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Cinco de Mayo: Where to find the best deals

Yahoo Finance Live talks about where to find the best Cinco de Mayo deals or brand promotions

Video transcript


SEANA SMITH: It's Cinco de Mayo and to celebrate tons of restaurants and bars are doing it by offering taco and tequila, maybe my favorite, guacamole deals. Everyone from big name chains to the smaller mom and pop stops. Rachelle, this is the holiday that I actually love every year because I love this type of food, but what are you doing to celebrate? Anything fun?

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Well, first off, even when it's not Cinco de Mayo I will always usually have like a bottle of either tequila or like Margarita mix somewhere in the house. I love this idea. I love the fact that a lot of these companies are partnering. Some of these deals are sort of buy the food, maybe get the drinks for free. So, you know, you got the cheap food and the free drinks. Always a good combination. Locally we have Oyamel, which is former President Barack Obama's favorite Mexican restaurant. I know they're going to have some specials as well. I'm a big fan of this. I'm like, it's been a tough week for everybody, a tough few years because of COVID. If we can get out and celebrate a little bit with some of these discounts and some free drinks, why not? You've got to go for it.

SEANA SMITH: Well, Rachelle, I don't want to make you too jealous, but here in the New York office we already started celebrating Cinco de Mayo because we had a pop-up truck-- a pop-up taco truck outside the office today for lunch, so we had everything from-- I think you could choose from chicken, veggie, beef tacos. You had salad, rice, beans, the whole thing. So we already got the celebration started, but you're right. Some of these bigger chain names are really trying to capitalize on a day like this.

Because we have Chipotle. They're offering free delivery. Chili's has five different drinks. One of them, one of their famous margaritas, is up. It's only $5 today. 7-Eleven launching a new mini spicy breakfast empanada. So certainly something to look forward to. And also a reason for me to crack open the bottle of tequila that Dave gave me as my welcome back present, so something to look forward to here after the show.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Well, there you go. And as we saw there with Brian Sozzi, after a day like this that the markets have had, I think everyone's probably ready for a drink.

SEANA SMITH: Everyone deserves a drink.


And of course, we also have Mother's Day coming up, so this is your last chance to have a bit of a sip before, you know, your kids kind of make a mess of everything trying to celebrate you for Mother's Day. Enjoy that, too.