Union Labs Plans Polygon-to-Cosmos Bridge with New AggLayer Integration

Union Labs, a project focused on blockchain interoperability, plans to integrate with AggLayer, a decentralized service rolled out earlier this year by the developer Polygon Labs that allows for the sharing of liquidity among connected networks.

The deal is notable because it could deepen the links between Polygon, one of the biggest Ethereum scaling networks, and the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem and its Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), the ecosystem of interconnected blockchains which Union has been building upon.

"The integration will unlock greater liquidity access and movement between AggLayer-connected chains and IBC-enabled chains, ensuring a trustless, efficient and low-latency process," according to a press release.

Karel Kubat, founder of Union Labs, said the announcement marked "both projects' commitment to addressing the siloed nature of blockchains while upholding sovereignty."

Union Labs, which announced in November that it had raised $4 million, is planning its mainnet launch later this year.