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The Kroger Co. (KR)

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39.21+0.62 (+1.61%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
39.18 -0.03 (-0.08%)
After hours: 07:57PM EDT
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    Every dip in price of this one is a buy opportunity.
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    Of all the stock advice services I have used, I find ( to be one of the absolute best! Their advice is well researched, helpful, and up to date. I don’t know how I ever went about day trading without reading their newsletter first!
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    Wall Street
    They are preparing to buy Sprouts.
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    Kroger Ohio valley Zone stores just now ratified new contract and accepted great pay increases, continued premier health insurance benefits on 55% to 45% margin vote. Competitive wages for Kroger. Margins going to improve. Sector from Walmart, Target, whole foods/amazon affecting KR. Buffet owning 9% will always backstop his holdings. Shorts covering before EOD. Infrastructure deal coming any minute, hour will catalyst the shorts out. Associates at Kroger are working well with management and the shopping environment is clean, friendly and rewarding to saving $.
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    WOKE BLM. Not interested. Writing CC OP @ $42 with $25 cost. I’ve held KR for many years. Moving on.
  • a
    Along with the known pluses Kr has like lousy restaurant experience Warren Buffet on and on add to this a large amount of forward purchasing, when inflation runs hard grocery companies like KR forward buy to make profit. They talk about this in the last quarterly report, I was in this business for 27 years and in the 70s when inflation was hot we packed the warehouses beyond capacity and made a lot of money doing it.
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    Have you been shopping at KR lately? Their grocery prices are much higher than few months ago. Also, they are just partnered with the Instacart @ delivery service company as announced last week to boost their revenue sales across all KR's supermarket stores in the US. You all will see the revenue and gross margin will be much increased in the next earnings release. Be patient !!!!!
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    The consumer staples food stocks are mostly up nicely today except KR stock.
    The news showed one insider exercised her stock option yesterday and her exercised stock option price of KR was at 24 and she sold during market sold off at 42.04, (bought and sold the same time) and pocketed a nice gain. She still holds approx. 120.000 shares of KR in her portfolio . This insider's trading news caused KR sell-off today.
    The sell-off is overdone and it should rebound soon...
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    GRAHAM 1000
    At one point I held over 500 shares of KR. Held for about 10 years and made a very modest return. I then took all of my cash and invested into AMC 9 months ago and I have over 300% gains right now. AMC by far has been the best investment I’ve ever made. I still like the KR stock and might invest in it again but wanted to share with you my experience. And yes I’m still holding every single AMC share that I own 🦍
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    5-6 mil buys coming in for 40 push.
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    @KR: Waiting for the Booster shot to be authorized and announced by the White House and followed by KR's news because KR has pharmacy in each supermarket it owns that would provide the vaccination services. Their Covid 19 vaccination services that they contracted with the government in early 2021 would
    provide them much bigger revenue and very profitable. I got an email from my health insurance that any patient that needs a booster shot will be covered when needed that authorized by their primary doctor.
    Not sure why KR stock has been selling off 4 straight days why all consumer staples food stocks are mostly green today due to market rally. What is happening to KR stock... It is so oversold in the last 4 days... and overdue for rebounding soon.
  • j
    Warren Buffet isn't going to be happy about this stock. Most of my I had stop losses on that sold already. Hope they raise prices to make a profit soon.
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    ALL SUPERMARKETS AND FOOD STOCKS are up 3 days in a row except KR as it has been down 6 straight days and currently KR is sitting in oversold area for many days.

    ACI: +1.3
    UNFI: .65
    PFGC: 1.32
    SFM: .40
    SPTN: .19
    SYY: 1.89
    USFD: .49
    KHC: .43

    The entire markets have been green for the past 3 days and lift all sectors including the defensive sectors
    like consumer staples food stocks...... Not sure what has happened to KR. Any one knows???
    Even analysts upgraded KR to much higher price than currently 40.09 but it did not seem to move the stock
  • L
    Warren Buffett holds almost 62 millions shares of KR ( 1 of the top 3) of KR stocks...Rumors he just added
    more shares of KR recently....In the volatile markets, consumer staples is where the money managers will
    buy and the KR is the greatest defensive stock, liquid with a nice dividend....
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    GRAHAM 1000
    How’s the KR ticker looking today? Just saying that there are so many great plays available right now. KR will always be there holding right around $30-40
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    citadel shorting this on every buy. funny man Buffet needs to step up. Oh yea he's shorting to. Dementia though he can't remember just chuckles. Kr margins shrinking but eating at home a necessity with Delta pandemic. Mask orders in Ohio, Pa and WV yesterday. School closings are coming next. 41.50 is too cheap. 2600 great stores with over 450K associates. Administration vaccine program by KR great benefit for public in communities. Loyal to brand of KR. value and quality.
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    GOP laughing at Dems spendapalooza deals. Infra bill has no chance without the build back better agenda. And backstory it DOA from rich and famous Manchin wants to tax per online video yesterday. Bet on Corporations don't want it so likely that was reason Kr dropped expecting income tax increases from Dems bills. So Manchin holding the cards for conservatives and anti inflation. Hmm... Kr shorted beyond reason Friday. Down 9 in 6 weeks is pathetic collusion. Buffet can step in now and save face. Groceries are not coming from China like Walmart goods. Retail is different from Kroger warehouse and distribution from USA suppliers.
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    @KR has been sold off 4 straight days after earnings released on Friday 9-10-2021. It was so oversold
    and currently @KR is sitting in the oversold area. It is a defensive stock in any bad markets. @KR is an overlooked stock and it is due for a rebounding soon. If it closes at $42.25 at the close today, then it will rise to $43 near term.
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    Preston Brown
    Hopefully KR is finally going up , sold puts brought calls ..if ACI going up this should too
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    Of all the stock advice services I have used, I find ( to be one of the absolute best! Their advice is well researched, helpful, and up to date. I don’t know how I ever went about day trading without reading their newsletter first!