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    They had some interesting insights about BIIB on Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Back to 2013 price. Your telling me because of this 1 new drug, the company is worth less than 9 years of growth? This company didnt create any value in the last decade with all their other products?
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    Just like I said Biogen just opened more clinical trials sites and people who want Aduhelm treatment just sign up for clinical trials and Medicare will pay everything. Both sides are beneficial
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    I have nothing personal against this stock, but the amyloid beta hypothesis in alzheimer disease is most likely wrong. Imo, all drugs developed based on this antiquated idea will have small likelihood of succeeding to improve life quality of patients. But GL anyway.
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    An investors nightmare, a traders dream. See ya at 350... then see ya back at 220
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    SAVA in phase 3 trials now. A drug that is actually working with 12 month cognition improvement with NO SAFETY issues.
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    Buy sava !
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    1) With such limited coverage, the other candidates in clinical trials are likely to slow down or postpone their release as not to compete with an already highly regulated drug access, until and unless a broader reach is given by CMS. This will allow Aduhelm and Lecanemab maintain their positions as first players when Europe an the rest of the world begin adoption.

    2) The coverage decision, albeit limited, will still bring ACCESS!!!, Biogen had stated that in October their site access had increased from 120 to 220. For many rich people who do not require any insurance at all, 2400 USD a month is not a big issue -- the issue that was holding a lot of them back was where to get the treatment -- with more site access - we are likely to see larger uptake of the drug by a wealthier portion of American society who can afford it all the way.

    Atleast each state should have 2000 people who can pay this drug entirely if availability becomes easy. Thats 100,000 people paying full or 2.8 billion just there.

    3) There are likely loop holes in regards to clinical trial requirements that are likely to be found and used.

    4) Irrespective of todays CMS decision, more people are going to find a way to get on this drug which will accelerate results if indeed the drug does halt progression, paving the way for insurers to re-assess their decisions.

    Overall, coverage, despite limited will bring on access sites and availability options and even though 1.5 million americans are not getting on this, atleast 100,000 will to start.

    That still spells billions for Biogen, a company that has very miniscule debt, a strong balance sheet, and a history of high profitability and strong buy backs.
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    Biogen leads the $20 billion global MS market with Avonex, Plegridy, Tysabri, and Tecfidera, and the launch of Vumerity partly protects the Tecfidera franchise from generic headwinds in the U.S.

    Biogen receives royalties and profit share from Roche on MS drug Ocrevus and cancer therapies Rituxan and Gazyva, boosting Biogen's profitability.

    Biogen's neurology portfolio outside of MS, including Spinraza in SMA and Aduhelm in Alzheimer's, should help diversify revenue and boost sales growth
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    Biogen can conduct a massive trial at a cost of 3000 a year per patient . Charge CMS for the drug and still make 25000 a year. Problem solved.

    The trial could be remote and results monitories and conducted by local site authorities in a manner that may mitigate expenses and digitalize evaluations.. to keep costs down.

    There you go. 100,000 trial participants on board

    The American system provides a fountain of loopholes that by far ensure the flimsiest compliance making benchmark decisions by far mute and practically inconsequential - just like the US tax system.

    This is nonetheless a step in the Aduhelm / Amyloid direction
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    From the Alzheimer's Association:

    "Good evening,

    This afternoon, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its draft decision on coverage for monoclonal antibodies targeting amyloid for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. As you’ll recall, the first of these treatments — aducanumab or Aduhuelm — was approved by the FDA last June. A press release from CMS regarding today’s draft decision can be found here.

    Today’s announcement from CMS is shocking discrimination against everyone with Alzheimer’s disease, especially those who are already disproportionately impacted by this fatal disease, including women, Blacks and Hispanics.

    With the approach proposed by CMS, access to treatment would now only be available to a privileged few — those with access to research institutions — exacerbating and creating further health inequities. In issuing its decision CMS had the audacity to cite the Alzheimer’s Association 2021 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report on the challenges and barriers underrepresented communities have in participating in clinical trials, and then propose to impose those very barriers on those seeking treatment for Alzheimer’s.

    The Alzheimer’s Association unequivocally believes that people living with Alzheimer’s disease deserve the same access to therapies given to those living with other conditions like cancer, heart disease and HIV/AIDS. For those in the Administration to treat those with Alzheimer’s disease differently than those with other diseases is simply unacceptable.

    Critically, this draft decision is not about one treatment but about this class of potential future treatments targeting amyloid for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This draft decision appears focused on an individual treatment rather than a class which is not what CMS set out to do.

    CMS must change this draft decision. They must ensure equitable access for all who could benefit from FDA-approved treatments. We call on CMS to not only listen, but hear the needs of people living with dementia and their caregivers.

    This fight isn’t over. We’ll continue to demand equitable access to treatment for all who would benefit. And we will continue to keep you informed on next steps as CMS works toward its final decision.

    Harry Johns Signature

    Harry Johns
    Chief Executive Officer"
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    Dee Z. Nutts
    Who bought at 468?
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    You haven’t been this cheap since April 2013. $SAVA LONG!!!!
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    Same price today as it was in 2013, and zero dividend. This a dog by any standard.
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    You have to buy here long term and average in.........I got 50 shares at $219.
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    3 day rule usually........but I do think the buy time is at the open tomorrow! I had 50 shares at $219 and sold at $225........hope I get them back lower.
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    BIIB reached a new 8-year low.
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    Fools Gold
    I'll take it, where do I sign up.

    Morgan Stanley Adjusts Price Target for Biogen to $360 From $363, Maintains Overweight Rating
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    Frank B
    I have no Biib shares. I recall 30 years ago or more a biotech company that said the following; there are two elements in Alzheimer’s disease chemical A and chemical B A is a flushing agent and B is the plaque. The problem isn’t the plaque but the flushing agent that is in low supply. They went out of business because they ran out of money. But I think they were spot on.