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CCY - CCY Delayed price. Currency in INR
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As of 11:02AM BST. Market open.
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    INR This time Rupees going to loose the ground nonstop maybe going to very BAD Condition near Future, just watch , be careful from now
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    Whoa! Why the sharp rise in the rupee vs US dollar in the last 24 hours??
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    crewford jan
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    Realistically , we can expect INR to settle at 75 to US$ in next 3 months .

    Several reasons :

    Crude oil is likely to hit $ 100 ,adding a huge demand for $ from India,as crude oil is traded in US $ and Indian oil demand shows no signs of slowing down

    As the 2019 elections approach , Modi government is going to spend on populist measures adding hugely to the current account deficit . There is also a high liklelyhood of limited war with Pakistan just prior to elections

    Thirdly, Indian banking system is a hollow shell ,ready to crumble anytime . It a miracle that there has been no run on the banks yet .

    With all the corruption in high banking circles , the consumers have lost confidence . Anyone who can park their money in US $ will do so, thereby increased demand for US $
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    Crude oil prices have been a major driver of USD/INR exchange rates. On October 25, 2017 when Brent Oil was around USD 59 a barrel the USD/INR rates was 64.925. Currently when the Brent prices are USD 59 a barrel the USD/INR rates is 71.20. The current exchange rate does not reflect the ground reality.
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    75 is a reality on this latest spike. enjoy.
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    100= us $
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    There is a reason why INR has been collapsing, particularly for past few months. Indian economic reports have been cooked up for the benefit of political survival. India's declared GDP numbers are are a mirage. The INR is down because nobody wants the Indian Rupee, other than Indians. It's intrinsic value has been eroding continually. Just harping on Oil price increase is deliberate fooling of the Indian people. The only reason why any other country would want the INR is to appease this poverty stricken nation that has few USD to pay for anything. The only reason how the Indian Government accumulated some 600 Billion USD is through petitions to NRIs to send money home. And the stupid NRIs have been obliging like idiots.

    The value of any currency's intrinsic worth is dependent on it's demand in world trade. Since 2012, the intrinsic value of the INR has depreciated by over 40%. Who would trust their money with India, knowing that each year their investments will reduce in value. If you invest Rs 100 in a FDR for one year at 6% interest, you get back Rs 106 at the end of the term. But if the purchasing power of that Rupee has been reduced by inflation of 7%, your principal + interest of Rs 106 is reduced to Rs 98.58. Did you gain anything ? Why would anyone want to buy INR ?

    Similarly, a GDP increase of 7% per year gets depreciated to the extent of the inflation rate in the nation. With a 7% increase and a 7% depreciation of currency means you earned nothing if you are lucky. Mostly you lose your value, instead in real life. When currency translations started many decades ago, 1 USD was = 1 INR. Today, 1 USD = 70.69. How come ? Because the Indian governments including Congress and BJP have been raping the country. Indian business community has also been raping the nation. People just cannot do business without a combination of white and black money. The mentality of the Indian is deceitful, so no reforms can take place.

    Other world events have also exacerbated the situation. India's dependence on imported oil has had a very stabbing effect on its budgets. The government's incapacity to strengthen its infrastructure has had a very negative effect on foreign corporations wanting to invest in this country. It's insistence to do everything on it's own has caused India to be 500 years behind the western developed world. The only exports worth mention are software. India cannot innovate or develop any hardware that the world consumers would want to buy. Yet, it attempts to send a mission to MARS, at the cost of taking away from the poorest.

    Raise interest rates of the INR and see how the Rupee starts to appreciate. Increase incentives for Foreign Direct Investment and make it easier for foreigners to do business here and see how the Rupee starts to appreciate. Remove the procedural red tape for businesses to start in the country and see how the Rupee starts to appreciate. Reduce the size of the government and eliminate the enormous subsidies given to the government employees, the MLAs, MPs, IAS, IFS, IPS officers etc. and see how the Rupee starts to appreciate. Get the Indian government's hand out of Railways, Airlines, etc. and let private enterprise own and manage such institutions, and see how the Rupee starts to appreciates.

    India/Indians need to change on so many fronts before anybody would trust the nation. Until then, you can keep watching the precipitous depreciation of your currency and hope that it does not cross 100 to a $. Good luck with that ! I doubt it will improve until the present FM is ousted.
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    modi golng to big mess up the country inr asap hit to 101.10
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    i don't understand all story.
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    2025 prediction: INR 55 to 1 USD
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    VI V
    80 is where it should be !!!!!
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    modi mess up our country india GDP for lot of curruptions and lot of inflations near future very bad management
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    USD to INR Forecast on Tuesday, 1st September 2020 is expected to be 73 INR, with maximum 75 INR and low minimum 69.8358 INR.