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The Top U30 Male Entrepreneurs To Look Out for in 2021

Two Comma PR

The Top U30 Male Entrepreneurs
The Top U30 Male Entrepreneurs
The Top U30 Male Entrepreneurs

London, United Kingdom, Jan. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Entrepreneurship has become a trend in the last decade, with the emergence of thousands of new ‘entrepreneurs’ on social media and the internet every day. With countless entrepreneurs out there, there are a select few who are a cut above the rest - doing things differently and making a mark upon their respective industries. According to Two Comma PR, the entrepreneurs who are leading the way are the ones who are creative, innovative, and driven to succeed - no matter the external situations. Each with their own unique expertise in their respective industries, here we present the top under 30 male entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2021.


Jordan Daykin - (@jordan.daykin)

Jordan Daykin is an established entrepreneur with a keen eye for innovation and one foot planted firmly in the future. Known nationally for his appearance on the BBC television show 'Dragon's Den, Jordan was the youngest entrepreneur to ever gain investment at 18 years old, establishing himself as a young visionary to watch.

In 2017 Jordan landed himself a mention in the prestigious '30 Under 30' list by Forbes. Now moving into 2021, Jordan is 25 and an investor across multiple industries spanning digital marketing to automotive, keeping his honed business sense attuned for innovative and exciting businesses and products. He has also made multiple UK media appearances, sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur and inspiring the next generation of creatives

Jordan's key focus has been on the development of a new app. His new project is a consumer based "Trades App" set to launch in mid 2021. Be on the lookout for this proven innovator’s exciting new project!

Taylor Jones (@taylorjones)

Taylor Jones’ success story begins as an artist, touring with Disney for 3 years in Europe. But not everything has been roses. His pop-star career was sidetracked by a dispute with a former manager, but that didn’t stop him from innovating in the industry he was so fond of. From his experience, he learned what he didn’t want to become, and as such, focused his energy on providing the best possible representation for his clients. Throughout his career, he has represented winners of The Voice Kids, Junior Eurovision, and Pop Idol, mentoring and managing their careers in music and entertainment.

Today, he’s an award-winning music / digital executive and founder of The Hello Group, an LA based entertainment agency he runs with his brother Kyran Jones, and former Warner Music and Virgin Records boss, Phil Quartararo.

Within his activities, Taylor is also a leading A&R executive who is recognized as a driving force in the rise of K-Pop in today's US pop culture. In the last 18 months, his roster of producers and writers have been responsible for 18 Billboard #1 chart results and 20+ gold, platinum and triple-platinum hit singles/albums for artists including the worlds biggest band BTS, along with other global acts such as SuperM, NCT 127, ITZY, EXO’s KAI, WayV, Victon, THE9, and many more. Currently, he represents multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning writers and producers (including K-pop super producer Alawn), as well as popular artists from all over the world including MTV EMA winner Emma Heesters (Republic Records) who was declared the highest charting artist of the year domestically.

In 2021, Taylor and his company will be reaching further into TV and film production with the launch of a new studio division at The Hello Group that will focus on producing non-fiction and scripted shows for YA and family audiences.

Adam Power (@adampower96)

Adam Power started with no education or business experience, but he has managed to thrive in the business world within his industries. Labeled a failure throughout school, none of his teachers thought he would succeed. Today, he owns a digital marketing company that helps clients implement the right system to achieve their financial goals. Adam now travels the world and can enjoy his financial freedom while helping others, which is a huge passion of his.

Adam is passionate about what he does. After all, he deeply cares about lending a hand to people, especially those who are at the bottom because he can relate to being the underdog. He runs a business that’s super ethical and he believes in the value and power of hard work. Adam has built his business from the ground up, working over 12 hours a day for the last 3 years; no one handed him anything, and it shows.

His company is widely known for its super high return on investment because he goes above and beyond for his clients. Businesses who want to transition to the online world and want to have an edge turn to Adam Power for advice and expertise. He has created a name for himself and helps others do the same. Adam has also just invested into 2x well known eCommerce companies as a 50% partner including a clothing and a male jewellery brand aiming to use his skills to make both brands reach a pinnacle of success in the digital world.

Mark Abraham (@markbabraham)

Mark Abraham’s success story is incredible, starting at the Shannon College of Hotel Management, where he studied Economics and International Hotel Management. Soon enough, he was invited to the Founder of the Future Fellowship, an exclusive invite-only community for future founders under 30. The mission? To build a world-class pool of entrepreneurs to build the high impact startups of the future.

Marks’ entrepreneurial spirit was always strong and once he was exposed to technology, he was hooked. Having spent his time in world-class hotels, Mark knew the hotel industry was the perfect place to make a huge impact. Soon enough, Shackle was born with the vision of becoming “Uber for hotels”. The app is the first fully integrated book, stay & explore travel app where people can book hotels and activities, check-in, check-out, open their room door, order room service, pay, and do anything they need right from their phone.

In other words, Mark has successfully automated people’s journey as hotel guests, thus making the experience a lot easier for everyone. Removing the need for a hotel front desk was a great challenge, but it has proven to be worth-while. The app was built during COVID-19 yet it has already pre-signed hotels from all over the world including cities such as London, New York, Miami & Dubai. It’s due to move from beta to full launch in Q1 2021 and it has all the characteristics to become the next European Unicorn.

Adam Cooper (@adam-cooper)

Adam Cooper’s journey wasn’t an easy one. Suspended from both his Primary and Secondary schools, he ended up with just 4 GCSE’s, which would be discouraging for many. He went on to become a qualified MOT tester and worked for 7 different vehicle repair companies, before realising he wanted more. In 2012, he started his property journey at Taylors Estate Agency where he started to really understand this industry.

In 2016, he joined City Homes Estate Agents as a letting’s negotiator and just three months later, he was running the branch and managing 5 employees. He spent two years in the company and in that short space of time, increased their portfolio from 80 to 245 managed properties. Finally, he decided to risk everything and start his own venture. He had finally found his true passion.

His entrepreneurial spirit rose to the occasion as he established Freedom Homes in December 2017. It all began in his spare room, but with hard work and dedication, Adam’s reputation in the industry started to grow. By November 2020, had 6 successful companies under his belt, had converted and flipped numerous HMOs and invested in multiple properties, generating a 6 figure profit. Their history continues to be written. He now has 5 employees, a build team of 13 + contractors, has 7 HMO projects in progress and a further 10 in the pipeline.

Adam completely transformed his life, going from an uninspired car mechanic to a business owner. He is extremely passionate about helping others realise their true potential and has a goal of opening an entrepreneur academy, with the aim to help over 1 million young aspiring entrepreneurs change the world.

Riccardo Aversa (@becomerichard)

Riccardo Aversa is a self-made millionaire at the early age of 21 years old. Though it may seem he had it easy, in reality, he started small just like any other online entrepreneur. But he had a bright idea and the commitment to make it come true. It all started in a small town in Italy, where he started doing online business at the age of 16. With nothing but his wit and the power of the Internet, he reached 7 figures at the age of 19.

Instead of spending his money on fast cars, which is what many would think a 19-year-old would do, he began investing. He put his money into ecommerce projects and he started his own consulting and coaching business with clients in the USA, Latin America and Europe. These brands now represent established 7-figure per year businesses.

In 2021 he’s ready to start a new adventure called Global Brands that creates ecommerce brands for daily life from scratch. Thanks to his experience, he has created a unique formula to test and scale global e-commerce brands using social channels ensuring the maximum experience for customers.

This powerful combination of greatest products and global social marketing defines the success of his brands.

This is a promising company to watch out for.

Raman Bhalla - (@raman_bhalla)

Raman Bhalla is an innovative and adaptable young man of 24 years. He's started multiple businesses from as young as 18, carrying the experiences with him as he went from strength to strength, developing his entrepreneurial spirit and sense for business along the way.

Raman currently operates a successful supply chain procurement business, specializing in optimizing logistics and product procurement for established supply chains. Pro-Source Direct was the result of Raman recognizing a gap in the UK production market, generating 6 figures within its first few months of operating and growing into international recognition. Leveraging the global economic situation of 2020 and cultivating the unique opportunities present in such an environment, Raman positioned Pro-Source to enable many manufacturing and supply businesses to streamline their processes saving money, time and ensuring some businesses were able to survive.

Not finished with logistics, Raman is set to innovate even further within the manufacturing and supply industries when he launches his new project; Pentagon Pro. Pentagon Pro is a 2-phase supply chain agency currently under development and set to launch in early 2021 that offers comprehensive analysis, consultation and implementation that connects products with people all under one roof.

Raman has been a whirlwind of innovation within the manufacturing sphere and is set to shake things up further in the coming year.

Adam Probert - (@adam__eats)

Adam Probert recognised early on in his entrepreneurial journey, that as businesses shifted to a more digital space, they were leaving behind the precise component that helped them gain success in the first place; human connection.

Embracing his innate passion for both people and food, Adam left his role in banking to support some of London’s most renowned restaurants with marketing and communications services.

By focusing on branding, content and community, Adam bridged the gap between on and offline, helping businesses humanise their brand and connect with their audiences on a personal level.

Not long into his new endeavour, Adam realised that he could replicate the success he’d been having with restaurants, across a plethora of industries and has since worked brands in the automotive, drinks, fitness, hotel, members club, and travel spaces.

After operating under the name of his infamous Instagram handle ‘Adam Eats’ since 2017, Adam officially launched his marketing agency, AXJ Media, in 2021.

AXJ Media’s mission is to help businesses be seen, heard, and valued; very much encompassing Adam’s focus of putting people at the heart of business.

Adam and his growing team couldn’t be more excited at the prospect of a 2021 filled with new challenges, impactful work, and most importantly... happy clients!

Yohanes Zewdu - @yohanes.zewdu

Yohanes Zewdu, known as Johnny Vegas, lost all hopes and dreams – his hopes of a football career became impossible due to an unforeseen injury. However, everything happens for a reason, and his biggest struggle became his biggest inspiration. Having to pivot his plans for his life, Johnny’s injury opened the door for him to work in the casino industry in Las Vegas, where he was able to find inspiration in many people he saw there. Seeing an amazing opportunity to build his network, Johnny took advantage by creating as many connections as he could, as understood how the domino effect works.

Fast forward to 2020, Johnny is now a sought-after motivational speaker, who shares how he overcame the challenge of internationality, adapted to the diversity in international business, and achieved success.

He is the CEO of Kloudout – Luxury lifestyle Management Company, whose mission is to make people’s life easier and stress free. The company is a professional concierge service, founded in 2010, which he took from Las Vegas to the global market to Europe and UAE. Holidays, daily needs, guiding – kloudout ensures any request is carried out with diligence and meticulous attention to detail. Kloudout has expanded by adding a fashion brand “kloudout wear” and now are slowly challenging the fashion industry.

Johnny says “We are continuing to challenge ourselves by collaborating with the best in the business. We are ready to become the best event organisers in the UAE by creating concerts, festivals, and all kinds of events in 2021 and my long term vision is a lot of business in the pipeline. I want my national brand 2021 company recognized to be to the next level, where we can achieve and give others the opportunity to become entrepreneurial too and then invest in you”, - Johnny explains. With big plans for the future, Yohanes is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Josh Abbott - (@josh.abott__)
A young entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, synergist and adventurer – all this can be proudly said about Josh Abott.

Josh has gained valuable international experience and knowledge from some of the world's most revolutionary entrepreneurs and companies, having lived and worked across the UK, Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai, Madrid, Barcelona & Amsterdam. Since 19, Josh has worked for Uber when the firm first began its operations in Singapore, Antler (a venture capital firm who’ve made 190 portfolio company investments in 2 years) and Ofo (Ofo raised $2bn+ in funding, led by Alibaba, scaling globally).

Josh now spends his time connecting dots globally as a strategist helping to structure some of the world’s fastest growing companies. For instance, Josh is building ‘Growth Shop’ alongside their CEO. Growth Shop build, launch and scale direct-to-consumer brands that they own or hold major equity stakes in. One of their brands exploded by 3000% in just 6 months, reaching multi-million dollars in revenue.

In addition, Josh works on synergistic deals between entities across the world, bringing in various companies their biggest clients such as for Wiser. Moreover, his work with one of the world’s largest football clubs on sourcing sponsorship partners inspired him to start Venture Sports & Entertainment Ltd with 3 of the UK’s biggest sports agents. Their focus for 2021 is facilitating deals across football and eSports.

“My future plan is to carry on having fingers in multiple pies, being the guy who can ‘make things happen’, whilst having a positive impact on the world” – Josh says.

Josh has already started to make an impact on the world, being the right-hand-man to the Founder of Stronger Generations (charity) via raising funds and bringing in crucial contacts. Stronger Generations inspires young people to create a positive change in their world, running workshops and building schools and homes for refugees.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing entrepreneurs, as they continue to thrive and grow in 2021. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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