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    Happy for the recent news for the Alzheimer society and all the patients and caregivers that are suffering from this disease

    But I will never stop to believe and say that SIMUFILAM FROM CASSAVA SCIENCES WILL BE THE pill 💊 that will change the way we see and treat Alzheimer and believe it will indeed be a combination of treatment

    $SAVA !!! We need to put and End to AD !

    Good luck to everyone 2023 is a big year for AD … roche / lly / cassava etc ….
  • E
    .sava is in 2 international phase 3 studies both funded by NIH with SPA (special protocol assesment) given by FDA...small molecule oral pill that has shown unprecedented cognitive improvment...unheard of compared to the rest that merely offers a slower cognitive decline and requires a $56k yearly blood infusions.... simufilam will be king
  • S
    Strong earning results. Beat a bit on profit and a lot on revenue. Balance sheet is super - strong and on top of this: this stock is the ultimate safe heaven.
  • T
    Jus saying...SAVA'S Simufilam miracle pill is just around the corner.
  • R
    Is it me or does it seem like the market isn't going to fall for this again? The drug doesn't's too expensive for a non meaningful therapeutic. Who wants an infusion that only lessens cognitive decline by an imperceptible amount if you're lucky and causes ARIA if you're unlucky...I'm good....check out cassava sciences drug candidate simufilam...
  • M
    LOL, I am here for the first time.
    I see a lot of SAVA fans here in the BIIB board.
    That’s mean, but I like it, because I love SAVA too!
  • K
    One expert noted that patients experiencing the side effects know they have the treatment and introduces a bias. How important is not yet known

    Alll the same, it will be approval because the AD community is desperate. But that’s very good for Simufilam. which has superior results. About 80% stabiles including about 60% improveed. No contest! Go SAVA!!!
  • S
    If this break down below $260 is it time to get out?
  • k
    Drug causes brain bleed.... nobody will take it, Medicare won't approve it. This is all a given.
  • M
    WAAAAAAY overbought.
  • D
    LLY and BIIB AZ drugs are bad and worse. EOS.
  • M
    smart money selling ... bag holders buying
  • H
    #Sava is where the real drug for Alzheimer’s is with 80% improvement in cognition on phase 2 trials
  • B
    I think eventually Pfizer will buy #sava and BIIB probably will go down the hill with elderly killing alzheimer procedure
  • E
    There are about 6 million Americans living with AD, and globally, there are about 44 million with dementia, about 70% of which have AD, or 31 million. Biogen announced it will price aducanumab at $56,000, and drugs are typically valued at a multiple of about 4X-5X peak sales.
    As AD is the promised land – with an enormous and growing market completely bereft of decent therapies, we will use the 5X multiple."

    Sava has a good and clean global patent until 2037 plus extensions.
    *But let's be very conservative*:

    Exclude the rest of the world's AD patient population and only consider the US market.

    Say only 1.5 of the 6 million alzheimer patients take Simufilam

    Say Sava only sells their drug for 20k (compared to biogen's 56k)

    Does the drug work in other neurodegenerative diseases? Maybe!!! But we'll exclude this huge potential as well.

    "1,500,000 patients X $20,000 X 5 multiple = $150 billion market cap"

    This leads us to a very conservative share price of $3,750

    ...Call me crazy but this is possible." Ofcourse a BP partner changes these future projections considerably.

    Humira sold for 150B...with cassava's total outstanding shares of 44M means that each Billion in market cap represents 25 USD per share...


    Did I mention this is a small molecule oral pill 😆
  • s
    SAVA is a lot better/pill form/better safety track record
  • j
    Whole market up 700+ points and this is red. I’m going to get out and back in when it corrects.
  • C
    SAVA is safest and cost effective.
  • A
    I am so happy that I sold BIIB shares and bought SAVA.