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Using AI to Save Money on Property Transactions

Inclined to think that realtors or property experts are nothing more than middle-aged, spectacle-wearing people on the go, digging through records buried in file folders and with no knowledge at all about digital tools?


Well, Kevin Davidson, disruptive entrepreneur and founder of The Property Angel™ debunks that stereotype.

Digital innovations have changed the bar for what it means to be part of the new breed of real estate agents, generating useful insights for clients.

Into that mold belongs CEO Kevin Davidson, who has accumulated 25 years of real estate experience as a property lawyer.

Kevin has also experienced what it was like to be a residential and commercial buyer, as well as a seller, renter, landlord, and property developer.


Kevin has engaged in such areas of pursuit in the UK and other countries across the world, so his knowledge spans diverse cultures and requirements.

His mind can easily grasp the nitty-gritty of all things property.

Using disruptive tech

A busy realtor, Kevin is equipped with a mind receptive enough to present a topnotch real estate app that can support core business activities.

Kevin lost no time in setting his sights on PropTech 3.0 that is a notch higher than PropTech 1.0 and PropTech 2.0 which delved mainly on existing property portals and online real estate agency technologies aimed at the property industry.

For tech-savvy Kevin, the way to go was to meld tech, data, and AI to cater to the property consumer.

  • The consumer – not the property industry – is at the heart of everything that The Property Angel™ does.

  • The innovative app simplifies and paints a clearer picture for the consumer, adding incredible value.

  • It all boils down to making property processing quicker, cheaper, easier, and less stressful.

House stalking need not be a tedious undertaking. With an agile, forward-thinking, ethically data-compliant, and people-driven company run by the ‘Smart Creative’ set, property-seekers can save precious time and eliminate hassles.


With The Property Angel™ app, people can have many of their questions answered in a jiffy by experienced property professionals – from queries by individuals who may be interested in buying property, the best prices for it, to recommendations of trusted, world-class property suppliers.

Harnessing the power of tech

Data analytics can help compare properties and their features, or spot larger market trends that can be very useful.

Davidson further says, “Our innovative app lets potential buyers and sellers see into the future.”

They can list and find properties coming up in the next five years.

He enthusiastically adds,

“We intend to make the whole home moving process as convenient as ordering an Uber as we change the way the world moves home.”

The Property Angel™ certainly tears down existing property industry barriers and turns them into bridges, TPA is poised to bring liquidity to real estate markets globally and get the broken property flywheel turning once more.

That means creating a bonanza in the years ahead for property professionals since more transactions will be flowing inward through the system again.

It is all systems go business-wise, as Davidson matter-of-fact states:

“Weʼre very much looking forward to forming strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies who share our vision of a consumer-centric future, but only world-class, consumer-obsessed property related suppliers should get in touch.”

Powered by Tech, Data, and AI, The Property Angel™ gives users a look into the future with the worldʼs first and only ‘Coming Soonʼ property marketplace.

It is out to eliminate guesswork and save potential buyers and sellers a huge amount of time and money. At the same time, it will help improve market liquidity and generate earnings for property professionals.

Handy multitasking app

The app lets potential buyers and pondering sellers list and look up property anywhere in the world and connect directly with people for free. It does away with having to go through early exchanges with estate agents or deal with lawyers at a cost.

Users get ample support with tools like:

  • Helpful content,

  • an On Demand Property expert,

  • trusted local supplier recommendations.

Moreover, the Property Angel™ app can save potential sellers money by letting them list their property for free in less than 60 seconds.

The digital tool presents no big portal rules, such as `agent only advertising’ which requires signing up with an agent to let people know one is selling or even just thinking about selling a property.

To date, the app has garnered interest from myriad potential buyers, keeping ‘Days on Marketʼ to an absolute minimum and achieve the best price.

App users can also avoid panic selling, or selling at the wrong time when there are only a few people looking. If demand outstrips supply then this can mean more money on the price.

Eliminating home buying angsts

In the US, 44 percent of home buyers suffer some sort of homebuyer regret. A buyer who has stumbled into a particular property may or may not delay the purchasing decision.

By jumping to conclusions that it is the best available property, the buyer may harbor regrets later on.

Indeed, too many people plunge headlong into a purchase, saying “Iʼd better buy now or I wonʼt get anything.”

Well, companies like The Property Angel™ can help such buyers take the time they need when choosing a property, saving them potentially thousands of dollars.

If supply is low at a particular time, then property buyers may pay too much; if supply is high, property buyers pay less, saving a hefty sum.

It is crucial to let home buyers connect directly and potentially with the key people before signing a private deal.

Doing your own deal eliminates the need for agents who drive the price up. Their fees generally account for about one to six percent of the price.

Adding good value

Using TPA’s trusted local supplier recommendations can save tons of money:

  • A good property lawyer can help property seekers on their journey, adding immense value.

  • Conversely, bad lawyers can cost thousands of dollars in terms of fees and poor advice.

  • Bad mortgage brokers can cost clients thousands of dollars plus added woes by recommending the wrong mortgage option.

Sense of community

Every client becomes part of TPAʼs global community. There is accountability since suppliers know they will be under intense scrutiny from both the firm and consumers.

With The Property Angel™, clients are valued. Kevin guarantees that
“You are more than just a number.”

Consumers give their rating of suppliers at the end of each transaction, thereby helping in maintaining excellent standards.

There are currently roll-out plans to provide support and guidance for users, initially in major UK cities, via Local Property Angels.

TPA plans to eventually roll out to international markets. Future locations will depend on the residential / commercial / rental industry market trends and buyers interest.

The Property Angel™ App can be downloaded from the Apple’s App Store and the Google’s Play Store.

The app deserves a look-see, having been selected as one of Scotlandʼs most innovative, data-driven tech companies that will be highlighted at EIE 18, Scotlandʼs premier technology investor event encompassing diverse industries including AI and Data Science, and unfolding on April 19th, 2018 at McEwan Hall, Edinburgh.