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My Voice UK Founder Mariette Richardson Enables People To Become A Speaker With The SpeakUp Accelerator Program

Mariette Richardson, a seasoned speaker and author, has been guiding and inspiring individuals to overcome the fear of public speaking and enhance their presentation skills.

United Kingdom , Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagine a person standing on the stage, gazing out at the audience seated in anticipation. Their voice reverberates through the microphone, and their face is projected on screens on either side. Although not physically on a pedestal, this person is, in essence, elevated in the limelight. It's a moment where trust and respect are formed, all hinging on how they communicate.

Fear of public speaking and presenting themselves is one of the common issues that most people face. Over 75% of all humans suffer from the fear of public speaking or otherwise known as, glossophobia. This fear often originates in a fear of being judged, more than the actual words, and can make people feel stuck and prevent them from reaching their full potential. And the first thing a person observes when meeting another person is the voice and the manner in which they speak. One attribute that can lead to both personal and professional success is the ability to clearly express one's thoughts and ideas.

Mariette Richardson, founder of My Voice UK and The SpeakUp Accelerator


In this journey to overcome the fear of public speaking and enhance one's presentation skills, Mariette Richardson is the driving force behind The SpeakUp Accelerator and has been guiding and inspiring many. With a passion for helping individuals find their voice and express themselves effectively, Mariette is a seasoned speaker and author of the insightful book, "Free the Hidden Speaker Inside: How Your Voice Can Make You Money and Give You the Life You Desire," launched and nominated for the Business Book Awards 2021.

Mariette has made an oath to empower individuals to communicate confidently and make their voices heard. Her dedication to this cause is encapsulated in her own words: "I want these leaders and individuals to fall in love with the sound of their own voice in a way that builds confidence on its own. I want them to get to know their voice and start using it because, before anybody listens to what you’re saying, they are listening to the sound of your voice."

Mariette's journey into the world of effective communication and public speaking began early in life. Her father's involvement with the International Toastmasters organization laid the foundation for her path in this industry. She attended drama school at a young age, nurturing her skills in speech and drama.

Her extensive experience in radio presenting, television hosting, and even amateur film and stage work equipped her with unique insights into the art of speaking, whether in front of a camera or an online audience. With the modern digital age at its peak, Mariette's expertise takes on a fresh meaning. She plays a significant part as an Institute of Directors Ambassador as well in representing and promoting excellence in leadership and governance.

The heart of Mariette's approach lies in her profound understanding of the dynamics of effective communication. She believes that the essence of impactful speaking goes beyond the content of your message. People need to connect with their audience on a personal level to engage them in the speech. As she puts it, "What you bring to the table, your personality, that's what I'm coaching." Her mission is to guide individuals in understanding that a PowerPoint presentation is a slideshow, a visual aid to enhance your speech and not replace it.

Mariette's commitment to her clients extends beyond professionalism, as she patiently takes the time to understand and address their specific speaking challenges. She recalls instances where it took nearly a year to unearth and resolve a client's underlying speaking issues. One of her particular teaching methods is a "sound ball" exercise that emphasizes the value of resonance, projection, and voice placement. This exercise serves as a transformative moment for her clients, where they learn to appreciate the power of their own voices.

Mariette tells all her clients that, “Speakers are made, not born”. She believes that the skill to speak publicly is partially a talent but more so a skill that can be acquired and nurtured to make anyone a memorable speaker.

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