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  • C
    VZ is one of the most solid dividend stocks out there. Almost a 5% yield for the past 10 years, give or take?
    Of course for most posters on this board, we cannot live on that yield alone. I myself moved on to growth stocks. That said, this one is always on my watch list. But with a large enough investment, just set it and forget it, knowing the share price may dip to 48 or spike to 60, but usually remain in mid to low 50s.
  • B
    Bill mddb
    Yeah, sure but Hans just explained the VZ strategy at the Golden Slacks conference. You dummy who do not understand listen:

    Hans Vestberg

    Brett, I think that our conversation around the five vectors of growth is, of course, a couple of vectors that we're developing and a couple vector that is in play already in a big time. And I just want to go to -- go around a little bit quickly, so we get the grasp. First of all is the 5G adoption which is everything from the mobility case, consumers and business and then fixed wireless access on 5G. Then of course, the network monetization we're doing where we actually have other brands using the network in order to have the best return on investment which, for example, some cable operator. And then the third one is the 5G mobile edge compute, where I would say we're basically alone still. We have been developing that for the last two years and have a head-start with anybody else. And then we have our unique model with our mix and match and how we deal with partners, things like Disney+, discovery+, Apple Music, etcetera. And then we have our new segments that we're addressing which we have created, Visible, etcetera, but of course, waiting for the final approval for the TracFone. So we're going to be the number one in the value segment as well. So it's several areas that we have grown very different from any other of our competitors where we meet them in some of them. We have created that based on our network and service.
  • J
    Buy the dip and collect some dividends in 2 weeks!
  • G
    August 1, 2018 closing price was somewhere around $54.50 (where we are today). So for 3 years the yearly return is the dividend. Just the facts.
  • k
    hasn't done very well last 6 months or one year.
    just a dividend stock?
  • D
    Someone asked two weeks ago if this stock ever goes up. My short answer was no. Case closed. 😷
  • S
    After a three-month decline, VZ has settled into a zone between $54.30 and $54.90 for the past 5 days.

    This price range is identical to the lows seen earlier this year, and the initial bounce-back lows seen after the initial huge bear market sell-off at the beginning of the pandemic.

    I believe that VZ now has a very good Risk/Reward. We are three weeks from the ex-dividend date of October 7, and at the current price level Risk=50c down/Reward=$5.50 up.

    In addition, since the dividend is now up to 64c per quarter / $2.56 per year, downside risk is greatly reduced . . . even by only holding the VZ stock for 15 weeks, the share price is reduced by $1.28 from the buy price.

    While VZ has not been a tech momentum play, it does now fit the desirable description of being beaten down to long-term lows AND paying a big dividend as it recovers.
  • B
    You know it’s a special day when VZ is your best performing stock lol
  • J
    Jose S
    Why is this stock so flat?? I've seen 2 liters open for 3 months have more fizz
  • u
    Caught an upgrade and/or target increase from someone? Noticing the avg. price target is up today a touch…
  • T
    here we are back in the normal red territory....My lawn grows faster than this stock
  • J
    The fundamental reasons for the growth of Bitcoin ⬇️⬇️

    -limited issuance(some of which is lost )
    -taking a large portion of Bitcoin out of circulation (huge demand -no supply =growth)
    -acceptance of Bitcoin at the state levels.
    -Accumulation of a large portion of Bitcoin s in the large funds hands
    (Bitcoin is a very interesting asset for them)
    -continous dollar issuance (a variant of the fact that it's not Bitcoin that's growing,but the dollar that's depreciating)
  • R
    I feel very comfortable owing Verizon even if interest rates start creeping up REALLY fast which is extremely unlikely in the foreseeable future. A high yielding bank account currently pays $0.45%, even if it goes, in a few years, to $1.5% is still a meager return. Regardless, Verizon will benefit a great deal from its unique and expansive fiber-optic network that has been developing for years, now with wider advent of 5G. Great stock to own above all at these levels.
  • a
    A year ago the stock was around 60. Today it's 54... So what a losing stock it is still
  • D
    It's not going to be cocktail party conversation, but VZ should be an important component of every portfolio where principle preservation and income is important.
  • P
    Congratulations all, VZ is just about at the price it was 5 years ago ! good long term investment ? perhaps there was and still is a better choice !
  • S
    Sold and will never buy it again
  • R
    It's so tempting to sell right now at 54.60 and buy back at 54.15 before the close.
  • D
    I agree with most here. VZ is a good value. You're not going to get rich quick, but downside risk is limited. A 5% dividend make this a buy and hold for the long-term.
  • M
    All right! Mark 9/14/21 as start of the Cramer Test. He poo#$%$ VZ and promotes CVX, two dividend stocks I follow. Looking to keep buying VZ on weakness and add CVX on extra weakness. Let's see how the bald one does.