Crypto token gives football fans right to vote on their club's decisions | The Crypto Mile

On this week's episode of The Crypto Mile, our host Brian McGleenon is joined by CEO of Alexandre Dreyfus, a platform that allows fans to invest in crypto tokens that offer voting rights on the decisions made by their favourite clubs.

NFTs, sports and crypto combine on the platform, which has partnered with over 170 sporting clubs across 25 countries and 10 sports and made high-profile deals with the likes of Manchester City, Barcelona and the Aston Martin F1 Team. utilises the Chiliz cryptocurrency and has invested in GameUsed, which takes the innovations of NFTs and tokenises sport memorabilia so that each item can become digital on the blockchain and usable within the metaverse.

The $26 billion sports memorabilia market is growing, and this is partly fueled by the rise of NFTs. The market is expected to reach $227.2 billion by 2032.