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Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR)

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    $CRLBF conversation
    Read a piece on what happens after buying assets after a draw down of 60-90% in a particular industry, sector or country. It's by Meb Faber CIO at Cambria wrote it. Basically, this sector is a lock for 3yrs = 2x+ And remember, that doesn't account for any positive change in federal law that would allow NYSE/NASDAQ listings, see e.g. $IIPR 's 5yr performance of >5.5x. I've put money where the mouth is too buying $CCHWF as I think the Cresco deal goes through. Good times ahead, IMO by EOY.
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    Blue Orca's operations should be illegal, publishing questionable negative information about a prosperous thinly traded company, driving the market price of its stock down and shorting the stock. In my opinion this is equivalent to insider trading. No one, whether an employee of that company or not, should be allowed to profit by publishing unauthorized insider information about that company.
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    I just did a quick research on Blue Orca. Zoominfo shows they make less than 5 million a year and have 1 to 10 employees, based out of Texas. It would only take one good lawsuit to bankrupt them. Go to their website and they list all the companies they are attempting to damage and short. Even the company is listed as an "short activist" company. They used to have a linkedin page, but it no longer works. Probably got tired of all the insults and bad publicity they took there. I am assuming they are a private company because I can't find a ticker. Nothing but CROOKS.
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    Blue Orca must be shorting again today. IIPR was beginning to make a small comeback and BAM down we go again. Anyone have a Boat and a Harpoon. Its frustrating to see such a good stock get bumped around by a pipsqueak 5 million a year company. BUT I'm holding to the moon.... and beyond.
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    Rueter did a report on them on the 26th and has them at as a Buy where analysts are projecting a 12 month high close to 300 and the mean about 230. If the mean turns out to be accurate that is about a 100% return on an investment in IIPR today. I am buying more which will actually lower my average cost.
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    An important message for IIPR SHAREHOLDERS....The claims by Blue Orca against IIPR are legitimate. If they were false and misleading IIPR management would have already filed a lawsuit against them.
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    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while IIPR barley does anything at all.
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    Johnny Rico
    Added 200, thanks for the drop
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    Chris Trout
    With the potential tenant risk, rising rates, and more companies going into the space, odds are not favorable in the short term.
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    DIV announcement should be coming this week. Expecting $1.75, with next quarter topping $2.
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    5 Year performance >565%. Patience and strong hands win. Ditto for Tier 1 MSOs like Cresco, GTI, Verano, Curaleaf and Trulieve, which when given access to U.S. markets will likely have similar performance going forward. Institutions want the market caps low when Tier 1s get market access because 99% aren't in them yet. Big Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharma want the market caps low too because as soon as they can invest too - without risking the market access - they will do so. Hold tight.
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    I am not an attorney, but know a little legal. but notice the class action lawsuit is going nowhere because unless a law firm can find a lead plaintiff, it can not go forward and so far, no one has stepped up to the plate.
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    Only 10 more days until this lawsuit spam stops muddying the news feed.
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    I hope this isnt a bad omen with market up so big today and IIPR flat.
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    simply wallstreet continues to assign fair value of iipr at 541 dlrs
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    Great dividend stock to keep in the portfolio for the next 30+ years and more.
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    War Cat
    I bought years ago at 24 bucks a share. just makin money!!
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    Robert Goodman
    Went x today
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    New Texas property ;)
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    Which date is the latest record date in order to get the dividend pay ?Thanks !