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Stocks moving in after hours: Meta, Nvidia, Apple, Toll Brothers, Lennar, KB Home, Paramount

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Seana Smith breaks down the after-hours trading action for trending tech and homebuilder stocks.

Video transcript

SEANA SMITH: Let's take a look at some stocks that are trending here on Yahoo Finance. Today, it was all about the tech selloff. You can see Meta and Nvidia both closing down just over 9%, two of the worst performers in the S&P today. Google closing off 5%. Microsoft and Apple also trading to the downside. The worst days for Apple and Microsoft, the biggest one-day loss that we have seen since September 2020.

Taking a look at the one-year chart of some of these big players in the tech space, Meta hitting a new 52-week low for the year, off just around 59%. Same thing with NVIDIA, falling to a 52-week low today. Stock off 40% year to date. Apple, the 5.9% drop today meant that Apple shed $154 billion in market cap, marking one of the worst days ever for a US large cap company here. So Alphabet, over the past year, still in the green, but year to date, it's a bit of a different picture here, off just around 13%.

Let's take a look at some of the homebuilders because homebuilder stocks taking a huge hit today on the heels of that inflation print. Toll Brothers, Lennar, and KB Home all trading to the downside. Lennar the worst performer of the three here, off just around 8%.

Let's close it out with Paramount. Now we are tracking this stock because of some of the news that we got in the streaming space. Not a heck a lot of movement here. You can see it closing off 7% today. After hours, not a huge mover, but we want to bring this up because there are reports out there that they are considering merging the Showtime service with Paramount+.

Now, we know Paramount+ lags some of the other streamers out there in terms of subscribers. It has just around 43 million subscribers here to Paramount+. So reports out there that Showtime, its streaming service is going to combine with Paramount+. And taking a look at Paramount's performance here, year to date, the stock off just around 25%.