone flooring was the top trend, with 72 million views on TikTok, and could raise the value of a home by an estimated £5,500. Photo: Getty (susiweiss via Getty Images)

Vintage furniture was also a fashionable look, coming sixth on the list. It had over 25,000,000 TikTok views, 2,200,000 Instagram posts and 8,100 Google searches, adding an average £5,643 in value to your home.

Other vintage-inspired trends that add value are cottagecore décor (£5,406), flagstone floors (£5,527) and wood panelling (£5,114).

Chalet Cozy Interior Wooden Sofa and Fireplace. Rustic Home Design for Warm Indoor Space Alpine Vacation. Modern Cottage Living Room Decor with Wood Wall and Furniture. Winter Holiday Background
Cottagecore décor is a vintage-inspired trend that is popular on TikTok. Photo: Getty (Oksana_Bondar via Getty Images)

Natural materials

With sustainability playing a more important role in interior design, it’s not surprising that natural material trends featured heavily in the research.

Living walls was a big trend, with 47,800,000 TikTok views, 142,000 Instagram posts and 8,100 Google searches. People bringing nature into their homes in this way could add an impressive £5,263 in value.

Other natural-inspired trends included pampas grass décor, which adds £4,603 in value and outdoor kitchens, which were second on the list, and increased the value of a home by £5,683, thanks to the addition of a quirky entertaining space.

Open kitchen with empty dining room table and chairs outside, against green fresh plants on background
Outdoor kitchens were second on the list of most popular TikTok home trends. Photo: Getty (brizmaker via Getty Images)

Neutral colour palettes

Neutral colour palettes have long been known to boost the value of a home so it’s little surprise that these made the cut.

Neutral décor clocked up 20,400,000 TikTok views and 1,200,000 Instagram posts adding £5,528 to the value of a home.

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Japandi décor, a combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, which focuses on light spaces and colours also scored highly, coming in 14th on the list of trends and adding £4,936 in value to a home.

Japandi style living room interior design and decoration. green sofa in living room. 3d rendering studio apartment.
Japandi décor, a combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality, which focuses on light spaces and colours could add £4,936 in value to a home. Photo: Getty (Nongnuch Pitakkorn via Getty Images)

Bold decoration

Surprisingly, considering the popularity of neutral colours, bold palettes were also popular. Dark kitchens add £4,909 in value and, more specifically a green kitchen could add an extra £5,344 to your home.

Colour blocking — taking colours that are opposites and pairing them together — added £4,776. Green walls led to a £4,691 uplift in a home’s value, while pink bathrooms, always a risky trend, added £4,498.

Modern mid century and minimalist bathroom interior, coral decor concept, modern white bathroom cabinet and white bathtub with coral wall on concrete floor. 3d rendering
A pink bathroom, although a risky trend, could add £4,498 to your home. Photo: Getty (Suleyman Ozkan via Getty Images)

While it’s great to try something new, be aware that TikTok trends don’t always have staying power. “Do what you love but don’t follow trends as these date quickly and you’ll want to change them sooner than you think,” says interior designer Jojo Bradley.

Designer Simone Suss, who focusses on sustainability in her work, said: “Definitely avoid being too ‘faddy’ or ‘of the moment’ and instead design for longevity.”

Home improvements that add value

As well as trends, the study also investigated which home improvements are the most lucrative if you’re looking to sell. Extra space and multi-functionality were high up on the list, with a self-contained annex taking the top spot.

This was thought to add £17,000 to the value of a home. Other space-enhancing improvements included a new orangery or conservatory, increasing value by £13,611; a garden office room, adding £11,648 and a new porch, £11,015.

home terrace patio idea, render 3d
Space-enhancing improvements such as a new orangery or conservatory could increase the value of your home by £13,611. Photo: Getty (KangeStudio via Getty Images)

Despite the trend for TikTok-inspired home improvements, people still value the importance of solid bricks and mortar. Adding a new roof was the second home improvement to add value, at £15,407 and new windows were fifth at £12,784.

The impact of the pandemic could also be seen as garden offices were popular and a home gym added £11,927. An outdoor entertaining area increased values by £11,757.

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“Our priorities have been changing and it’s no surprise that some of the things that have recently helped to enhance our lives like home gyms and outdoor entertaining areas are now more valuable than ever to homebuyers,’ said Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People.

An outdoor entertaining area increased home values by £11,757, according to research. Photo: Getty
An outdoor entertaining area increased home values by £11,757, according to research. Photo: Getty (Maskot via Getty Images)

Top home trends on TikTok and the amount they could add to the value of a home:

  1. Herringbone floor — £5,485

  2. Outdoor kitchen — £5,683

  3. Living walls — £5,263

  4. Green kitchen — £5,344

  5. Home office — £6,368

  6. Vintage furniture — £5,643

  7. Dark kitchens — £4,909

  8. Neutral décor — £5,528

  9. Pampas grass decor — £4,603

  10. Wall panelling — £5,114

  11. Maximalism — £5,394

  12. Flagstone floor — £5,527

  13. Painted arches — £4,723

  14. Japandi décor — £4,936

  15. Colour blocking — £4,776

  16. Green walls — £4,691

  17. Kitchen pantry — £5,757

  18. Grand millennial décor — £5,398

  19. Cottagecore décor — £5,406

  20. Pink bathrooms — £4,498

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