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Spirit AeroSystems Holdings, Inc. (SPR)

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29.06-1.94 (-6.26%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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  • T
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  • j
    Haha the stock is the same price as it was in summer of 2020 in full swing of a pandemic when air travel was essentially impossible. There is no bottom in sight unfortunately as the market is not valuing companies like SPR based on fundamentals or eps growth. Stock prices are being determined by algos responding to macro news. Long term bullish on this stock and sector but I expect chaos in short term
  • H
    Sleepy Joe is the main problem with the entire market….
    “Let’s go Brandon”
  • A
    This stock was intentionally pushed to nose dive, just like the China air 737! No way it should be this low, unless to scare people off, by the big money.
    Even if BA does not come through, Airbus will have business for SPR
  • C
    Crazy Bike Dude
    Waiting to get the plane deliveries rate increased is like waiting on the gestation period of a momma elephant. It's not months it's years. At some point it will happen though and the stock will go up.
  • D
    At some point SPR simply gets so oversold it can not drop any more. This is just crazy. The world needs airplanes.
  • B
    Big D
    We have the worse possible people running this country. Wokesters. Who are actually succeeding in their plan to bring this country down in order to transform it into their vision, WHICH WILL NEVER WORK!
    In spite of that, once the FAA approves the 787, if they ever get around to it, this stock will bounce back in spite of the rest of the market.
    Meanwhile, don't try to catch a falling knife. This can go down to $20 or less. I've watched it come back from $17.71. Been through a lot of pain and joy.✈
  • S
    this is not how I wanted to start the weekend, but I did pick up more at $34.49, and I have long-term faith in the company and know it will climb when certifications for the 787 Dreamliner are approved by the FAA. Everyone have a good weekend.
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    Big D
    If I understand correctly, the Fed is raising rates to remove some of the excess $trillions it dumped in the system. If that's true, of course the market is tanking!
    But as far as SPR is concerned, it was at $100 back in 2018 before their expansion in aquisitions. Just a matter of time before they're back to $100 and above. If another year for the 777s, 787s and Max 10s approval, it's worth the wait.✈
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    Big D
    Talk about a gut punch!

    If not for the political backlash against Boeing, value would be soaring instead of sinking on the Max 10s, the 777s and the 787s.
    Besides those negatives, we still have the boost in production from Airbus.

    All we can do is embrace the pain and wait it out.✈
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    Big D
    Remember when we were waiting for the Max to be recertified? Knowing it was only a matter of time. And when it was, that stock would bounce.
    Now we wait for the 787 to be certified. Another inevitability. Then it bounces again.
    This stock was never for day traders.✈
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    Big D
    United air said 52 777s were approved by the FAA to go back in service.✈
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    Big D
    That drop we just saw was due to the FAA rejecting Boeing's 787 recertification submission. However, it's not as though they have to start from scratch. They just missed some info in the application. That's good news in that it shows the FAA is actively working with Boeing to get it approved.✈
  • D
    Daragh Carter
    These are November 2014 prices. Electric vehicles may be an existential threat to ICE-powered vehicles, but there's no such threat to passenger jets. Boeing isn't going anywhere, neither is SPR. This is an opportunity to buy in the $37-$40 range with, IMO, a high probability of seeing $50 in the next 12-months. And that's still pretty well short of the analysts 1-year price target.

    $40 to $50 in 1 year, a 25% return, is 2.5x the average market return.
  • r
    Couldn't pass up less than 40 even if I'm fighting the Fed. CFRA MAINTAINS STRONG BUY ON SHARES OF SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS
    5:06 pm ET May 4, 2022 (CFRA) Print
    We keep our 12-month target at $58
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    Big D
    The eternal optimist I am with this stock, I bought a number of $55 May 20th calls expecting a very positive report tomorrow.✈

    So far, I've been the Charlie Brown to this Lucy pulling the football away like my high expectations.
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    Big D
    Would love to see Calhoun sue the FAA for not taking timely action on their certification process for the 787s, 777s and Max 10s.✈
  • r
    The earnings beat, so why the big decline?
    Anyone can explain?
  • S
    overreaction. I'll add more if it reaches $37. I hope it doesn't though.
  • M
    We all have to be patient I guess all airline industry are down it will pickup later this year if u are longtime investors upturn don’t have to worry