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SymbolDateSharesProceedsTransaction details
AAPL2017-10-0256,808US$8,788,197.00Automatic Sale at US$154.70 per share.
AAPL2017-09-3056,808N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2017-09-30125,494N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-09-30125,494N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 - US$154.12 per share.
ILMN2017-05-292,305N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2017-04-0347,796US$6,850,123.00Automatic Sale at US$143.32 per share.
AAPL2017-03-3147,796N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2017-03-3194,010N/AOption Execute
AAPL2017-03-3194,010N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 - US$143.66 per share.
AAPL2016-10-2643,769US$5,036,499.00Automatic Sale at US$115.07 per share.
AAPL2016-09-3087,578N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 - US$113.05 per share.
AAPL2016-09-3087,578N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-09-3043,769N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
ILMN2016-07-264,931N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2016-04-0326,284US$2,935,000.00Automatic Sale at US$111.68 - US$111.68 per share.
AAPL2016-03-3153,056N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 - US$109.99 per share.
AAPL2016-03-3153,056N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-03-3126,284N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
AAPL2016-03-29268,644US$29,554,000.00Automatic Sale at US$110.01 - US$110.01 per share.
AAPL2016-03-20525,000N/ADisposition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 - US$105.91 per share.
AAPL2016-03-20525,000N/AOption Execute
AAPL2016-03-20268,644N/AAcquisition (Non Open Market) at US$0.00 per share.
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