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  • J
    Honda just won three Best Cars for the Money. Accord best midsize, Civic Best Compact and Odyssey
  • D
    Darn Time And Gravity
    How's the Honda clock situation doing? Honda car owner websites full of people's vehicles saying their clocks read wrong (mine reads 3:00 Jan. 1 2002 Sun, Jan 1). Whether it's a GPS satellite malfunction or some delayed Y2K thing (delayed until the year 2022), isn't this a security issue flaw? This also may be a 2022 coincidence, the evening news reports Lottery winning numbers asap and in brevity, they showed "1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4, and 1-2-3" last Saturday night, what are the chances of that? I went to the Lottery website, which provided the correct (different) numbers. What if there was a flaw where every ticket was a jackpot winner? I'd be happy after paying $40K for my Honda, simply if the clock worked correctly. And what's with "a fix by August" as owners have reported? What's next, an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to disable everything electronic for us Guinea pigs? Honda stock will suffer because of this widespread problem.
  • P
    It baffles me why this isn't higher. Such a strong reliable product yet share price is quite inexpensive. Perhaps they haven't invested enough in the EV space. Bizarre to say the least
  • b
    b evan
    BUY BUY BUY! I am moving into this stock--Honda makes money, is conservative and will buck the bear market--Honda dealers are killing it on profits..

    This is a great one to move into.

    ALL IN!
  • s
    Anyone else amazed by the incredible value of this company ?
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    Summary of Press Conference on Honda Electrification Strategy in China
    – Honda announces a comprehensive strategy for electrified automobile business in China and unveiled new electric vehicle (EV) models –
    October 13, 2021 Corporate
    TOKYO, Japan, October 13, 2021 – Honda today held a virtual press conference on its electrification strategy in China. During the conference, Honda announced its new environmental and safety initiatives and also held the world premiere of two planned production models and three concept models of Honda-brand electric vehicles (EV).

    A summary of the conference follows.

    All new models Honda will introduce in China after 2030 will be electrified, such as hybrid (HEVs) and EVs.
    Honda will introduce the first 10 Honda-brand EV models in China, namely the “e:N Series,” in the next five years. Honda envisions exporting these models from China.
    The first set of e:N Series models, e:NS1and e:NP1, will go on sale in spring 2022 from Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda, respectively.
    Three concept models are being developed with the goal to start sales within 5 years.
    Honda will begin enhancing its sales network in China preparing for the start of full-fledged EV business. This includes creating e:N Series area within existing dealership locations and, further ahead, launching dedicated e:N dealership locations in major cities.
    New dedicated EV production plants will be constructed at both GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, with the aim of starting production in 2024.
    Application of Honda SENSING 360, an omnidirectional advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), will begin in China in 2022. Honda will continue expanding the application globally, and strive to apply it to all automobile models that will go on sale in all of the world’s major markets including China by 2030.

    5. Honda’s comprehensive electrification strategy in China
    – sales, production and battery supply system –
    In order to ensure steady delivery of an increasing number of the e:N Series models Honda will introduce in China from here forward, Honda will accelerate its electrification initiatives comprehensively, focusing not only on product development, but also on sales and production including the system for stable battery supply.

    In the area of sales, timed with the sales of e:NS1 and e:NP1, an area dedicated to the e:N Series will be created at approximately 1,200 existing Honda dealership locations around China. Moreover, further ahead, Honda is planning to launch dedicated e:N dealerships in major cities of China, which will specialize in sales of e:N Series models. In addition, Honda will create more opportunities for customers to take time and experience the value the e:N Series will offer, including experience-oriented e:N Series events Honda will hold around China.

    In the area of production, with a goal to start production in 2024, both GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda will strengthen their separate production systems and capabilities by constructing new, highly-efficient and environmentally-responsible EV production plants.

    As for batteries, which will be key to the speedy implementation of electrification initiatives, Honda will accelerate collaboration with its strategic alliance partner, CATL, and further strengthen its highly-competitive battery supply system.

    Honda is planning global exports of e:N Series models developed and produced in China to deliver new value to a greater number of customers around the world.
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    P/E = 6, still very cheap , for such a strong company
  • C
    For whatever reason this stock just came on my radar. I've had my eye on Ford and GM for over a year and am glad I finally got into Ford in early September at $12.68 - I also bought a smaller position in GM shortly afterwards. Ford is looking a lot closer to targets than HMC. BOA/Merrill is at 36 as is Morningstar with CFRA at $35 and the consensus per Yahoo Finance at $38. I was doing a little research this morning and am a bit dumbfounded as to why HMC is selling for around 60% of book value while GM is around 1.66x and F is around 2.14x. Price/Sales for HMC, GM and F are .39, .69 and .58 respectively while FPE's are 8.47, 8.71 and 9.67. I'm planning on selling Ford and replacing it with a position in Honda. I don't think the world is going to hop on the EV train as quickly as folks think and I think Honda will be ready for the party when it begins in earnest. Until then, they have a reputation for outstanding cars and often overlooked - motorcycles - especially since the Gold Wing was totally redesigned in 2018 - demand has exceeded supply for much of 2021. Any comments on the book value issue?
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    For 1/3 of Market Cap of Rivian, the people on this planet are irrational ...
    Buying more HMC shares for me ...
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    Maybe Apple and Honda make good partners for EV
  • R
    Last Friday, and Yesterday accounted for 1.57025 Million shares traded per session. The October 2015 monthly low price paid in U$ dollars was 29.75. The past two session enormous volume took place to support the HMC Motor C0., Ltd equity. $29.25 low on Friday and the $29.19 low during yesterday's session signaled buyers willing to absorb that level of selling. The rest of this week should add more signals. IM0
  • j
    HMC will buy Fisker imo. Synergies make sense and puts HMC smack dab back in the EV marketplace.
  • R
    $30.43 10 sessions ag. Today $28.05 !
    That's a 7.8% Haircut, DANG IT
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    Regarding the latest comments on this comment section: yes, Honda is in fact late to the race of the EV's.
    And yet, i still believe the company. They are doing their best to reduce the costs, and would actually be able to increase the margins as they intended, if not for the rising costs of materials and of course the supply shortage that exists all throughout the market (and they expect it to continue).
    Ok, so we were proven that they CAN actually solve things, just not the ones outside their competence like the materials being so costly.
    I still am a holder of Honda!
  • D
    Honda is paying a dividend when they should be taking every dime and investing in factories to produce battery powered cars. This is just sad to watch. An electric MDX would own the market. Why won't they do it?
  • M
    I own a Honda Accord (2013) that I bought new. So far the only things I needed to replace are brakes, headlight bulbs, a new battery, tires and oil changes. They make a great product.
  • j
    Toyota and Honda....
    Both Wonderful cars and trucks, so why is Toyota at 131 bucks a share and Honda 24 bucks?? KRAZY stuff going on there....
  • E
    I picked up Honda stock because i love their brand and wanted to own part of the company for life... but it's the best performing stock in my portfolio right now and i did zero research on their fundamentals 😂 I really shouldn't be trading single stocks.
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    Honda appears to still be dodging the oil dilution issues in the 1.5 turbo engines in CRV, and Civic

    Honda Canada has fizes for both, where USA Honda is simply studying the problem in Civics?

    This is a very big deal for Honda's credibility and they need to get ahead of the issue.
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    $SQM conversation
    Honda announces 100% ‘electric’ sales by 2040
    Honda will strive to increase the ratio of battery-electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCVs) within overall unit sales in all major markets of electrification combined to 40% by 2030, to 80% by 2035, and then to 100% globally by 2040.
    $SQM $HMC $ALB $GM