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  • J
    This post is to yahoo software engineers. When I paste a chart link it fills two pages of code. Everything ok up there?
  • D
    Verizon: Huff Post and Yahoo. Two reasons I will never use Verizon.
  • A
    Yahoo has deleted 6 of my recent posts. ALL have been critical of Verizon and its CEO. All have been TRUTHFUL. So if you don't think censorship isn't alive and well here at Yahoo, then I have land to sell you in Florida...
  • A
    Just got the "cease and desist" email from Yahoo regarding Verizon. FINALLY got the attention of Verizon corporate. Finally. And I'm a shareholder. Will be sending them a copy of my shares statement shortly. That will end that issue. They can't handle the truth...
  • b
    bubble what bubble
    There is really no reason for Yahoo to exist. It no longer has a useful purpose. Mgt accumulates fake news that is already accessible through numerous other sources, and it’s discussion boards filter out any post it feels isn’t consistent with its political motives. Why bother?
  • W
    Stock price is still lower than what it was in Sep 1999 over 20 years ago. What kind of investment is that? Opportunity costs greatly outweigh divy. Why would one own this stock?
  • A
    It is interesting that every single time this stock hits 60 it hits a wall. That goes all the way back to 1999. Amazing.
  • N
    No Name
    "Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions."

    No it isn't.
  • C
    I see Yahoo! is ramping up it's disinformation campaign again.
  • B
    Bill mddb
    VZ floats $12b and nobody bats an eye -- timing looks very nice. There is going to be some paydown of maturing debt. Any way you slice it VZ is adding valuable spectrum. Supported by VZ results -- about a 24% trailing 12 month operating margin which is way out in front of T & TMUS...

    "Caleb Mutua and Scott Moritz
    Tue, November 10, 2020, 5:18 PM EST
    (Bloomberg) -- Verizon Communications Inc. sold $12 billion of bonds in the fifth largest transaction of the year as blue-chip companies rushed to squeeze in debt sales following optimistic news Monday regarding a potential Covid-19 vaccine.

    The telecommunications giant sold the debt in five parts, with proceeds earmarked for spectrum costs and repayment of outstanding obligations, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The longest portion of the offering, a $2 billion 40-year security, yields 1.3 percentage points above Treasuries, after initial discussions of around 1.5 percentage points, said the person, who asked not to be identified as the details are private.

    The largest U.S. wireless carrier needs more airwaves in order to keep up with the growing demand for network capacity. The company is pouring billions of dollars into 5G network expansion. This next generation of wireless technology promises dramatically higher speeds and instant response times to facilitate breakthroughs in fields such as robotic surgery and autonomous cars.

    Verizon spent nearly $2 billion on 5G spectrum lease rights at a federal auction in September, and the company is expected to spend a lot more in the C-band auction which begins Dec. 8.

    “The C-band spectrum is a ‘must-have’ for Verizon, so investors should consider the possibility that Verizon spends $20 billion or more,” CreditSights analysts led by Davis Hebert wrote in a note Tuesday.

    Verizon led five borrowers tapping the investment-grade market Tuesday to take advantage of Monday’s broad rally after President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and better than expected news from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE on the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Nine borrowers priced $18.9 billion Monday, the largest single-day volume total since Sept. 23.

    Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Wells Fargo & Co. managed the Verizon bond sale, the person said."
  • S
    Sports Fan
    I dumped my VZ shares when Yahoo turned off article comments. Plus 5G infrastructure build is slow.
  • A
    VZ is up over a $1 a share today. What did they do, sell the Media division?
  • A
    Yahoo keeps putting up ads to sign up for their "secure" Password Manager
    Yeah, that's not gonna happen... Who puts passwords onto a platform that allowed millions of their own accounts to be hacked at least TWICE? If you wanted a reliable car, would you buy a Yugo?
  • S
    Yahoo finance, under orders from verizon, runs a story about cancelling Thanksgiving.
    Verizon, a large public company, wants low cost labor for decades to come.
    They helped bring in millions of people, to replace low paid Black workers.
    These horrible people will do anything for a few dollars. And since they respect the Roundtable, care little about investors. And you still have shares. You're part of the problem. A big part. And you still have a verizon land line or wireless plan. If you love Thanksgiving, and all your other heritage, open your eyes, and do something. You are helping big business divide and ruin the country. And you are the reason they are getting away with it. O, you don't want to lose your small investment ? wow. You're gonna lose it, and a lot of other things. They've told you what they are going to do. And after seeing them let cities burn, you just stick your head in the sand, or some other soft place.
  • A
    Hey, Hans, why not let Yahoo turn its comments back on? Why not? People would like to read about the TRUTH for once. Mixed in with all the vitriolic, hating posts from both sides of the aisle are occasional gems about the truth. Yes, they are there, and I've authored a few of them. So why not bring them back now that the election is over? What are you AFRAID of?
  • S
    $12B in bonds. Looks like they are going to market in the December Spectrum auction.
  • J
    SHEP. HERE............................... I don't know how many on here use T Mobil for your carrier, but my daughter is switching to it. She ordered a new Iphone from T Mobil and she was telling us how much she will save using it. (I think her carrier was ATT before but not sure). We use Verizon and we have a big bill so after she switches and we see if she is pleased with the service, we will switch, too. Also, TMobil gives you Netflix each month.
  • R
    I call Verizon bull on 20 million trees. They cut down trees for a better 5G signal in cities, so are they feeling guilty? I think not and their 5G has not been tested by newer standards.FCC guidelines have not changed since 1996, but our exposure to EMF’s are tenfold
  • B
    Bill mddb
    Yesterday I asked why 68k in hospital, about 1,360 per state, is a national emergency and the post was deleted.
  • w
    why does trying to obtain information about an account on fios take so long. promised a return phone call by 9:30 AM and now 7:15 PM. went to online and approach 30 clients ahead of me as i waited 30 minutes before informed. what a company style