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Lloyds Banking Group plc (LYG)

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2.4300 +0.02 (+0.83%)
After hours: 05:57PM EST
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  • a
    Is there hope for a shares buyback? Lloyds has 4 billions in cash…
  • R
    Long climb up the price range, to be decimated in one day! A bit like playing Snakes and Ladders!😳
  • T
    The company has too many shares to bring any value to current shareholders IMHO. I have been in LYG since Feb 2009 and very disappointed in their lack of concern to shareholders by not buying back Billions of shares and retiring Billions more since the government sold back shares, they had in the bailout. It may be the year to sell my thousand of shares by year end. Just too many shares to bring any real value IMHO. Tax loss season starts in December for me.
  • e
    What ever is happening premarket here in NY is also happening in London now. I thought financially we all were on the mend from the pandemic and markets were starting to normalize. I guess too many people had a bad Thanksgiving. Most of my last 6 months gains in the market is already loss in the premarket.
  • P
    Here we go again 🙄
  • t
    They had some interesting insights about LYG on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
  • e
    Just when we think we finally broke through the 50 hurdle we are faced with another headwind.
    Be safe and stay healthy.
  • P
    Interesting rise today, any ideas? Or is because of inflation figures today and people are betting on a rate rise?
  • J
    Has any one look at the Financial,Lloyds of London is making more money then the oil company shell at this time 4.7 billion is what we have as a profit right. It looks like we are making more money. Feel free to write
  • e
    eduardo r
    I had few shares in this bank pre-2007 . Never thought of investing again in a company that can have any kind of unauthorized and ilegal intervention from the government. G.Brown and E Daniels turn this bank into ashes. Never gave reasons to confiscate former shareholders' money to bail out irresponsible bank lending from Halifax they never open a post crisis inquire against those two reptiles.
  • s
    Hopefully a full year dividend of 3-3.5 p next year then, bought 20,000 at average of 33 p over the last 18 months so that would be a nice 10% yield year in year out. A housing market downturn seems the only negative on the horizon but the Tories seem that they will just splash tax payer cash at any private sector problems these days so they won’t allow repossessions to rise.
  • S
    LTC, BTC and ETH amongst others just be giving joy, Earn in dollar, save in crypto. Never forget that
  • e
    What just happened about 8am London time?
  • J
    The negative feeling towards this stock persists even with this huge beat on earnings. Last week there was one day the volume on trades quadrupled my guess is someone knew this stock was going to have a killer quarter and loaded up but even that did little to bump the price. Still I think the stock price will go up about 10 percent over the next few weeks but we won’t see a real jump until they start sharing these profits.
  • D
    Lloyds SP can never move up quickly, because there are 78 billion shares in issue..It is half a penny here and there each time.. Lloyds can never get to 100p as it would mean a £78 billion capitalisation..This just is rather unlikely,as many new digital entrants have been created as well as crowdfunding etc etc..Competition for loans,business lending etc is much greater now.
  • a
    Shares crashed today for the most trivial of reasons. Clear manipulation. Why don't rubbish company's like Ocado or Google fluctuate like banks in UK.
    By the way Lloyds were nearly 90p some 10 years ago when owned by government and ppi hovering. There's no logic to these shares.
  • P
    One thing that’s been a constant for the last 10 or so years has been poor interest rates. Finally starting to hear whispers of inflation and possible rate rises. Next couple years should be very interesting to watch…. Just as long as the BOE stops printing money (QE)
  • A
    Another set of Qtr results showing massive profits and cash reserves yet still not handed over Divs “deferred” last year. The mindset makes it a waste of time investing - next they’ll use the profits to buy back the shares cheaply - I’ll be out of this stock by this time next year.
  • D
    The profits are good and the economy is recovering.
    Look at the one year price chart,I can't see anything negative.
  • R
    This is getting to be so bad it will soon be good.