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Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK)

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    COVID-19 pill promising. Bought more @74.2! $100 is easy if phase 2/3 data based on PCR is as good as the phase 2 preliminary data.
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    People it's turning on a dime, now it a value stock, and with a New CEO and a dividend this week at least 80s very soon. Good Luck to all hold on for the ride up. Don't sell until the 80s.
  • k
    Is spinoff of organon good for MRK ? I think not a good move although I am invested in MRK .When you have several revenue stream is usually wonderful for the company and that was one of the reason I invested in this company. If any brilliant comment please .
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    Looks like the news about the antiviral drug molnupiravir that MRK is developing with Ridgeback finally hit the big media outlets. This weekends announcement should get investors attention. What will happen on Monday?
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    Malnupiravir as an oral antiviral for Covid 19 would be a a game changer similar to what Tamiflu's impact on the therapy for influenza.
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    Immunotrader 10
    $SLS conversation
    Interesting $MRK tried to buy this co for $50M a year and now Just paid 1.9B - There have been several rumors $SLS CEO turned down multiple offers too Pandion's secret to moving a $65M Merck offer to a $1.9B done deal in a year? Just keep saying no
    by Ben Adams | Mar 5, 2021 9:09am
    If you want Merck to snap you for nearly $2 billion, all you have to do is play hard ball.

    That’s according to a new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing from the Big Pharma, which details how Merck bought up little Pandion for $1.9 billion last month.

    Merck has in fact been sniffing around Pandion and its pipeline of immune modulator since 2018, but it was not until 31 Jan. 2020 that it made a firm offer: $65 million upfront with nearly half a billion dollars in biobucks attached. Pandion promptly said thanks, but no thanks.
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    I have done a lot of reading on MRK over the weekend. I am strongly considering a position in this company. However, I am curious to hear what others believe the bull and bear case is for this equity.
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    The charts and indicators say this turkey has bottomed... expect low 80s soon
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    Cramer trying to talk up a correction like he was instructed to do.
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    Good buy....πŸ‘

    Separately, The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will provide Merck with a funding of up to $268.8 million to make available its existing manufacturing facilities to develop COVID-19 vaccines and medicines.
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    These corrections are nothing but orchestrated events. Talking heads like Cramer is paid to talk the markets down.
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    Amazing 2020 results, more profit and is going to pay higher dividend per stock. Sorry but i can’t be mor BULLISH
  • P
    Every time I buy a stock that Buffett buys, Kroger, Kraft Heinz, American Airlines, and now MRK, I lose my shirt. Every time...
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    $SLS conversation
    i'll eat my hat if this isn't at least 19 in a couple of weeks, 50 to 60 in a couple of months on all the $BMY $MRK combination data -validates a huge market potential, and 160 on the FDA approval later this year
  • B
    The BIO market in general is down, and there are a number of factors that need to be addressed. First and foremost, the present-day pharma's and their chemo drugs have reached the apogee point.
    In other words, with COVID-19 effecting the entire world, and the negative economic impacts, cancer is still om the rise. However, the price of chemo drugs is becoming excessively expensive, and beyond affordability. NWBO has a solution that will change the current paradigm treatment for many cancer patients. Several months ago, CRL purchased Cognate, and Cognate had manufacturing contracts with NWBO. With the $11 million loan, NWBO now has the cash to launch the manufacturing process.
    With the increase manufacturing capabilities for NWBO, NWBO will be in a position to show profit and meet the needs of the cancer patients that will be the true benefiters of biotherapeutic medicine.
    Based on facts, all of the logistics including the manufacturing process, and the cost to produce based on the ($11 million) NWBO cash loan are in place. There is a high probability that NWBO will make a positive announce very soon, several weeks not months. This is the break-out point that the longs and the faithful have been waiting for. My comments are based on facts and extensive research and I am not paid nor a pumper. I have firsthand knowledge of the negative effects from chemo, and the positive investment that biotherapeutics will lead the way for curing cancer. As of this week, NWBO is now in position to have a major impact in the cancer treatment arena, and could start surpassing the current chemo methods all over the world. This is a major game changer for the 80% to 90% of the individuals who are unable to afford chemo
    treatment. I pray that God will continue to bless NWBO, CRL, and all of the other companies involved in this process. Many people are also praying the Merck and NWBO collaborate together to help further the cause to cure cancer via biotherapeutic medicine.
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    wondering what is under the surface that investors are not privy to ? ? something does not seem right with the price action . . . thoughts ??
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    Other than the moderately effective keytruda, does this stock have anything else going for it? Why did Berkshire buy this? Earnings chart suggests a flat outlook.
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    $JNJ $MRK boost in vaccination output will get us up and running by summer. So best bargains right now should be in EM $PBR and take profits in 2022.
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    60-70- matter..1000 shares not for sale to 150$ GL
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    Ze Bob
    Couldn't resist to adding another lot @ $73 - MRK trades at a discount.
    Adding more if it drops further...