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It’s a wrap: Dare To Compare’s latest challenge sees neighbours facing off in cling film for the chance to win £100 off their next bill

Being nosy isn’t a virtue… but being savvy about spending sure is. Which is why Dare To Compare host Russell Kane wants neighbours Faustino and Paolo to check what they’re spending on broadband in relation to their neighbours, by using Compare the Market’s Neighbourhood Bills Calculator. He challenges them to compete to find the golden deal star which will get the winner £100 off their next bill… which becomes a tad more complicated since they’ll both be wrapped in cling film. Turns out Faustino has been overpaying on broadband compared to his neighbours, so he has an added obstacle to make it even trickier: wearing a foam noodle helmet as he frantically searches for that golden star. Watch to see if Paolo can save even more...

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