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Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX)

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7.08+0.40 (+5.99%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
7.10 +0.02 (+0.28%)
After hours: 07:20PM EDT

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    Less than 6 hours of trading before we see 2nd quarter numbers !

    Automotive numbers will be BIG.
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    Samsung new "foldables" using our screen technology
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    3 days left to Q2 earnings release. Most likely they will present decent Q2 earnings in the range of 40c-45c per share and slightly lower full year guidance to 2.1$-2.2$ per share. Still very good results allowing to at least repeat the huge dividend of $1.25 per share next year.
    However, the news may be overshadowed by the current China tensions. Looking at the bright side : if China really wanted a quick solution by all means, they would have used brutal force a long time ago.
  • W
    Short interest
    Settlement date shorted Volume Daily average volume days to cover
    7/29/2022 18,297,342 1,749,036 10.461387
    7/15/2022 19,297,342 3,518,198 5.443273
    Short volume reduced but daily average is reduced too. Days to cover is increased 5 more days.
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    Well, the speaker of the house has just landed in Tiawan, and nothing has happen. She came from the East as to not cause any misunderstand from China accidental misidentifying her while they pursued their practicing war games. IMHO, I do agree with that decision as it does show a respect for China. If China wants to be a world player, then they have an opportunity to prove to the world they want to be a part of it and not take the Russian path in the Ukrain. China could be so much more if they just took a better path than an aggressive one, they look to be heading down. Choosing Russia over the U.S. is a huge mistake for them. XI could change the country for the good but returning China back will only give him the legacy of the terrible dicators of the past. IMHO XI is looking more weak than strong, not for doing something to the speaker but for his unwillingness to move his country foreword. Putin continues to move in the wrong direction and is not the one to follow. Look if you can not or will not travel out of your country out of Fear, then you need to understand you are doing something wrong and on the wrong path. Xi, think it over, you could be a great leader in the eyes of the world, not just when you are in front of YOUR own Congress. If Xi attacks Tiawan the world will look at this as weakness, not a strength. Think it over. In the modern world, strength is viewed well, if you are held in high standing and treat your adversaries with
    the same respect as you require from them. Everyone benefits if all countries work together, fairly.
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    Last week I bought 80 Aug 26 $7 put contracts for .45 per share - so my breakeven is $6.55. I think the earning release is going to be a disaster, and I base this on what I am see all around the industry. This stock my be going to $3 or $4 - but between now and Aug 26th - I would be thrilled to see something near $5. Turn $3 K into $15 K in a few weeks....Even if I am wrong, so what I lose $3 K - great risk in my book...
  • W
    Tomorrow will hve new data related to the short interest. Today's trade is not like normal day. It is up in the last five minutes.
  • P
    What really matters is the use of the chips being manufactured and under contract. Some Industries are slowing down, and others will be busy till year's end. What are the chips manufactured and their uses?
  • R
    There is a brick wall preventing the price to sustain a price above $7. I guess in a bear market, most stocks ate ‘cheap’, but given that HIMX is highly profitable and has almost no debt with a lot of cash, I will hold on as long as it takes.
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    Amkor (AMKR) came out with relatively good numbers and outlook. They also had a positive outlook reg China. Lets just hope that HIMX also has some positive info to share, now that they reduced their Q2 numbers a few weeks back. :)
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    NXP semiconductors already announced yesterday better-than-expected results for Q2. Today it was Melexis' turn. Both NXP and Melexis have significant exposure to the automotive industry, Himax's main growth and value driver. Wouldn't surprise me if Himax would positively surprise us as well and announce next month a Q2 result in excess of over 45c per share. Melexis’ Q2 results showed an increase of 13% compared to previous quarter and an increase of 31% compared to Q2 last year. It just shows that the automotive industry is booming for semiconductor suppliers.
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    Why isn't HIMX a $15 stock---don't get it
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    High of the day ?? 7.25
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    Dennis stocks
    Pretty cheap stock in the right part of the semi space. If himax was a US company rather than a Taiwanese one it would be worth $5 billion. Himx and UMC (which has been earning $700 million a quarter and sitting on a few billion of cash ) both look pretty cheap if US - China relations improve
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    This site just sent me a 68% winner. (
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    mark mt
    HIMX needs to pay quarterly dividends instead of yearly like the recent one - which allows manipulation/dumping of its PPS before/after the payout.

    I don't recall info on HIMX buybacks - can somebody elaborate on that - Thank you
  • A
    I am beginning to think this stock will not get a reasonable PE price while the possibility of a China takeover of Taiwan remains.
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    I can't believe HIMX did not go over $7.00 today! Could someone tell me why this stock is doing so poorly?
  • R
    I think stock buyback with all the cash they gave as Dividend would have been better. Yes, I got my dividend, but the price per share dropped below the price before the dividend give out date. No benefit from a large dividend in share price. Buying back stocks, on the other hand will increase HIMX profit by having few shares to divide the profits by.