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Earnings Reports: May 13 - 17

Many large retailers in the United States reported Q1 earnings this week. How will the earnings of retailers like Home Depot and Walmart serve as a bellwether for the current financial landscape? Yahoo Finance has you covered: highlighting the recent Earnings reports of Q1 2024.

Video transcript

I will consumer sentiment.

It tumbled on Friday as higher prices continue to weigh on shoppers.

Now, with the big box retailers like Home Depot and Walmart reporting this week, will we see a continuation of that trend?

That's what everyone wants to know.

Let's take a look at one stock that is trending here this morning and that's Home Depot shares are a bit of pressure.


It did miss revenue expectations.

We're seeing shares down roughly 1% of pre market trading here as investors digest yet another quarter of than expected.

Sounds from the Home Improvement retailer, I think they had a pretty solid quarter again, given the challenges that we're facing in the economy.

I think what is happening is some of the discretionary projects that were done during COVID are now being deferred.

So they've been through this before.

You know, we live through it in, in in the 2000 period and they'll come out the other side.

Extremely strong chairs of Ali Baba sinking this morning after it's profit plunge 86% from a year ago.

Taking a look at the shares are down by about 5.2%.


I don't print off too many earnings reports.

But I printed off this one here today for Alibaba.

One of the huge things of course was the profit drop.

It was just so striking that I thought it was worth the printed paper and the ink.

Well, we got some big movers here today.

Wal Mart shares higher Brad.

I started to hyper oscillate my chair after these Walmart results and this is a bang up quarter and Wal Mart shares up almost 7% on the pre market.

This quarter is totally 1000% deserved in terms of the stock pop here.

I'm really trying to figure out guys, what is the state of the economy if Wal Mart is doing so well, higher income households are going to Wal Mart.


Because they're not selling crap anymore.

They're selling higher end goods.

This is not that same clunky, horrible shopping experience as it was 10 years ago.

We are really pleased with the results.

This quarter grew the top line 6% through operating income over twice that amount at 13.7%.

Really think it shows that customers are continuing to come to Wal Mart for not only just value but also convenience if we do that.

Well, if we execute well, I think we'll continue to see share gates.

All right.

Well, under armor shares, they're actually moving to the upside here.

We're looking at gains of just about 1%.

Now this move to the upside coming.

Despite the fact that the company reported a weaker than expected.

Fiscal 2025 Under Armour was a very large business that was selling and under they were selling, a lot of goods weren't selling at a great profit.

This is a brand that does $6 billion in revenue.

And as a market cap, it's less than half of that or around half of that, there's a mismatch.

Now, investors are looking ahead to NVIDIA results next week, which could drive more momentum in the current market rally.

Like the idea, there would be a fundamental reason to see a 910 15% pull back this year has really faded in investors minds.

All those Pullbacks we saw at the beginning of earnings season, the TSM S of the world, does that come back for NVIDIA?

But does the market kind of move on?


I think if you step back and look at earning this earnings season, it was a very strong earnings season across the board.

The average company beat earnings estimates by somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 to 9% you know.

Well, there have been a handful of very large companies that have had a big impact on that.

The breadth of the earnings improvement is, is continued to improve.

And I think that's leading to a bit of a broadening out of the market.