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Franklin Resources, Inc. (BEN)

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  • J
    Jose V
    Why is this dog over $20.00?

    From the FT

    Franklin Templeton has been named the world’s worst-selling retail fund manager for 2020 after investors pulled almost $50bn from the US group, marking the latest sign that it is struggling to turn round its fortunes.
  • m
    Earnings ok this morning (2/2/21), and rising equity prices increased AUM, but net outflows still $10 billion or so. They bought back over $40 million (IIRC) at a price around $21, so not bad. Returning money with that a dividend. Would love to see fund flow stabilize.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Franklin Resources reached a 52 Week high at 28.06
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Franklin Resources is down 5.31% to 25.32
  • Y
    Boost up the dividend to 0.28, ben doing better after acquisition just need to minimize the administrative fees.
  • b
    This year my husband (who retired 22 years ago) and I acquired 26,000 shares of BEN. He raised a question
    on the company's website on June 17 as to the amount of debt BEN holds directly or for one or more or its funds from Chesapeake Energy--no response.
    A week prior to that he had asked someone in shareholder relations to send him a copy of BEN's last Annual Report--no response. Is this typical of BEN's response to shareholders?
  • N
    to anyone posting bullish articles , do you own any of BEN’s product-ETF, mutual fund, etc. or stock trading through BEN?
  • R
    Is it good to buy BEN for 1-3 month hold
  • S
    $GS conversation
    I plan to hold $GS, and I am getting used to the daily volatility. I'm down $3 a share as of today, but Stuff happens. I wonder if anyone here has an opinion about $BEN, which I am considering buying. I can't find anything fundamentally wrong with BEN or GS, but maybe you have. By nature and experience, I prefer boring dividends to rolling the dice on low-odds growth plays.
  • H
    In 1992 BEN bought out the great Sir John. Templeton was not just a world-class global enterprise, it had a culture that was commensurate with its pedigree. Now? The Johnson family is decent and smart, but they tend to draw on consensus at the expense of those who try to do what is right. I guess good investment performance cures most ills, but operationally the technology infrastructure that was built over the years was extraordinary
  • R
    I just bought some of this stock because I feel that I needed to diversify my assets some. It is a solid company with a lot of experience and know how. Its dividends are quite good also.
  • M
    Good company, under valued.Selling below book value and 60% below the pre market sell off in February. Nice dividend over 6% is comparable to high yield bond funds.

    The valuation that was most telling was Enterprise value/revenues .56.

    The company is buying Legg Mason an outstanding outfit that contains the Royce funds.

    Hard to imagine you won't get at least a 25-30% move in the next 6-12 months which along with the dividend makes a fine total return. This could even double. Excellent risk reward opportunity.
  • M
    Same old play book. Buy back of 80 million shares. Stock hits a new 52 week low yesterday and all they can come up with to save the business is buy back more stock even though they were not even close to buying back all the stock from prior announcements. Stock has gone nowhere in 10 years. It would be interesting to know how much they have lost on all those buybacks. Well, at least it means there is a buyer out there which is good with all the selling going on from the Johnsons.
  • d
    Bought into this one today. Low debt, plenty of cash on hand, near 52 week low, almost 7% dividend yield. Dont see nothing but upside from here.
  • J
    Asking this here because the message board on the stock that I am most interested in for this sector is dead - do you think these companies struggling with AUM could see at least a partial reversal in trends by embracing more closed end funds, considering that CEFs are expanding in popularity?
  • M
    $29.97 as I type, getting closer to the JP Morgan price target of $29. All of those BEN executives sold stock just days before report came out, wonder if they knew. Time for another announcement of a stock buy back that will never be completed. Just think how much money has been wasted with those buy backs. I also wonder what the average price was on the buy backs, low to mid $40's?
  • m
    HArd to believe now green, and getting greener, oin tis name. We'll see if it can withstand the earnings release. :)
  • M
    Multi year lows and executives filing Form 4's and selling the stock, not a food sign.
  • T
    Franklins Market cap is about 7.5 bil and they have 10 bil in cash you do the math 6.5% div and no issue paying it!
  • G
    George Marshall
    Been watching BEN, bought in today for 50k at $18.33. Love the yield and might end up being bought out as this industry consolidates. I buy more if the opportunity presents itself, which could be now.