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Nutrien Ltd. (NTR)

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  • Z
    Nutrien does not need BHP. BHP is trying to build railroad to get commodity to market Nutrien has the distribution and rail in place. rumor has it they want nutrien to distribute product in a partnership of some kind. Just my two cents. Good luck to all.
  • G
    BHP takeover interest: Bloomberg TV headline is BHP has interest in taking over Nutrien.
  • D
    $BHP conversation
    @Joe. Talking about acquisitions, $BHP looking at $NTR the potash fertilizer company? Have they tried this before? Nutrien lost their CEO recently
  • b
    Takeover talk and it is down??
  • X
    I'll take $120 a share if BHP is buying. Nothing less!
  • K
    Top Pick on Bloomberg Market Call today with a price target of $102.76
  • M
    Potash at over 700/ July 2020 it was 350/ton. Literally doubled...the rest is pure profit padding their margins. My non English speaking grandma can run nutrien right now. This business comes and goes with the pricing of its commodity...CEOs are not going to make or break this stock. Only the commodity pricing will.
  • T
    While I am bullish on NTR, I thought of one possible downside to the BHP rumor. If BHP doesn't buy NTR, but instead one of its rivals like MOS or CF and combined with the Jansen mine they would make for a formitable competitor. If they bought MOS would they stay in Canpotex? We saw what happens to potash prices when these informal cartels dissolve. These would not be short term worries and first BHP would have to merger with some one.
  • B
    Does the CEO really matter for this company? This is not a rocket science company. Simple mining of potash and phosphate rock, make ammonia from natural gas then sell 1/2 and convert the rest to urea, DEF, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate. Convert phosphate rock to phosphoric acid, sell it overseas and locally blend it with ammonia to make DAP and MAP. The potash rock ships as is, just load into railcars and ocean ships. Simply sell to farmers and steady industrial users. NTR has a small R&D division of 200 (seeds, plant nutrition) in Colorado, and a small 400 person corporate headquarters in bumf-ck Saskatchewan. They have one Gulfstream 550 for the executives. This shake-up could all be about infighting of the board, executive management and the provincial government's demands. They want Nutrien to commit to more senior management living and working locally. Nutrien did commit to lease the nine top floors in a new tower being built downtown Saskatoon. Nutrien will be the #1 tenant at “Nutrien Towers”. It's not like NTR can go buy up MOS or CF, or invent new innovative molecules to revolutionize fertilizers, or come up with snappy marketing and advertising to woo farmers to switch to their commodity products. They can’t build new or expand in the US because of Biden and his war on fossil fuels. Try to get a permit to build a new NH3 plant with its massive CO2 production and emissions. This is a boring dull commodity company, what are the hard decisions for its CEO? This recent shake-up will all blow over when Wall Street sees huge increases in free cash flow and net operating margins. The real question is what are they going to do with all this cash? The free cash flow will be $3.6B in 2021 and should be over $5.0B in 2022. I'm in favor of retiring debt, currently at $8.8 billion, which is way too high. They have committed to a $2B reduction and more stock buybacks in 2022. I say retire more debt now, because net margins will drop back to normal. This return to normal won’t happen in 2022, but will be lower in 2023, maybe normal in late 2024? So $10B+ in free cash over the next three years? WOW! Reduce debt, stock buybacks, increase dividends! I'm in for 1,000 shares at $71, may add more at this dip. The recent $76.38 felt good, wait till its north of $90 soon.
  • z
    Bloomberg Today: BHP Considering Buying NTR.. Great News!
  • U
    I think I’m going to add a few more this has been a great investment over the last couple of years
  • D
    Earnings date Feb 16; buying when I can!
  • T
    While I think that replacing the CEO should not have a big impact on the company long term. I am a little concerned that the stock has not rebounded from Tuesday's news, but instead has drifted lower on higher than normal volume, which says to me that Tuesday's decline was not just knee jerk reaction by a few short term traders. Billion dollar investors hear things that us little people never do, until it is too late. Personally I am going to wait a week and see if anything else shakes out, before adding to my current position. If I lose a buck or two while waiting, so be it. I am more of a safe than sorry type of investor.
  • J
    Jack Rothaus
    RBC Capital Markets Says Nutrien Has Solid Foundation Despite Sudden CEO Change
    BY MT Newswires
    — 9:07 AM ET 01/05/2022
    09:07 AM EST, 01/05/2022 (MT Newswires) -- RBC Capital Markets on Wednesday said Nutrien Ltd. ( NTR )has a solid foundation thanks to its well-run assets and strong financials, as the company's sudden change of CEO raised questions about its management.

    RBC said it is more constructive to focus on Nutrien's ( NTR
    ) asset base across the agriculture and fertilizer sector, and its day-to-day operations should not be impacted by the CEO change.

    "We received many inbounds from investors seeking answers to a second sudden CEO departure in a short eight-month period. However, as is often the case with these situations, we will likely never really know the full story," RBC said.

    "While we do not expect more official commentary on the departures, we think the board and interim CEO Ken Seitz could help alleviate some concerns around the changes with more details on the company's near-term focus and search plans for a permanent CEO."

    RBC believes there may be a silver lining to the unexpected management changes, as the new leadership may address issues related to its long-term strategic growth strategy.

    RBC gave Nutriien an outperform rating and a price target of US$85.00.
  • J
    Jack Rothaus
    The CEO may have resigned for health reasons, if so, this is a buying oppurtunity.
  • l
    It is unfortunate for the price drop as the stock price went up in spite of him and not because of him and therefore it should still be going up. with the high price of fertilizers and grain the price should be at least $100.00/share even now.
  • Y
    The Three largest Canadian Banks own 53M NTR shares. Rock solid investment....
  • J
    Some comments from an analyst.

    "Scotiabank analyst Ben Isaacson said to watch for old strategy questions to resurface such as “retail/wholesale split, some kind of transaction with BHP, major M&A targets, capital allocation.”

    “If the abrupt exit of Mr. Magro taught us anything at all, it’s that Nutrien would be best served by sharing with all of its stakeholders roughly what’s going on and why. Without doing so, we could see a new overhang emerge due to reduced investor confidence in the board and leadership team,” he wrote.
  • R
    If NTR is a takeover target by BHB, why is NTR price down almost $4 USD in after market?
  • J
    GNT seems to hold 3% of its portfolio in Nutrien, per CEF Connect. Discount of 11%, 6.7% distribution,
    monthly payments.