UAB „ORKELA“ Publishes Audited Financial Statement for 2022

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UAB „Orkela“ (The Company) publishes audited financial statements for 2022.  

The Company's main activity is real estate development and construction. The Company owns a plot of land and a compound of buildings located at Vasario 16-osios g. 1, Vilnius

Highlights for 2022

  • In Q1 2022, the Company assessed borrowing prospects on the capital markets and placed the first tranche of 5,000 units (at EUR 5,000,000 nominal value) out of its total bond issue with a nominal value of EUR 40 million.

  • On 27 June 2022, the Company's bonds were listed on Nasdaq Vilnius. Issue ISIN code LT0000405961, maturity date – 19 January 2025.

  • A total of 14,528 bonds (at EUR 14,528,000 nominal value) were issued in 2022.

Key events after the end of the financial year


  • On 2 January 2023, the Company entered into a lease agreement with the main tenant of the Project for 18,082 sq.m. of space in the Project, where it will operate a Royal Russel-branded school with student accommodation services.

  • In January and March 2023, the Company issued 5,571 units of secured non-convertible bonds with a nominal value of EUR 1,000 each.

Shareholders’ decision


According to the Law on Companies of Republic of Lithuania, the annual financial statements prepared by the Management are authorized by the General Shareholders’ meeting. The shareholders hold the power not to approve the annual financial statements and the right to request new financial statements to be prepared.

Shareholder of the Company on April 28,2023 decided to approve Company’s 2022 financial statements and distribute profits/losses as indicated below:


Sum, EUR

Retained earnings (loss) – at the beginning of financial year

(6 763 760)

Comprehensive income for the reporting period - net profit for the current year

(4 251 298)

Profit transfer to the legal reserve


Shareholders’ contributions to cover losses

203 727

Retained earnings (loss) – at the end of financial year

(10 811 331)

Profit distribution:


Profit to be paid as dividends   


Shareholders’ contributions to cover losses


Retained earnings (loss) at the end of the financial year for 2022 and previous financial periods

(10 811 331)

More information:

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