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Scholar Rock Holding Corporation (SRRK)

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8.44-0.06 (-0.71%)
As of 09:53AM EDT. Market open.

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    Phase 3..
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    Trading Ideas
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    anybody here ?
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    Total equity in April was around 170M...
    add 200M from offering now...

    It feels like that JPM bought up shares to 7.35, then exercised warrants, push through shorts and dumped...
    They have still warrants to exercise...25M of them😅
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    averaged under 6.01. would love to see pop to 7.50 or 8+. what an active MB. too strange. i know most are institutional holders which explains, in part, to is.
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    nice trade. buh-bye
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    (RAIN) $2.25 // MC $67 million trading 45% below Cash / has Phase 3 blockbuster drug near readout (Q4) / millions of shares bought between $12-17 by institutional investors like Bvf partners = 10 Bagger opp

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    OK folks /...... we started our cover @$6.25 and we're continuing to cover into the $6.30s ..... 210,000 still to cover. Easily surpassed our 25% goal ... and in less than 1/2 day versus our 5-day target!!
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    AMAZING -- already hit our +25% target on our short (target cover @ $6.55) .... but we're waiting for it to bottom-out before beginning our cover.
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    We here .... and our Team frpm ATherton and NYC offices believe the +75% move based largely on the Underwriting announcement is WAAAY to much lift ...... Thus we built a large short position in SRRK between $8.54 - $8.72 .... avg short of $8.63 on 290,000 shares ..... looking for a nice 25% "strip" in less than 5 trading days .... likely cover in the $6.50 range!
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    Anyone has ortex data???
    How much is it shorted??
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    Scholar Rock weakness overdone after TOPAZ results, says JPMorgan
    JPMorgan analyst Anupam Rama noted that Scholar Rock shares are down about 15%, which Rama views as "overdone," after the company announced update 12-month results from the phase 2 TOPAZ study in the treatment of Type 2/3 Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The 12-month data showed relatively consistent functional benefit compared to six-month interim data reported in October, noted Rama, who added that "there were no major concerns" on the safety front. The analyst, who sees the "totality of data as a probability of success increase lever," reiterates an Overweight rating on Scholar Rock shares.
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    1. Does anybody know when they are going to release the price offered?

    2. Does anybody know how is it possible for a stock to keep going up when an offering has been announced? what is the logic behind it?
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    Totally agree, they never did a head to head comparison with Spinraza which is an approved treatment with another company. This is only phase 2 using combination with Spinraza. Both are extremely expensive treatments.
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    OK Mweasels --- took us about 50 minutes to complete our 290k share short (basis @8.63) .... started cover at 6.25 ... highest cover 6.35 and lowest cover 6.05 .... avg. cover of 6.17 .... SOOOO, Team "Cho" cleared $713,400 (+28% unlevered 85.5% levered) in only 4 hours!!!! Our target was 25% in 5 days! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL trade !!!!! Thanks for the $$$$ hopium chasers!
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    I am not sure how many institutional investors would be willing to pay $39 per share for the new share offerings since the stock was trading in the $13 range three days ago (see the link below). These institutional investors like to buy things at discount. Also, what about those retail investors and traders who bought at the $44 range in AH-- they will get a nice haircut tomorrow morning.
    Now we know why market makers actively pushed the price today into the stratosphere so SRRK would get the best possible price ($39 is a lot better than $13). This was one organized effort to push the price up and up. I expect SRRK to open around $39 tomorrow and then selling will start and the price will drop to low $30s.
    Scholar Rock Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: SRRK), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of serious diseases in which protein growth factors play a fundamental role, today announced the pricing of an underwritten public of
    Scholar Rock Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: SRRK), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of serious diseases in which protein growth factors play a fundamental role, today announced the pricing of an underwritten public of
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    This shows what companies can do now a days to pump up their stock to collect extra money on offerings with help of institutional investors. Pretty sure, there wont be any investigations
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    I took a big loss shorting this stock. Lesson learned; don't fight it when JP Morgan and Jefferies are involved in the new proposed offering. JPM and Jefferies along with the institutional investors manipulated the price to its max potential to then make the offering.

    Food for thought:

    $39 compared to $13 (previous price) = 300%
    Did they make 300% of the profit?
    Is that drug going to make them 300% of profit without 3rd trial and FDA approval yet?

    I might have been the dummy who bet against it, but I know when I see unfair market manipulation.

    I am out and good luck to you all!