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  • M
    Covid 19 bad news all across the world.
    EU will get hit hard by the second wave, all the major countries will shut down.
    Euro down around $1 in the next 3 weeks.
  • S
    If we have another stimulus, it'll devalue the dollar even more. Can't have massive amounts printed without doing harm to the currency itself. Might not be a bad thing, but if the second stimulus bill gets passed, I can see EUR/USD going to 1.25 or so.
  • f
    selling of dollars and other goods production asset
  • J
    Finally the markets figuring out that EUR is a commie-pumped currency - bound to crash sooner or later.
    USD isn't much better but the difference is visible.
  • f
    debt $27Tr ,running debt increase $2Tr yoy ,US$ printing $3Tr yoy.
    Declining value 49% yoy.
    US$ is even bad as the Bolivar.
  • f
    I will buy gold not euro
  • f
    why is our dollar going down
  • N
    As far as NASDAQ will grow to new highs, dollar will be falling. And other way around. Sell your stocks now and keep in USD, not in EUR.
  • f
    Cars are very sold on a high rate
  • p
    ECB not worried about strong EUR, no changes on fiscal policy
  • f
    us dollar has no business in being the world's currency any more
  • D
    I remember when the Euro was around $1.30 and the Pound was around $1.75. And so, now the Euro is $1.20 and people saying the dollar is done.... LMAO! You guys know nothing. There was a period when it was close to $2.50 for a pound back in the early 80s. Was the dollar done then? Nope. If you want to talk about something being done I think Europe is heading that way for sure. China and Russia haven't the power and influence to overturn the dollar. The ruble and the yuan aren't doing so well over the last 5+ years. You have to remember all these countries have been printing money and all of them have been dealing with corona virus, and all have been dealing with economic problems. So, if you want out of dollars I would go to silver and gold and platinum not other currencies.
  • P
    I wouldn’t buy EURO. I would buy gold, not euro.
  • C
    Why is dollar going weak, given that fed balance sheet has been shrinking for two months?
  • a
    Finland has been walking towards a brickwall since wuhanflu started. Sooner or later it is going to cause re-rlections in which is highly possible that the right wing is going to catch the power denying the EU "covid" helicopter money. That is going to lead to Italy leaving the union and Euro eventually crashing. The situation is actually way crazier than in USA. Many of the few factories has or is to close down and government is loosing its power fast. We might be just a small country but we might soon crash the whole union haha.
  • F
    soon euro by by
  • o
    Any info eur/usd will going down to 1.17xxx??
    Any suggestion,just for my little work paper..
  • d
    Sell dollar and related assets. US is going to into severe inflation. Will see eur/usd 1.5 EOY.
  • B
    Brap is Back
    Silver/Gold need to stop being affected by Euro/$.
    I don't think that Silver has printed 5Trillion Covid shares?
  • s
    I have said it many times on this board. The Euro is the one-world government jewel that will fail miserably. it is being pushed up by the world elites but they can't keep giving it value when as currency its foundation is so weak. Even without the pandemic, southern European banks were on the brink of bankruptcy, now they purely exist because of the huge amounts of stimulus by the European Central bank. I am from Greece and I know for a fact the huge hit all southern countries have taken in tourism which is a big part of their economies. Everyone will need a bailout come fall.