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    Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that the Fed is closely monitoring efforts by Wells Fargo & Co to fix its problems, and that it would take appropriate actions if the bank failed to do so.
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    Just to put a bug in some ears here, if you're looking for a play on higher interest rates without the political mingling here at Wells Fargo, check out Unum Group (UNM). Largest disability insurance provider in the U.S. ; 5% and rising dividend ; Forward PE < 5.0! Just moved from the S&P500 to the Midcap400 so has taken a hit its CHEAP.
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    Does anyone know where to look up how the buyback program is going or how many shares they currently have outstanding? I found a site that shows 4.11 billion shares outstanding on 7/19/21 and that was from 4/22/21 when it was 4.13 billion. Thanks.
  • K
    WF has so many regulatory issues that this stock will lag. their new CEO would rather sell off division of the bank than fix them to meet regulatory standards. The new smug CEO was not the right fit.
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    mark l.
    I read Warren’s effort as a last ditch effort to justify CFPB holding WFC down, five years out from the scandal. They know the asset cap is about to be lifted and they wanted to grandstand one last time. The reason she addressed Powell was probably because he is in favor of removing the cap. There is no legal justification for a government agency to be controlling a company after the stature of limitations for prosecution has expired. The CFPB is not a Court unto itself.
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    mark l.
    Steady as she goes. Bank valuation isn’t a mystery. The stock price will just keep bumping up 10% quarterly. Previous high, with asset cap in place was 65. I can wait another six months, but probably won’t have to.
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    Just to be clear, I'm holding long until we reach $100/share. At that point, will review and likely hold and ultimately gift to family.
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    Mark Prather
    Clearly the recent action shows that recent regulatory action is being shrugged off. WFC should regain its footing in the $49-50 range prior to earnings… at that point be holding as many shares as you can.
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    This is classic political grandstanding by Warren. I won't be surprised to see the Dems start squawking about all their favorite bogeymen as we head into 2022 elections. They need to distract from The Hair-Plugged One's many calamities. Expect pharma to be a target, as well as banks, oil companies, and corporations in general. Covid will also be kept front and center. There will be no mentions of Afghanistan, the Mexican border, Cuba, or inflation. Warren will probably make WFC break-up her new mission in life. She misses the limelight.
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    Wells is heading back to $65, current market cap much lower than bac, jpm. It has more room for improvement
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    I own 4650 shares. While I don't completely agree with Warren, I too have lost patience with Scharf. If he can't sort things out in two years, I don't think he's up to the task. At the very least, he needs to be replaced with someone who understands this is an urgent thing to deal with.
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    "Warren Asks Fed to Break Up Wells Fargo After Regulatory Hit"

    Where does she think she's living? China?
  • j
    Seems weird out of all the businesses out there, she picks WFC. Maybe they charged her a late fee or something and she still hasn't forgotten 😄
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    If you’re a day trader, you should definitely check out ( They send a watchlist covering the top pre-market movers every day before the open. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    I'd love it if everyone would stop selling before we reach $50... yeah... thaaaanks
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    Only reason and trust me. Only reason this is up and all other banks down. Is cause i bought PUTS for friday. .... They are after me the illuminato
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    Frankly, with the stock repurchase program in full bloom, I rather like the mid-40's. We are buying 14% more shares for the same price, an unexpected tailwind come Q3-21 EPS results.

    The patient will prosper.
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    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
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    marc w
    Just went into a Wells Fargo to open an account for my wife. We were ready to drop 25k, transfer her 401k there because she changed jobs. Absolutely no one other customers were in the bank. We were told that we need an appointment. An appointment to open a checking account. Wow. Not too long ago they would have opened an account without my premission.
  • L
    One of few large banks that had increased revenue q over q. Last quarter was close to BACs revenue for ~half the market cap. The CEO has done a great job and I have been buying in 20s and bought more on the dip last week.