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    Government already booked $1.2 B on Molnupiravir. It may expand to $3B. Phase 3 will be known in Oct. Unlike vaccine, $700 per course is a rich people drug. Merck has exclusive right to global market. Oral is cool. But the high cost makes it hard to estimate the sale. Merck is under a negative pressure from a drug bill in Congress. But if the antiviral drug gets EUA in 4thQ, my target is $90 - $110.
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    Real Immunotrader 10
    $BMY conversation
    $SLS about to untap A couple few billion in Shareholder value with Gps+ Nivo Meso data "The average progression-free survival was 8.8 weeks. Median overall survival was 35.4 weeks, the time at which the data was taken. Stergiou expects the median overall survival to be considerably longer when the next report is delivered at the end of 2021" {lol expects.. It HAS TO BE LONGER all patients are currently alive!! - same situ w Gps+Keytruda $MRK for OC)
    "Preliminary evidence from the Phase I trial of GPS administered as a combination therapy with nivolumab (Opdivo® $BMY) as a treatment for mesothelioma showed improvement in median survival of about half a year." ttps://

    Nps VADIS results due and the $GLSI Sister trial with Herceptin $RHHBY
    All reporting in Q4 which begins next week already
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    $INO conversation
    Merck, AstraZeneca: Positive Results From the Phase 3 PROpel Trial

    Merck, AstraZeneca: Independent Data Monitoring Committee Concluded That the Trial Met the Primary Endpoint
    $MRK $AZN
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    Could you imagine if Molnupiravir gets used on a worldwide scale and becomes one of main ingredients to stopping COVID 19……we are talking easily about tens of billions of dollars of additional revenue……and if this thing hangs around in some form for any length of time……who knows what we could be taking about…….
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    MRK may end up in GREEN today guys - Could Pfizer and Merck Be Big Winners With COVID Pills...
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    Buying MRK under 72 and T under 27. I think I will beat the SPY over the next 2 years.
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    $72 - $76 and repeats all year around??
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    Real Immunotrader 10
    $SLS conversation
    In addition to the P3 Aml fda approval that is expected, Gps + Keytruda $MRK already reported trial results better than the best available existing treatment for end stage ovarian cancer patients. This data can only be improved upon as all patients continue. $SLS is undervalued a factor of 10.
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    Currently a senior majoring in Microbiology at a top 5 Biological Sciences university. Did some DD on Molnupiravir, looks very promising. The virus is able to mutate into new variants because it has a high mutation rate, while also containing a proofreading mechanism to able to tolerate this relatively high mutation rate. This makes the virus' genetic contents and its size in general relatively large as you might know. What Molnupiravir does is sort of trojan horse the replication process by adding nucleosides that have shown to go undetected by the viral proofreading mechanism, making the viral product defective. The question is what level of efficacy the government will accept. The US government has agreed to buy upwards of a billion dollars worth of the drug if shown to be effective. In the early studies published by UNC, it showed somewhere in the area of 10-15% reduction in positive virus presence across 3 and 5 day periods. These results were published on June 17. The conclusion by the team at UNC "Molnupiravir is the first oral, direct-acting antiviral shown to be highly effective at reducing nasopharyngeal SARS-CoV-2 infectious virus and viral RNA and has a favorable safety and tolerability profile". Promising right? Obviously we are waiting on the Phase III trials currently underway but this looks to be quite the opportunity. With perhaps the hottest topic right now being the unvaccinated, a drug that effectively treats infection helps address that issue.
    If Molnupiravir does move forward and become the foremost antiviral treatment for the virus, we could expect somewhere in the area of 15-20 Billion in additional revenue for MRK, based off of the unit production estimations of 10 million doses. Coupling this with the bevy of fresh approvals for already existing MRK products, this price is one of the steepest discounts on the market at the moment. Yes, I am holding MRK and I don't want this to be taken as advice, just for info. Yes, I was wrong about MRK holding at support at the 73.5 area. But given the fact that price is approaching the 23.6 fib line, I would forecast at the absolute minimum a return to 75.50, the 38.2 line. The company missed out on vaccine production so I would assume they are highly motivated to get in the fight with the opportunity that anti-virals are offering. Here is the study referenced above if you would like to take a look for yourself
    Background Easily distributed oral antivirals are urgently needed to treat coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), prevent progression to severe illness, and block transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). We report t
    Background Easily distributed oral antivirals are urgently needed to treat coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19), prevent progression to severe illness, and block transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). We report t
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    MRK and PFE. See my previous posts for covid pill potential. Analysts today saying my exact point. I know a lot more about and followed Molnupiravir's safety history but now doing PFE as well. Scanario 1 only one approved FDA. Got a stop loss in jic for both if one fails. But IF only one approved look out (especially over time)! Scanario 2 IF both approved and have comparable results even better. Scanario 3 IF neither is effective enough and not appoved I'll take my chances with my stop loss. Scanario 1 or 2 covid pill potential I believe holy grail for wide!
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    JOE D
    MRK getting closer 52 week low ($68.44). Accumulate.

    Earnings estimates have come down, but still show good YOY growth. $5.50 is expected for 2021, and $6.45 for 2022. Divy over 3.5%.

    Pharma is down. You buy when its down.
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    Down today and bought more today! I normally do all tech stocks and have done well with past Company research. Admittedly Merck 1st time I've done Healthcare... to much political agenda involved. Dont know much about Merck stock past history (or care). Its speculating for me but IF Molnupiravir approved it will be a game changer world wide (because of Covid world wide). All safety data and stopping covid symptoms from worsening once tested positive so far promising.

    Friend was perfect health (58), runs 6min miles, no preexisting conditions, tested positive delta varient with NO vaccine on board. Thought to be getting better then ended up hospital 3 days (slept in emergency room no beds) due to low oxygen passing out. Now at home weeks later, improving but still needing oxygen machine treatments! WAS against the vaccine but do u think people like him (or people with preexisting conditions) if they could jus pop a pill and keep themselves outta the hospital they wouldn't do it??? What about around the world all the people with prior vaccine disapproval (like my friend) or without access to the vaccines? Molnupiravir potential Covid game changer worldwide! Yea I'm in big-time!
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    AMZN & Vechain Lover
    Now it jumps to $74 but then decides to drop 0.75cents to 73.25. Manipulation at its finest goes up when there is no news drops whenever nothing makes sense about this company.
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    Peter/Kevin—-> 👀 Jacob Plieth out with this on AGEN, check Twitter for the link

    Why $MRK Keynote-826 data spell terrible news for $AGEN.
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    Not really happy with price movement ....... but bought a lot more at $72.90.
    Could not resist...... May be sorry tomorrow.......... but hey...... just wait a bit.
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    Bought a little more @ $70.91
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    When the COVID-19 pill gets FDA approval, MRK can be $150 in a hurry!
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    Coverage out Merck hand over fist and i have. XD Tuesday as this is the turning point in 2021. Etch it in stone !

    The old man says it's for my family along with AGEN and BFLY. Entered the stock market in Oct. 1963 and still have money to spare. It beat milking cows and shoveling m+++++.

    The old man.
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    The day of a major European approval the stock falls. Very rational!
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    Yep. keep losing money. Anytime I have extra cash I buy more. Bought more today...Molnupiravir to the covid rescue!