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  • J
    Jason C
    July 12th. Wait for it.
  • h
    Large volume. Option trading
  • 중혁
    something is happening here
  • J
    Weird that every growth company is getting devastated and the entire market is in a huge sell-off yet this is floating almost magically.

    Just. Keep. Buying.
  • A
    Okay folks, here is some real information. Ignore all the bashers as they are usually hired to post on message boards - there is a huge underbelly of naked shorting all over this market, so try not to take it personal when it's directed at 23andMe. It just is what it is.

    On Jan 6th, 2022, $ME 23andMe "announced the first participant has been dosed in a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating 23ME-00610 for the treatment of advanced solid tumors. 23ME-00610 is 23andMe’s first wholly-owned immuno-oncology (I/O) antibody to enter the clinic. The target for the new investigational antibody, CD200R1, was identified as a promising immuno-oncology target through 23andMe’s proprietary genetic and health survey database."

    If you were to look up the actual clinical trial - NCT05199272, you will find three updates:

    January 18, 2022: first update announcing trial beginning at one location in San Antonio, Texas
    (this is at the START Center for Cancer Care)

    April 20th, 2022: second update adding two additional cancer care hospitals:
    Oregon Health & Science University "not recruiting"
    MD Anderson Cancer Center "not recruiting"

    June 6th, 2022: change of status update from "not recruiting" to "recruiting" at the two additional locations.

    Why is this is important? Let me explain.

    The primary outcome measures for this Phase 1 Trial is/was to determine safety and to find any adverse effects. There were nine (1.-9.) primary outcomes listed for this trial, and the first two had a time frame of 21 days. Timeframe for the next six were listed as "up to 90 days post treatment". The final outcome was to obviously follow the Objective Response Rate (ORR) with a 5 year time frame.

    So allow me to connect the dots - trial begins in January 2022...first patient is dosed and the clock begins. On April 20th, 2022 - 90 days after the first update, two new cancer centers are added to the trial. I feel I can assume that the safety for the first 21 days looked okay, and the AE up to 90 days also looked okay. This makes sense as Oregon Health & Science along with MD Anderson Cancer Center are two first class cancer operations. Now, on this second update in April 2022, both were added yet listed as "not recruiting". Let's now skip to last week and the June 6th, 2022 update: both Oregon Health & Science and the MD Anderson Cancer Center changed from "not recruiting" to "recruiting". So, there was about a 45 day period between the 2nd update to the 3rd update, and obviously there was an approval given to move forward with this 23andMe Phase 1 clinical trial to include more participants. I say to my fellow $ME 23andMe investors, this is good news!

    Anne Wojcicki keeps pointing to 2023, and obviously she is aware of what is happening. 23andMe said in their last call that their pipeline now has over 50 promising ideas, and I for one believe them. 23andMe is not a new company - just because they went public in 2021, it does not remove the fact that they began in 2006 and have had success the entire way - how else do you build out a client base of over 12 million participants? The only reason they went public is because it's the only way to raise the funds needed to bring these new drugs/medications to trial and ultimately to market. Sure, with this current market the share price may go down, yet the share price may (and will imo) start going up. You do not want to be on the wrong side when investors start to realize what we have here.

    Keep in mind, this is just about one trial and one product. Please look it up for yourself, as otherwise there is just so little information on these message boards.

    A Phase 1 Study of 23ME-00610 in Patients With Advanced Solid Malignancies
  • j
    This is the future.... The only question... who's going to win the race? I place my bet on ME. Great story.. Great leader...
  • j
    Worse investment out there.
  • F
    $NVTA conversation
    Why is $NVTA better than $ME ? Are there others in this?
  • M
    It seems like somebody knows something positive. Twice as much volume today compared to normal trading volume and this stock went up two days in a row when almost all other stocks went down bigly the last two trading sessions.
  • K
    Kenny T
    How was ME the only stock that I follow that was green yesterday?
  • J
    Today could be the last day to get in before $5. Good news coming!
  • K
    Up 12% in pre market right now 😮
  • 日下 清十郎
    It is unusual that no news is available when the price is going through this sizable decline. 20% of value has evaporated in only 2 days.
  • M
    They have $550m in cash, $83m in debt and are investing/losing $200m a year in harvesting the value of their data. Their market cap is $1.3B. They have enough cash to last at least two years. They also have more genomic data than almost anyone else and that data can be used to speed up drug discovery. Their data alone is worth several Billions to the right drug company. This stock will be at least at $5-10 a share by this fall.
  • D
    The move today is very interesting, no news at all and the ME is up near 10%. is it possible that the pipeline of products is finally being recognized by instatutional buyers?
  • 日下 清十郎
    Price seems to reach a state of dynamic equilibrium today
  • B
    Dostarlimab and 23andMe clinical results are enough proof of concept already to justify a 5X multiple back to IPO price
  • K
    At some point the realization that GSK developed its Dostarlimab with research from its 23andMe partnership should help the stock. It will justify the value of the data 23andMe is sitting on. It may not happen right away, but this is proof of why many of us are betting on this stock.
  • h
    The bottom is in for 23andMe
  • h
    down 40%, but not selling a dime. $400 million for lemonaid health. over $400 million in cash. How much is the DNA Data worth? in the billions? Current market cap is shy from $1 billion.