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NextDecade Corporation (NEXT)

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7.53-0.17 (-2.21%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
7.44 -0.09 (-1.26%)
After hours: 05:54PM EDT

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    Congratulations to everyone that got in prior to earrings. Next week should get really good. We totally busted threw the 50 Mvg avg. $5.77. good luck everyone.
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    Brazos Island Harbor Channel Improvement Project Signing Ceremony Propels Port Forward – Port of Brownsville
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    Tamira S
    Ouch! What’s happening with next?
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    I am so tired of NEXT doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
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    I bought shares today at $4.76.
    Rsi is starting to bounce off the bottom. I'm thinking she might be looking for some good news hopefully soon 🙏
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    This was amazing, cheers everyone.!!! 🍻 happy Friday!!
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    Saint Preferred
    Schatzman: "It also shows how we can help meet our buyers' climate change initiatives while providing them access to secure energy supply.”

    They bought the climate change investing by me.
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    Anyone else read ( Just got a tip about NEXT from them.
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    Will NEXT dilute shares to construct?
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    This is a nice dip.. Definitely looking to get back in this prior to August earrings.
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    Hey everyone I'm pretty new. I watched my father and uncle's trade in the 70s and 80s.
    So in the 2000s I learned charts n indicators. because I didn't want to become stock market losers like them lol. Naturally!!
    I'm following this post because I bought 750 shares at 6.57.
    I see resistance at $7.54 and at $7.81. Can anyone with more patience give me advice lol? I always sell short.
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    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀☀️Deposit this sell off today, we had a very good week in this volatile market good volume at the close and A /Hs💯☑️
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    So for you NEXT investors.... We know you aren't like TELL with 9M in volume and many of us TELL stock investors have mortgaged our homes to buy TELL and holding long.. What's the word and the hype in the stock price increase for NEXT? Any News Yet? We know pricing for LNG is going up, thanks to Souki and his podcasts to the public on the future, and the explanation for the demand for LNG as well.., but you only have a plan. Why a price jump of 200+% in 3 weeks? many of your investors also think you are Propane... which is butane not LNG.. Natural gas is a naturally occurring hydrocarbon gas mostly consisting largely of methane, so I can tell you NEXT investors dont have investors like TELL. So what's up? Whats the reason for all the $ with little volume? Sincerely, A concerned Robinhood Investor with 122,000 TELL shares holding LONG.
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    Interesting comment. I don’t usually pay attention to them but he also predicted the FS minutes before it was announced. Guess he spoke with CEO.

    $NEXT Goodman had to sell their position down to max 10% because the position was moved into a restricted fund. They are under the 10% limit now so they are finished selling.With this feasibility study in place the company is now in the position to build the mine
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    Bullish on LNG in General. Go buy $TELL. Two $12 billion deals signed in 2 weeks. It will continue to move up!
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    $GE conversation
    Free Cash Flow

    Larry Culp reconfirmed earlier this week that
    for this year 2021 the FCF would be $5 billion which means Q4 should be quite strong.

    Culp also said this week that the Free Cash Flow for next year 2022
    would reach at leasr $7 billion.

    And somewhere the Motley Fool said this week the 2024 Free Cash Flow
    would reach $10 billion (Aviation $6 billion, Health $3 billion, and Renewables/Power $1 billion)

    I assume they got the $10 billion FCF from Culp.

    You can take a few thoughts away from these comments from Culp's words.

    At this year $5 billion FCF times 2.5 earnings
    the stock price would be around $13 - which it is.

    At $next year $7 billion FCF times 2.5 times earnings
    you can guess the stock price will reach $18 ($144) a share.

    At 2024 $10 billion FCF times 2.5 earnings
    you can assume the stock will be $25 ($200).

    I know there is now a total change with the 3 companies being split,

    But for simplicity you can use the sbove example to clearly see
    that the progression of the old GE
    is at least 40% per year improvement.

    A 40% return on my capital is plenty good when banks are paying me 1-2%

    Anyone in finance would love a cap rate of 40% per annum.

    Also, we know that Culp is totally understating what he might accomplish.
    I have never seen him overstate anything.

    So that profit picture does not include anything Culp might do beyond the normal GE profits.

    We all know he is not a person to sit still for long.

    So some sort of surprise will happen and it may be a doozey.

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    congratulations to everyone that picked this up prior to Q1 earrings. Cheers!!
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    Fred Stolfi
    Why is stock not moving up last two days ?