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    It's astounding to me how easy a play this is over the next 7 days and people are actually SELLING this stock?? Call ANY solar installer - go do it. Ask them how their numbers are vs. a YEAR ago (not vs. Q2) and you're going to hear on average a 50% bump vs. last year. MAJOR numbers. And yet people are selling solar stocks today?? If you weren't entirely sure that many investors have no idea what they're doing and just follow the crowd, here's your evidence.
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    I am going to apologize in advance for this long post, but would love to hear from my more solar savvy folks out there regarding some info I just got back from the folks I used to install my system back in 2014. First, let me provide just a bit of context. In 2014 we decided to go solar in an effort to reduce our monthly bills, speed up our retirement, and do the right thing for ol' Mother Earth. When we finally chose the folks we wanted to go with I asked them for one solar stock to invest in and the answer was "Enphase" so we did that as well and the rest is history.....allowed me to retire this year at 52.

    Anyway, we currently only have 20 panels on our roof and they're supplying about 2/3 of our necessary power. I want to add such that I have enough to not only supply all our home electric needs, but also charge an electric car we'd like to get here fairly soon. The challenge we have in our state is the local utility was able to push through a plan where the net-meter customers will steadily get less than dollar for dollar for their electricity over time, until they eventually hit like 50%. Since I put mine in way back in 2014, I am grandfathered in and will continue to receive dollar for dollar as long as I do not increase my capacity by more than 10%. Anyway, because of this, I've been trying to work with my old installers to come up with a solution, and I have told them I'd like to wait until the IQ8's come out before I move forward. Here's the response I've gotten back and I'd love to hear thoughts from you more solar savvy folks. The bottom line for me is I'm definitely putting more ENPH on my roof, but I found these guy's response interesting:

    "The issue with the IQ8 is availability and that is really an unknown right now as Enphase is having a hard time even supplying the IQ7 line right now. The smarter move if your ever going to add storage would be the convert to Solar Edge's new energy hub battery inverter that will run a total of 10.2KW and would allow you more option and much cheaper battery options if/when you add storage. We can look at it both ways but I have had many past clients go this route vs. Enphase as most of the battery manufacturers are building around Solar Edge and not Enphase as they just released their new battery offering and it is just not yet cost competitive to everything else out there"

    Couple things on here I found interesting:

    1 - ENPH is clearly selling everything they can get. We already knew this, but just another data point
    2 - These guys are really pushing SEDG for the storage over ENPH. I wonder if it's due to it being a lower price point and therefore an easier sell for customers, or the installers making more money off the SEDG solution, or just being unfamiliar with the ENPH solution right now because it's so new, a combo of a couple or all of these things, or something else altogether?
    3 - They don't even bother to talk about all the advantages of the ENPH solution. This is funny to me because way back in 2014 that was all they kept talking about when I was choosing inverters.

    Again, my apologies for the long-winded post, but I thought this was some decent information for all to know and I'd selfishly love to hear some feedback from folks more in the know about this stuff. Again, I'm getting ENPH and waiting for the IQ8's regardless.....I am not yet sure if I'd pursue storage of any kind.
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    No matter who becomes the next president, solar energy will keep moving on. Likely see little more noise around the election but time will tell the truth.
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    Great news for ENPH and the sector. Ignore short term market noise long term trends only getting stronger.
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    Doesn’t matter who wins the election, solar can’t be stopped now, green is the future and getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. Load up on any weakness
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    From Nate Silver. Don't fall for any FUD on the election. We won't know anything for sure but if you were a betting person, the bet to make is clear:

    But of course, the national popular vote doesn’t pick the president — states do, via the Electoral College. And we got a flurry of state polls yesterday that were still good for Biden. Take Pennsylvania, the state with the highest chance of deciding the election, according to our forecast’s tipping-point odds. Yesterday, no fewer than four high-quality polls of Pennsylvania were released. Biden garnered 50 percent support and Trump garnered 45 percent in a Fox News poll; Biden led by 6 points in a Suffolk University poll; Biden led by 8 points in a Quinnipiac University poll; and CNN/SSRS even put Biden ahead by 10 points among likely voters. Though these ran the gamut from being OK to great polls for Biden, together they were pretty well in line with other polls we’ve seen this month — in other words, Biden has a solid, though not insurmountable, lead in Pennsylvania.

    This is, however, still an improvement from where he stood before the first debate, when the winner of Pennsylvania was more uncertain. Since Sept. 29, Biden’s odds of winning Pennsylvania have increased from 79 in 100 to 87 in 100.
    Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s Election Update for Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020! As President Trump and Joe Biden prepare to take the stage tonight for the final presi…
    Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s Election Update for Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020! As President Trump and Joe Biden prepare to take the stage tonight for the final presi…
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    Wait two days. Crammer will again reverse and plug ENPH. Zacks will autogenerate a mumbly jumbly sort of positive bot piece. Those that sold will ask themselves why. Nervous nellies selling into earnings will settle down. Back to 120. Earnings come out positive, and then 140. Then the election. Hold onto your hats, guys. It's going to be an exciting couple of weeks. Bottom line for me? All of this volatility takes place in the profits I've made since the twenties, and my base investment is pretty darn safe.
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    This is the market manipulation that happens 7 days prior to results EVERY quarter. Go look. 5-10% drop 7 days before results, followed by a huge spike.
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    Obviously been quite a run up past month here, which as a LTH is just great to see. What I am hoping for now is a solid earnings beat and the first sales data of the new encharge system. That will be a true guage of whether current valuations can be followed through with the earnings that are so deserved by this incredible company. Honestly this is an invesment of a generation, and the party's only just begun.
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    Bought in at 105 - sold a bit at 116. Then during the freefall bought more at 96... appreciate all the comments here - helped to steady the hand : Know what you own - a solid company that has a future technology with a rapidly growing base of consumers
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    W Michael
    Anybody still holding thru ENPH Earnings?? Need some encouragement...
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    "Winds may be ‘strongest of year’ this weekend. PG&E raises likelihood of outages"...Which is why home owners are buying battery backup from Enphase in record numbers.
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    On days like today, you have to know what you own. ENPH has gotten ahead of its skis which is typical with hyper growth companies with lots of momentum traders involved. Health for it to correct and take a breather. Not long ago, it went from $65 to $39 back in May before recovering. It will do so again. Long term fundamentals only getting stronger.
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    What a swing... took advantage to sell Nov 20 $65 puts and just looked now to see it pushed back over $100. The only way this hits $65 by 20 nov is if it’s post split. Solar finally reached the tipping point where it actually makes economic sense so no matter the administration it can’t be stopped.
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    Battery storage is not a big thing for many residents in the us yet. It's a small percentage of projects I see with battery storage. But it will Change over time. Enph appears to be a company that can change and adapt to the times. Beine they are ahead if the game in the micro tech and now moving into a completely integrated system. The sp is only going up over time. This sell off is just a normal part of a healthy stock!
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    As a young investor, I had to be very patient when I first bought in at 60 back in June. But when it went all the way down to 39, I stayed the course and bought into weakness. Great to see the long term consensus on this one. Down 10 today, I will definitely buy more.
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    There are 7 days left to place your earnings bet. Then another 5 thereafter to place your bet on the potential turbo boost from the election. Recent quarters saw earnings beats, and ENPH has taken the prize for the top stock in the last 4 years for SP growth. These factors are exciting, but the true measure of the investment is financial and long commercial viability today and going forward. In that regard,Enphase is a strong leader.. What’s. Ot to love?
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    Nice note from BofA on ENPH taking market share:
    $ENPH �� GLTA Long Shareholders
    $ENPH �� GLTA Long Shareholders
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    I’ve lost a lot on $$$ by selling and buying back during a trading day. I’ve Never ever been able to take advantage of the SP fluctuation for ENPH. I’m so angry and sad ,but have learned to be patient and not sell my shares for 2 years.
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    I'm interested in how many ENPH investors had stop losses triggered today...we are coming into earnings soon and there looks to be an increase ahead! If you put in a stop loss of 10% there is a good chance that that your shares were "taken" from you! I have played that game too many times, thinking that I will make sure that my profits are covered, only to have my stop loss triggered, and then have the stock run right back up again!
    Many investors here have made great gains on ENPH, and it is never wrong to take a profit! But then that same stock will go on a "tear" right back up by the end of the same day sometimes....especially now that we are coming up on earnings just feels like you have had your shares "stolen" from you right before something big is going to happen.
    Just past experience talking,