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Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIPR)

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183.43-6.82 (-3.58%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
185.80 +2.37 (+1.29%)
After hours: 07:43PM EST
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  • G
    I have been selling Puts in hopes of increasing my position. Looks like I will be adding some very soon. Have enjoyed harvesting the premiums on the Puts. Anticipate a rise in the stock in Feb & Mar.
  • M
    Perfect day to get some profits back. I jumped on options towards the low. I had a spectacular GREEN day with this stock an CFVI options. Risky as heck. But IIPR changed my life and I will probabaly turn these contacts into more shares. I have pllayed the market for 3 decades, and this was the strangest day I have ever seen. We came back!!!!! Congrats to all longs and monthly options buyers. Almost had an anxiety attack. Portfolio down mid 5 figures at lunch. WOW!!!!!! a day for the history books!!!!
  • D
    We’re down 35% from ath? So are a lot of other good company stocks now. Painful. Fortunately for me I don’t have to sell and I don’t intend to, having made that mistake before. I expect IIP will continue to perform and grow in all the right places and the market will turn around. I don’t know when. Lots more properties, earnings, and dividends please!
  • D
    im holding i started buying at 178 great dividend stock. Everyone wants a piece of the pie once its federal it will take off
  • J
    Weed is like alcohol and tobacco. You can always count on this company operating in the black. Will continue to see growth as it legalizes in more and more states. Eventually banks will allow loans for this industry but not anytime soon. It’s still too high risk for them even though there’s no sign of any reversals happening in the states it’s legal in. They operate as reit which means they have the properties to lease regardless of whether it’s a cannabis related operation or not. This is an obvious buy and hold for the next 2-5 years, if not longer. add some shares on the dip and sit back and enjoy your dividends until the trend finds its upward momentum again. The financials of this company are outstanding. You’re in good hands here.
  • S
    The divergence between IIPR and PW is puzzling. Been going in different directions. Could be just the law of large numbers. It's a lot easier to grow a small company off a lower base.
  • M
    With the addition of the new shares, the median expected share price value fell from $258 to $240 or about $18.

    This is based on current earnings/dividend yields. Once we get new earnings next month and/or any new acquisitions than this number will change as well.

    If you were hoping to sell in the next few months for a price near $300, we're probably going to be a little shy of that target. But if you're a long term holder, then what you'll get is better DRIP value and a higher long-term PPS as IIPR is able to acquire more properties.
  • A
    Opportunity to buy this stock at a 25% discount from just 2 months ago. You could wait until the price is around $180-$200 but you may miss the boat. This stock may not make you rich overnight but it is a damn good growth stock poised for excellent growth in 2022.
  • K
    Ooof what happened to this? Hoping earnings next month make these sellers wish they held
  • K
    Honestly, #$%$ is going on? Dropped $60 in a month for no reason? Sell or Hold? Good company with a good forecast, but those change and then its too late.
  • T
    $1.50 per share Dividends every quarter is amazing. This has been a great performer for me, obviously class A management. I’ve been in this since $56 a share, what a beast it has proven itself to be. Even when the market has been hit hard this stock barely takes a hit. I am a proud owner and will continue to be. It’s the safest investment in the cannabis field in my non-professional opinion
  • S
    So do any of the board guru's have any idea how low IIPR may go before we see a turn around?
  • e
    Aside from profit taking today, the 10-yr just jumped, REITS go down in increasing interest rate environments. 10 Yr likely to retract, IIPR will jump.
  • S
    I've seen a lot of big drops in iipr since i first started buying it four years ago and it always came back with a i told you smile . I don't need the money so i think i'll just keep my stock and enjoy the ride.
  • B
    my god, is there an end to this??
  • A
    I'm actually disappointed in the IIPR nay sayers on this conversation board. They clearly don't look at financials, just at stock price movement. This makes them emotional investors and weak (holding) hands, rather than strong hands that understand the financials and can buy (or hold) when there is a disconnect between price and financials. Each time a stock trades, there is a buyer and a seller. When the price trend is weak, this simply means that there are more sellers seeking to exit than buyers and that the price must decline to attract buyers, and vice versa. The question to ask when a stock price declines is is this just emotional (more weak hand sellers than strong hand buyers) or warranted based on a change in fundamentals and the future growth prospects of the business. While declining roughly 20% recently to $222, IIPR announced (on 1/5/22) its operating, investment and capital markets activity for the 4Q 2021. These results showed that its new 4Q21 investments (of $176 million) grew 9.5% sequentially or at a 40% annualized rate. This is highly impressive and is actually stronger than the gradually decelerating forecast that I had. This was a major positive anouncement (affirming....i.e. increasing... the strong growth prospects of the company) that was totally overlooked by weak hands that only look at the stock price action. Second, debt and convertible equity (capital) raises announced by the company are not dilutive, as mentioned by some weak hands on this conversation board, if these funds are invested in high return investments, which they clearly are. Management isn't financially stupid. These new capital raises fund (fuel) accretive growth and are not dilutive as mentioned by some weak hands. Nothing has occurred that has changed (if anything the 4Q announcement has strengthen) my conservative forecast of a $300 2022 year-end, $350 2023 year-end and $400 2024 year-end stock price. The stock is a strong buy at these levels.
  • M
    Id say just wait for earnings but we already know massive growth
  • T
    IIPR gained 48.12% last year. You sell your dogs at year end; you sell your stars at year begin because you don't report the capital gains for a whole year. That's the best theory I have for why we are down today.
  • M
    My dad bought this in the 30s. I told him to sell this ponzi scheme and buy $eh. Hes finally listening b/c this is down 19% in month and. $eh up 19% in same month
  • O
    Use this day to buy more!! On a very good discount today