UAB “Atsinaujinančios Energetikos Investicijos” publishes its factsheet for the first quarter of 2023

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UAB “Atsinaujinančios Energetikos Investicijos” (the Company) publishes its factsheet, providing information about the Company’s investment portfolio, key events, business strategy, operating segments, and financial indicators as of 31 March 2023.


  • At the end of Q1 2023 AEI closed its final equity raising round with investor commitments reaching 91.82 mEUR.

  • 67.8 MW solar PV portfolio in Poland, managed by PV Energy Projects, has secured 105 mPLN senior financing with Bank Pekao S.A.

  • Solar PV parks that are managed by UAB "JTPG", UAB "KNT Holding" and UAB "Nimela” have secured development permits. The development permit was also issued for the wind park being developed by UAB “Ekoelektra”.

  • The construction and energization of Anykščiai wind park (49.5 MW) have been completed, with all 9 WTGs finalizing testing procedures by the mid of March 2023. As of the end of Q1 2023, the park has generated approximately 31 GWh of green electricity.

  • SPA to acquire a 102 MW wind park development project in Latvia has been signed.


65.5 MW operating solar power projects in Poland:

  • All projects were operating smoothly, however, both revenue and EBITDA did not meet the budgeted values as irradiation levels for the first quarter were 77% of the forecasted value.

Solar development project pipeline in Poland:

  • PV Energy Projects portfolio construction is being finalized. 7.85 MW are still under construction and are planned to be finished by the end of May 2023. The main challenge during the construction phase is the timing of the grid connection point installation, which is executed by the distribution system operators.

  • For the first 66.99 MW out of the 114.5 MW PL-Sun development portfolio the main contracts as Balance of System (BoS), module and inverter supply agreements have been signed. The first modules are expected to arrive in early May 2023, while inverter deliveries are planned for June 2023.

Wind projects in Lithuania:

  • The construction process of the wind park portfolio managed by UAB „Žaliosios investicijos“ is progressing. During Q1 2023 Anykščiai wind park (49.5 MW) was fully energized. Jonava wind park (70 MW) is planned to be fully energized by the end of May, while Rokškis wind park (66 MW) should be finalized during Q3 2023.

  • SPA for a 102 MW wind park development in Latvia has been signed. The grid connection was secured for the whole connection capacity.

  • The wind power park developed by UAB „Ekoelektra“ has secured a development permit. Final grid connection conditions are expected to be received during Q2 2023.

Hybrid projects:

  • Permits to develop solar parks were issued to UAB "JTPG” and UAB "KNT Holding”. The requests for project hybridization were submitted in early March 2023.

Contact person for further information:

Grėtė Bukauskaitė

Manager of the Investment Company