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WCKD RZR launches the world’s fastest, simplest, data access revolution at Mobile World Congress 2023


AI-powered ‘Data Now’ software solution spiders unlimited databases in minutes, anywhere in the world, giving organisations fully-compliant virtually instant, unmitigated, sight and fingertip access to their data

Image of Data Now software

Data Now will spider multiple databases in minutes, giving fully compliant data access anywhere in the world
Data Now will spider multiple databases in minutes, giving fully compliant data access anywhere in the world

WCKD RZR CEO Chuck Teixeira and CTO Jonathan Farina

Former HSBC data chiefs design data enablement software solution Data Now
Former HSBC data chiefs design data enablement software solution Data Now
  • Simplify and supercharge your data estate

  • Data at your fingertips in a single view

  • Virtually instant installation and connection to all your databases

  • Search, see and use data in minutes, no matter where it’s located in the world

  • Eliminates multi-million dollar digital transformation projects which often fail

BARCELONA, Spain, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data Enablement startup, WCKD RZR, has today unveiled a revolutionary AI-powered software solution which delivers unrivalled, supercharged data discovery, see, search and use capabilities for any multinational organisation, through a single pane of glass.


Launched in a fanfare from the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ‘Data Now’ eliminates the need for organisations to undergo costly, often unachievable global data migration and transformation projects.

‘Data Now’ is designed to simplify and streamline the process of data discovery and retrieval, giving businesses instant access to all their data, in any environment and location, through a simple search.

The revolutionary product offers an uncomplicated, more efficient alternative to traditional data management practices, saving companies millions of dollars and often years they would otherwise spend on unachievable big data transformation projects.

PR image _ DATA NOW
PR image _ DATA NOW

WCKD RZR’s Data Now provides a user-friendly, central location for businesses to effortlessly see, search and instantly access data across an entire organisation. Once discovered, the software enables users to view and download data from multiple databases, in any environment around the world, seamlessly and fully compliant with all global data regulations.

Chuck Teixeira, Founder and CEO of WCKD RZR, said: “We’re thrilled to launch Data Now at MWC in Barcelona this year. In Data Now, we’ve created the universal ‘master key’ for data discovery. Our goal is to revolutionise the way businesses manage and access their data, and our solution does just that. It’s truly disruptive and can benefit every large organisation on the planet.”

“Whether its multinational banks, government institutions or regional retailers; Data Now acts as their supercharged data connector and access accelerator.”

“Data Now works from start to finish in a matter of minutes, right out of the box. Hook it up, connect it, and it’ll do the rest - you have access to all your data in one place immediately. With instant access to all data across their entire estate, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data, while saving vast amounts of unnecessary time and cost.”

According to recent studies, only 32% of enterprise data is currently utilised, with more than two thirds going unleveraged. Forrester Research estimates that just a 10% increase in data accessibility will result in more than $2bn additional revenue and $65m additional net income for a typical Fortune 1000 company.

Meanwhile, the cost of GDPR compliance is expected to grow to £2.4 billion by 2024 as businesses wrangle with an ever-increasing number of diverging global privacy and governance regulations.

‘Data Now’ is the latest in WCKD RZR’s growing, trail-blazing, stable of data solutions which enable companies to seamlessly find, govern and instantly access all their data, wherever it is located.

Released last year, Data Watchdog, WCKD RZR’s pioneering data enablement suite, already unlocks the potential of any multinational organisation’s assets by allowing them to Find and Govern their data in each country, real time, fully compliant with relevant data sharing, privacy and governance rules.

Combined with Data Now, organisations can now see, search and swiftly monetise their data in a fully compliant manner.

Jon Farina (left) Chuck Teixeira (right)
Jon Farina (left) Chuck Teixeira (right)

Jonathan Farina, Chief Technology Officer at WCKD RZR, added: “Data Now is a full-service data access accelerator. We are revolutionising the way organisations can search multiple databases for information that they hold. Now they can search it, see it, find it, use it, monetise it.

“Mobile phones were transformed by the iPhone; video rentals were redefined by Netflix, and data access is now being revolutionised by Data Now.”

London-based WCKD RZR is one of just 6 startups to secure a highly sought after place on Cyber Runway Ignite, the most prestigious element of the largest UK government-backed cyber startup accelerator. The business was also one of just 50 startups selected globally for the inaugural Amazon Web Services (AWS) FinTech Accelerator programme.

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