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Dollar General Corporation (DG)

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245.11-1.37 (-0.56%)
At close: 04:03PM EDT
243.49 -1.62 (-0.66%)
After hours: 07:49PM EDT

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  • P
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • A
    I have been Holding for a while now, but the market dynamism is getting me really uncomfortable, i really need some help who has the info of Mr Michael Novogratz I really need to connect with him
  • S
    Great stock. Visit store branches every day.Lots of customers.
    Get there before 8:15 a.m. and beat the crowds. I hate long lines.
  • e
    every dollar general i go into in florida is a dirty mess.
  • k
    Where is my man Isaac? He was spot on with his assessment! I got to give you credit, sir. You were dead on with earnings. I am a lucky duck being able to discard my puts in the black! How they beat earnings and why this stock is being shorted with the raising of price targets is a bit of a mystery to me.
  • P
    loading up. . .recession proof retail. ...awesome Earnings beat, but got caught up with DLTR going down. ..solid fundamentals with dividend ..couldn't ask for more solid stock.
  • E
    As inflation and gas prices increase, DG is the perfect source for local necessities, with prices others cannot beat, when you add the cost of travel, and time.
  • S
    Senor G
    how much are prices being raised becausebof inflatiin and how much because if greed? I went to DG this morning tl pick up snacks. the pastry called Honey Bun that i like used to be 1 buck. now it is $1.50. ☹. 50% inflation. really? i call it greed. there were fewer people than usual, and I dont wonder why. Im long DG in a drip account.
  • W
    $335 MM cash ( less), DEBTS $15 BB!
  • B
    This is Dollar General Ririn, hello !
  • L
    I've heard local rumors that someone is buying out Dollar General. {Is there any truth to this? I like shopping Dollar General very convenient.
  • R
    I went to a DG and spoke to the clerk about inflation. Prices at DG are up considerably. However, the clerk said that she did most of her shopping at DG and got a much better deal there than at the local supermarket. Have to believe that there will be an earnings surprise.
  • G
    Greg J
    DG is recession proof for sure, even Walmart bad news proof. DG only down 2% while Wal-Mart is -8%.
    Nuf said!
  • J
    Ranks a buy on Zacks
  • A
    revenue up slightly
    34,570,837 34,220,449 33,746,839

    was 33.746

    1.4% in a year

    very small increase from the center data point (whole year) to the left data point, 6 mos later
    1.01% x 2 to annualize it, so 2%

    but the PE is 25

    and the PE should be a maximum of 2 times 2%, ie 4

    so the PE appears to be 6 times too high

    earnings down slightly year to year

    things could change, but prices of things (inflation) is up, so spending most likely is slowing, not going up; anyhow we have actual data to date

    247.72 at the close

    cut it in half to get started, $123.86 per share

    even the 52 week low is high compared to that


    invert the PE of 25 and get $4 profit per $100 invested. Not bad. And the dividend is near 1%.


    So what is the problem.

    The debt. Check out how fast it grew over the last 3 or 4 years.

    Hopefully for them, they set a large amount of new stores. I guess it is time to look into that.
  • k
    We shall see. I have gone and done reconnaissance in Dollar Generals and have been quite underwhelmed by what I have seen. I want to know whose clever idea it was to bump up the EPS by 50 cents quarter over quarter. I will be absolutely flabbergasted if DG hits $2.92 a share come next month!
  • F
    Walmart's problems are not Dollar General problems. I have cut way back on shopping at Walmart because their prices went a little crazy upwards but Dollar General's prices are just fine. Buy the dip here.
  • A
    PE 25

    but the earnings and revenue growth seem to be around 2%

    and the debt has grown too high
  • P
    Pro. K!113R
    Might be at a sell point now, it’s moved higher too fast imo…. Great slow growing business but may have some headwind in near term, we will see