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SymbolDateSharesProceedsTransaction details
AAPL2017-10-0413,388US$2,075,000.00Automatic Sale at US$154.77 - US$155.23 per share.
AAPL2017-10-0325,000US$3,835,250.00Automatic Sale at US$153.41 per share.
AAPL2017-10-0225,000US$3,865,500.00Automatic Sale at US$154.62 per share.
AAPL2017-09-30125,494N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-09-3068,686US$10,585,886.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$154.12 per share.
AAPL2017-06-136,559US$952,104.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$145.16 per share.
AAPL2017-06-1313,139N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-05-09377US$57,919.00Automatic Sale at US$153.63 per share.
AAPL2017-05-0825,000US$3,860,000.00Automatic Sale at US$154.17 - US$154.66 per share.
AAPL2017-05-0725,000US$3,755,250.00Automatic Sale at US$150.21 per share.
AAPL2017-05-0425,000US$3,690,000.00Automatic Sale at US$147.30 - US$147.86 per share.
AAPL2017-05-0325,000US$3,665,000.00Automatic Sale at US$146.24 - US$146.93 per share.
AAPL2017-04-3079,514US$11,655,162.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$146.58 per share.
AAPL2017-04-30158,568N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-03-3140,955N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-03-3119,632US$2,820,333.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$143.66 per share.
AAPL2016-12-1317,303N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2016-07-1810,797US$1,080,000.00Automatic Sale at US$100.00 - US$100.00 per share.
AAPL2016-07-1725,000US$2,500,000.00Automatic Sale at US$100.00 - US$100.00 per share.
AAPL2016-06-1365,681N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-06-1332,813US$3,198,000.00Disposition (Non Open Market) at US$97.46 - US$97.46 per share.
AAPL2016-05-3025,000US$2,500,000.00Automatic Sale at US$100.00 - US$100.00 per share.
AAPL2016-05-2625,000US$2,500,000.00Automatic Sale at US$100.00 - US$100.00 per share.
AAPL2016-05-2525,000US$2,500,000.00Automatic Sale at US$100.00 - US$100.00 per share.
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