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Three quarters of Brits say work is damaging their mental health

Photo: Ahmad Gunnaivi/Unsplash
Workplace stress is key cause for mental health issues, a survey has found. Photo: Ahmad Gunnaivi/Unsplash

Three quarters of Brits believe work is damaging their mental health, causing four in 10 to think about quitting.

A whopping 74% of 2,000 UK employees surveyed by by job board CV-Library said their job is making their mental health worse.

With 53% saying their workplace doesn’t do enough to support employees, 44% are considering resigning.

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Being overworked is one of the biggest detriment to Brits’ mental health, the survey found.

When asked how their employer could help prevent mental health issues, three in five (58%) Brits said they should promote a healthier work-life balance, while two in five (39%) said they should reduce pressure to work long hours.

Over a third (36%) said employees should be allowed to take time out when they need to.

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Research by Angers University and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research suggests that people who work 10 hours even once a week on a regular basis are 29% more likely to suffer a stroke.

This could be particularly concerning for Brits, who work the longest hours in Europe, putting in about two-and-a-half weeks longer than other countries’ employees.

Additionally, 35% of Brits said it would be helpful if employers could refer them to counselling services when necessary.

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When asked who they’d be most likely to talk to about their mental health, 42% of Brits said a medical professional ranked highest, followed by a partner (40%) or family (35%).

Just 4% of Brits listed their boss as who they’d talk to, underlining that they are not seeking support from their employers.

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