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Woman breaks up with boyfriend over his ‘suspicious’ interactions with his ex-wife: ‘Red flags everywhere’

Emerald Pellot
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A woman wanted to know if her boyfriend (BF) was too close with his ex-wife — and she got her answer.

The girlfriend went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if her feelings were justified. What upset her was how close her boyfriend and his ex-wife had become while she lived in another city.

“My boyfriend has a very close friendship with his ex-wife,” she said. “She divorced him two years ago for another guy but still strings him along for the ride. They have no kids together. They talk every day and hang out often because they’re in the same group of friends.”

She’s not usually around when the pair get together because she doesn’t live nearby.

“I found out that his ex-wife still comes over and cooks for him sometimes,” she wrote. “He has also taken her out for dinner and drinks to celebrate her being promoted at work and things like that. Most recently, she has been calling him to complain about how she is not happy with her new boyfriend, who she dumped him for. Now his birthday is approaching and she wants to come over to his place and cook him breakfast like she has for the past couple of years.”

Meanwhile, the boyfriend insists their relationship is platonic.

“He also said that if I lived in his city, it would be different and she would stop doing things like this for him,” she explained. “I told him this is unacceptable and that I’m not being a third wheel to their weird relationship.”

Reddit users helped the woman make a pretty big decision about her relationship.

“You need to establish some strong boundaries here. This is ridiculously inconsiderate of your BF and you should be very suspicious,” one user wrote.

“Red flags everywhere. If you can’t be the most important woman in his life after this chick dumped him for another guy, do you think you ever will be?” another person added.

After numerous comments, the woman provided a stunning update.

“Broke up with him,” she announced. “It was dramatic. He made it clear that his ex-wife will never be out of his life and that he cannot set boundaries”.

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