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Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. (AKBA)

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  • M
    Well last 30 days we dropped 0.5$ so if we drawn the line further to the next 2 months that leaves us at just 1$ (no crl included) before rejection /approval by FDA .
    seems if somebody has ever intrest in Akba then , he can buy this thing for 2$ - 2.5$/share.
  • D
    What pressure is there on the FDA to approve an oral medication that is equal in efficacy and safety to the current subcutaneous or intravenous standard of care?

    CMS is ultimately interested in paying LESS to provide care for dialysis patients. Current medication requires a syringe and needles, method for disposal of syringe and needle, proper storage, an RN to administer the medication during dialysis. All these things contribute to the cost of the medication. They are always looking at ways and reasons to cut reimbursement for the care of dialysis patients and probably see this as an area of potential significant cost saving a few years from now.
  • S
    Does anyone have any idea why the enterprise value of FGEN is 2.6X that of AKBA? FGEN and AKBA should have comparable revenues from the international sales of Roxy and Vada. FGEN has no other approved drugs while AKBA has Auryxia and some prospect of FDA approval of Vada for the DD indication. AKBA's intrinsic worth should be at least as high, if not higher than FGEN. Perhaps this gives us some hope that ABKA's depressed stock price may in part be due to the incessant manipulation of the algorithmic computer traders.
  • f
    If Vadadustat gets rejected we all know that we basically got our money flushed down the toilet..
    But what if this drug gets approved ? sell immediately on the way up or wait till the revenues start coming in. ? do you think that 2 years until a potential competitor shows up is reasonable ?
    really interested in your points of view and totally appreciate it
  • C
    Added 2000 more shares at an average price of $2.25 via puts. Never thought I'd see the price this low when there's about 67 days left until FDA decision. Doesn't help that the market has been overwhelmingly bearish over the past month.
  • G
    Both Otsuka and Mitsubishi needs to buy this puppy and wrap it under their fold.

    The valuation has gone down way too much. Given where we are even a $5 will be a welcome move. Lots of folks bought it @11/12 2 years ago in the secondary and lost a lot.

  • J
    How many KERX investors here lost over 90% by holding to this point? Do you expect to ever break even?
  • M
    @CC I have seen this game before. Put pressure on the stock price during a window when no news is pending and the only news could be negative ie ADCOM, but accumulate options at cheap prices. Once accumulation is over, the pressure on the stock price will suddenly go away as we get closer to the FDA decision date in March. The April 3 calls at $.40 seem to be the way to go, and there is now quite a bit of open interest. JMO
  • M
    is it time to say goodbye to the 2$ and welcome the 1$ range for the next 10 weeks(no CRL included off cours) ??
  • J
    Complete shareholder and value destruction. Butler still gets his salary, though.
  • M
    like clockwise they pump the pps up and then let it drop between 0.1 - 0.2 $ , so the big players earn a few 10000$ each single day.
    So at the end of the road IF there is a rejection they have 0$ losses , while the common shareholder lost everything ....
  • C
    Not going to lie, as we got closer to PDUFA I thought the price would trickle up not down. I realize the market has also sucked overall during that time, but it's still a little disheartening to see how much this is dropping. Might be time for me to put my head in the sand as this is getting hard to stomach.
  • i
    what is the exact PDUFA date?
  • f
    69 days to PDUFA :D
  • j
    So far the positive posters. Have been wrong 100 percent of the time. Notybut hope here. Not a good trading strategy. Will be a dollar by 3rd quarter. Even if spike on data. Will be insignificant to long term shareholders. How does a company with such promising drugs . Just fail miserably. Seen this before. Learned the hard way.
  • B
    @Seth, first to market is the decisive advantage if you ask me. I do not expect many differences in clinical practice between Vadadustat, Roxadustat or Dapradustat in efficiency and safety but the trial definition, the experimental set up made the difference who will be the market leader in the US. Akebia´s Innovative trials were very smart conducted and will give Akebia the crucial advantage on the US market over roxadustat.
    But in Europe and China roxadustat is the first in class drug and will have the lead. I do not expect Vada or Dapra will catch up Roxa in China and Europe. The chance is marginal as well as the chance for Roxa or Dapra in the US is marginal. We will not see a market presence of Roxa or Dapra in the next 2 to 3 years in the US. A so-called monopoly for Vadadustat.

    When it comes to Pamrevlumab I see more possibilities as Merrill.
    I have heard Boehringer sponsered trials of Pamrevlumab in China. You´re right about a potential partner for Europe but in the US I think the potential drug is to precious for Fgen to partner. It is an injectable drug which will be medicated mainly in hospitals and unlike for oral anemia drugs you do not need a big team of representatives. An investment on the basis of pamrevlumab ipf trial is worthwile from my point of view.

    I like to invest in companies with substance who suffered from big stock crash. Both companies have a good potential for clearly higher market values.

    But you have to sell your shares in some cases timely when such stocks go to the moon. Dendrion or Keryx are good examples.
  • J
    I am hoping for a good rebound eventually, if ever.
  • L
    Sure hope those class action suits pan out. Worthless company and worst merger I have ever seen.
  • R
    AKBA hired eight (8) more with a total option of 49,000 shares split between them. I still say they know approval is imminent. Just saying------------------------------