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Woman Suspects Boyfriend Is About to Propose, Then Films Herself Practicing Her Reaction (Exclusive)

Davis Bourgeois recorded the moment she caught on to her impending engagement just a few hours before it happened

<p>Davis Bourgeois</p> Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois
  • Davis Bourgeois suspected her boyfriend was planning to propose, so she decided to film herself explaining the reasons for her hunch

  • In the recording, the SoCal-based TikToker practiced saying "yes" for when the moment finally came.

  • Bourgeois spoke to PEOPLE about her pre-proposal excitement and shared the details of her engagement, which happened just two hours after she filmed the video

Davis Bourgeois documented the exact moment when she started to suspect a ring was right around the corner.


While at work, the marketing professional noticed her loved ones were acting out of the ordinary, leading Bourgeois to believe her boyfriend of two years was planning to pop the question. For posterity, she filmed herself explaining why all signs pointed to a proposal.

“I think I’m going to get engaged,” Bourgeois begins whispering in her TikTok video, which currently has over 197,000 likes and 3.3 million views.

As an instrumental version of Billie Eilish’s song “What Was I Made For?” plays in the background, the fiancé-to-be continues, “Everybody’s offering to do things for me to make my life easier tonight so I can be at my new house at a certain time, and everyone’s location is turned off.”

With shaky hands — and, luckily, manicured nails — Bourgeois decides to rehearse her response to the big question, which came two hours later, per her video’s caption.

She practices saying “yes” three times, trying on various bright-eyed expressions and covering her face with the shock she anticipated.

<p>Davis Bourgeois</p> Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Even before she realized her impending engagement, it was already a milestone day for Bourgeois and her boyfriend, Sam Pepke. She tells PEOPLE that they were also picking up the keys to their new home in Southern California. Bourgeois’ boss was letting her leave early, but she says the further abundance of gestures led her to question what else was planned for the evening.

Bourgeois’ roommate offered to feed her dog for her, and her best friend reminded her to dress up in an especially cute outfit for a photo at their new house.

“I was wearing probably my least favorite shirt,” she recalls. “So I dug out a [dirty] white t-shirt from my car, washed the armpits of it and threw it in the dryer at my boss’s house.”

<p>Davis Bourgeois</p> Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Bourgeois substantiated her inkling when she checked in on her friend from Utah, who had her phone’s location turned off. “I knew she was in California and was here for my engagement,” the TikToker says.

Despite her pre-proposal prep, Bourgeois tells PEOPLE that she actually forgot to say the word “yes” when Pepke got down on one knee later that day.

“It’s all kind of a blur. Once I knew it was happening, I blacked out,” she says.

<p>Davis Bourgeois</p> Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois

After the ring was on her finger, Bourgeois says she “didn’t have the heart” to immediately disclose her suspicions from earlier that day. Still, she maintains that the details of their engagement still caught her off guard.

About 10 minutes after the proposal, their new, empty home filled up with 60 family members and friends ready to celebrate.

“They had been there earlier that day hiding boxes of decor and cleaning. They transformed the house into an engagement party and even had a taco truck,” she says of her surprise engagement party guests. “I was in shock the whole night and couldn’t stop crying.”

<p>Davis Bourgeois</p> Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Davis Bourgeois

Davis Bourgeois and Sam Pepke

Bourgeois adds that her fiancé is grateful she recorded the moment when she knew they were going to get married, which they plan to do in Paris this summer.

“He said, ‘I love that we have this to look back on and can show our children this one day,' " the bride-to-be tells PEOPLE, recalling Pepke’s reaction to the video.

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