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'Inside Out 2' sees $155M box office debut

Walt Disney's (DIS) latest animated film, "Inside Out 2," has taken the box office by storm with a strong debut, raking in $155 million domestically during its opening weekend. Yahoo Finance's Alexandra Canal delves into the details, providing insights on what this successful debut signifies for both the box office and the entertainment giant.

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video transcript

Disney is back at the box office smashing expectations with its new release inside out to bringing in 100 and $55 million domestically just in first weekend is the first film since last year's Barbie that's debuted above that $100 million mark.


Young finances, Alexander now has the details for us all.

This is a big deal for the box office and finally, a little bit of optimism about people coming back in.

Yes, big deal for the box office.

Also a big deal for Disney that is really struggled with its Pixar films and animated films.

The film was the second highest theatrical opening of an animated movie and the first film since Barbie to cross that 100 million mark and its debut.

And we have seen Pixar really struggle when it comes to the relevancy at the box office when it comes to getting those buts and seats.

But recently, there's been a strategy shift from Pixar when it comes to the types of films that they not only that they're producing, but how many they plan to show in theaters?

We've heard Disney, Ceo Bob Iger preach this quality over quantity strategy and that's echoed throughout multiple facets of this business.

And when it comes to Pixar, their strategy is going to be Sequels, sequel, Sequels and less movies than previous.

So three movies every two years with every other film being either a sequel or a spin off.

Now, this comes as it still continues to face pretty stiff competition from movie producers like NBC Universal and Sony.

So the point here is to really drive home this built in audience that if you continue to create movies that have that loyal fan base all up to a point, people will continue to come out.

So of course, we've seen the strategy fail before.

I mean light year that was a sequel in 2022 that really did not perform well at all.

So they need to pick and choose what types of movies they want recreate for spin offs and Sequels and also a big emphasis on the box office.

Not as much Disney Plus because that was a point of confusion as well.

Yeah, exactly.

And it is interesting just how many people went out and saw inside out too and really the excitement that they were able to build surrounding this release.

So Ali it looks like that's good news here.

At least for Disney.

I also want to talk about a headline that came out over the weekend in regards to Deadpool being released in China because this could also be a big break for Disney potentially as well.

Yeah, and look the China relationship with the U when it comes to films, it's been a bit strained.

We saw Top Gun Maverick, it was not approved to be released in China, which was a big surprise considering those big action films typically do well in the country.

But Deadpool Two has been restricted.

The first Deadpool movie was barred in the country when it was released in 2016.

Then they allowed a PG 13 version of 2018 Deadpool Two.

And now we have this approval here.

So, so this could be a big boon when we think about the opportunity for international exposure, the opportunity to bring some of those more overseas dollars to these films, especially at a time when in the US, we're seeing a bit of a pull back when it comes to the types of movies that people go and want to see in the theater.

Although I do expect that the Deadpool franchise is, is one that often gets the people going when it comes to going to that theater.

You wanna be with other people, you wanna cheer and, and laugh at some of the loyal fan base and we'll see how exactly it does and what the reception is like there.