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    Surprised to see the spike in share price after the lackluster earnings report last week. Any thoughts on what is driving the price up? I haven't seen any news today on CLX.
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    So what did the long-term investors think about the Q4 earnings report? They fell a little short on the top line but met analyst's expectations on earnings. I listened to most of the earnings call and while they lowered guidance for the first half of 2023, their cost savings program should start to improve earnings in the second half of 2023. Their biggest challenge is their ability to compete with lower cost private label products, which cash strapped consumers are increasingly turning to.

    While this was not a stellar Q4 report, I didn't think is was all that bad either. Management warned in the Q2 call earlier this year that it could take up to a year or more until sales and earnings got back on a growth track, so I didn't pick up any negative surprises in today's report. The 6% drop in share price in after hours trading seems like an over-reaction to a mediocre earnings report.

    Would appreciate hearing the opinion of others who listened to the call.
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    Simple fact, at Harris Teeter, Clorox is priced at 9.50 for a gallon of bleach, Harris Teeter house brand (which is actually Kroger house brand) is selling for 4.99 a gallon and at the end of the day, chlorine is just that a basic chemical that anyone can make and put a scent in it and put some thickeners in it to make it splash less and there you have it. Inflation may not hurt their margins, though it is killing their end clients, this will have issues until inflation is in check and economy is righted, probably in 2024 if we are lucky.
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    Well I started a position at $135.01 after hours. The stock is reacting to a cut in guidance for FY 2023. The dividend yield at $135 is 3.5 percent. Down $9 plus seems a bit of an over reaction to the report imho. Dividend was recently raised to $1.18 per quarter. I might be a bit early.
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    Please go to $120s so I can load up
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    I just sent this email to Erik Bylin, Clorox Investor Relations Consultant.

    Good Afternoon Erik,
    Shareholders, including myself, are becoming increasingly concerned about the delay in declaring the dividend for the 3rd quarter, which is typically paid around the middle of August. In the past, the Q3 dividend was declared before the end of May or early June at the latest, and now we’re almost in mid-July and still no announcement about the Q3 dividend. This has led to speculation that the dividend may be slashed or eliminated entirely.

    Clorox management needs to come clean with regard to the status of the dividend. If a decision has already been made to cut or eliminate the dividend and management is sitting on that material information, the company could potentially be in violation of SEC regulations and applicable securities laws.

    I look forward to your timely reply to my email. Thank you.

    Respectfully submitted,
    xxx xxxxxxxx, holder of 1,000 shares of CLX
  • ╣Φ╚▲
    No information around the dividend.
    Approaching two months after typical announcement date and 20 days away from typical EX Date.
    They have scheduled earnings announcement date. Does this mean there is no August dividend?
    Do we find that out on the earnings announcement there there is no dividend?
    If they have waited this long, even if it is "waiting for the numbers to come in" it can't be a good thing.
  • N
    Wasn't this Cramers inflation / recession proof stock? It's all he talked about.
  • A
    Why the 4% jump today?
  • R
    Divy is eating up 38% of cash flow. Payout ratio on the other hand is over 100% 😬. We'll see what happens.
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    Divvy got raised 2% which I'm sure most of you know already. The safest dividend is usually the one that just got raised goes the old wall street saying.
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    If a decision has already been made to either cut or eliminate the dividend, and they are sitting on this material information, management could potentially be in violation of SEC regulations and applicable securities laws.

    They need to come clean as to what is going on with the dividend. Refusing to return calls and email inquiries about the status of the dividend is unacceptable.
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    Not sure how Clorox is not making more money
  • T
    Whew, as the wordle game says to me sometimes.

    $1.18 per share. Payable Aug. 12, 2022, Record date July 27, 2022.
  • F
    Payout ratio is 124%. Yuck.
  • ╣Φ╚▲
    This is the first time in 10 years that CLX hasn't announced the July dividend (and increase in the annual dividend) in May or early June.
    Are there any reports of the dividend increasing, staying the same, being cut, or suspended?
    No news after years of consistency isn't very reassuring...
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    Opportunity. Buy low, but not all at once.
  • R
    Pool division should be booming in years ahead with all the pandemic pools that were built.
  • S
    crammer says there are rumors around