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This AI tool could kill human creativity and is worrying the art world | The Crypto Mile

On this week's The Crypto Mile our host Brian McGleenon speaks to Greg Rutkowski, one of the world's leading artists in the fields of animation, concept art and illustration.

Greg spoke about the dawn of a powerful AI tool that is automating the process of artistic creation in the same way that artificial intelligence has started to automate other areas of human endeavour, such as transport, finance and health care.

This art-generating artificial intelligence is now taking the internet by storm with the ability to produce fully rendered pieces of 'original' artwork in seconds, which would take professional artists weeks to accomplish.

The AI-generated artwork is created via a trawl of all the artwork existing on the internet that has been created by human artists.

The sophisticated algorithm then rearranges the big data trawl and then meshes together a multitude of new pieces of art that are related to the text prompts that the user has inputted.

This powerful new tool is impressive and creates professional work in seconds that would take a professional artist at least two weeks to accomplish.

But, do these pieces really have meaning, are they original or just sophisticated mimicry of the creative endeavours of human artists?

And, what will be the effect on the creative industry if these tools that circumvent human creativity and imagination become all pervasive?