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Doorbell Camera Captures Meteor Lighting Up Missouri Sky

A meteor was spotted flying through the night sky near St Louis, Missouri, during one of the peak nights of the Northern Taurids meteor shower on November 11, according to reports.

Jeff Dunkin of St Charles, Missouri, about 20 miles away from St Louis, captured the meteor on his doorbell camera as it descended toward Earth.

Although the Northern Taurids meteor shower features a low number of visible meteors, approximately five per hour, some of them, known as fireballs, are spectacularly bright.

The light pollution from large cities like St Louis can sometimes make meteor sightings difficult, but this particular meteor was bright enough to be seen all across the area.

The next night for recommended meteor viewing is November 16 into the early morning of November 17, when the Leonids meteor shower might bring around 15 meteors per hour, according to the American Meteor Society. Credit: Jeff Dunkin via Storyful