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Bionano Genomics, Inc. (BNGO)

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    BNGO: Updated news...SAN DIEGO, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bionano Genomics, Inc. (Nasdaq: BNGO) today announced a record number of optical genome mapping (OGM) presentations scheduled to appear at the annual Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC) meeting being held from August 1 - 4, 2021. Across this four-day event, the meeting features 10 presentations by Bionano’s Saphyr® customers highlighting the benefits of OGM for clinical research applications in solid tumor analysis, hematological malignancies, products of conception, prenatal and postnatal constitutional genetics.
    In 2020, more than 500 participants from around the globe attended the CGC’s virtual meeting and attendance for this year’s four-day event is anticipated to be even higher. The 10 upcoming presentations featuring Saphyr-generated OGM data are listed below along with the associated application areas:
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    Bionano Genomics Files For U.S. Patent Titled 'LABELING OF DNA'
    10:17 am ET July 29, 2021 (Benzinga)
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    Pushing Second Quarter results ahead by about a week indeed portends well for strong and long loyal shareholders.
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    Just in case you are not sure we are being shorted lol.I have tracked the action for the past couple of weeks by half hour and by volume and price. The short days half the days volume happens by 11am. Always down on those days. Cover days which their have been only two half the volume happens before 11 am and the price is up. Hence if you take the manipulators action out of the volume ie shorting or covering the volume is half the current daily volumes which have already fallen by 66 percent on the whole. The real volume has fallen closer to 80 percent this means the shorts are in real trouble if they have to cover. This also explains why the call volume is high and bullish. The shorts need the rights to buy the stock if they get squeezed to cover some of the losses. No question this could go lower but keep buying the dips cause no matter how low it goes it’s going a lot higher then we’re it is now if you simply hold
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    Trader Nick 44
    Market caps, BNGO= $1.695B
    Market caps, ILMN= $72.047B

    That's quite a spread. I know ILMN is profitable, that conveys 2 things to me, the market potential for Genomics is massive and there are enormous opportunities for BNGO to partner up with and/or even take some of their business with cheaper and faster tech.
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    If you are a serious investor of Bionano Genomics, I recommend that you take a few minutes and go to their website and review the biographies of their management team, and their board of directors as well.
    Well qualified, smart, and known to build some very good companies in their pasts. Several, including the Chairman of the Board, have ties to companies such as Illumina.
    Some have been involved in several M&A activities in their professional careers, and know the ins and outs of the M&A business. There is a lot of talent here and I am feeling confident that Bionano Genomics is on the verge of something big. I personally have been investing in this company for several years and believe in the Saphyr system. The Cytopia product is very exciting and seems to be the replacement for all the old methods of genomics that are in use today.
    Don't believe me? Once again, go to their website and review the Cytopia product yourself. Make your own decision. Saving lives is what it is all about, and I am 100% for that.
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    Avoid the noise and stay focused on what matters. This is a rapidly growing company with niche technology that can save lives all over the world. The share price is currently down near where it was before the developments of early this year and since. The share price has been greatly impacted by the Russell just as many others have since July 1st. But don't take my word for it, there are market news articles out there discussing specifically that and how the Russell has badly underperformed the market all year and basically tanked many stocks in July.
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    Longs, calm down and be patient. The technology is better than any similar methodology of testing right now, costs less to the end user, and is more accurate.

    The valuation issue is temporary and the company will justify the current valuation in the near future once the new hires are given a chance to demonstrate how they have positively driven more sales and adaptation of the tech.

    BNGO will definitely become a force to be reconned with and will either be bought out or partnered with by one of these larger companies.

    Keep your shares and just wait. Stop looking for short term gratification and have a long term plan for your portfolio.

    By 2025 you will laugh at the fact that you even entertained the thought of selling at these prices.

    I bought 2500 NIO in the $3.60 range and sold 1000 shares when it hit $10. Then NIO ran all the way to $66.99 within months. Luckily I still had some shares left and was able to buy a car and a half acre piece of land in FL all cash.

    Now I own 3000 shares of BNGO and it seems I should have sold at $15, but I believe in the technology and I see the stock price going over the $100 mark in the near future.

    I don't think it will happen based solely on sales, but a combination of buy backs and other administrative moves will fix some of the issues diluting the stock.

    Additionally, the short interest will subside eventually and the stock will experience a sharp increase at that juncture.

    Good look to all of you regardless if you are long or short, as we are all here to make more money, and you should do it however you know best to accomplish that for yourself.

    No other individual on here knows your specific situation and generics don't apply to investing. Each person has their age, risk tolerance and other factors to weight in. But if you can afford to be long in any good company, time will reward you.

    "The stock market is a way to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient." (Warren Buffet)
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    Looks like retail holders that are in BNGO already are a lot less willing to sell than earlier this year. Although not directly translated in the SP, that’s bullish.
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    This stock (BNGO) can easily perform to 7.00+, given continued interest and stimulating news, etc. It's a great stock to own in times of falling indexes, since it's a small cap and people like the smaller caps when the larger cap picture is trending down.
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    I’m holding 41K shares BNGO
    Not selling even one share
    Waiting for $25.00 a share by end of 2021🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪☝️☝️☝️
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    it's official. earnings next wednesday the 4th august. At least 1 week earlier than expected!!!!!
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    ER coming sooner.
    So, either
    less days for discreetly short covering or serious shorting doubling down.
    for sure, volatility to be expected.
    Tomorrow will tell
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    Well today was a cover day. The shorts used the first hour and a half to cover. The stock did 3.7m in byline in the first hour and a half and just over 9m for the day. You have to wonder if the shorts are going to now short for another week on a rinse and repeat ( probably)!Bit perhaps they have figured out that the huge drop in volume means no one is going to sell regardless of how low they try and take it. I suspect they are still about 50 m short and that with this volume it would take them about 7 to 8!days to cover. If they get it then they should keep trying to cover. We will see
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    Trader Nick 44
    $ILMN trading with a PE of 115 and a market cap of 72.09B. The projected growth in this arena is massive. $BNGO positioned perfectly to tap into that potential.
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    They move er up 1 wk. Sounds positive?
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    Botz Q
    Getting closer to the big day only 5 days before all longs going to the moon.
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    Only see blue skies ahead. Months and months of post traumatic hedge fund abuse is over. Organic growth is now the determining factor moving forward.
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    John Hopkins talking about their approach to clinical adaption :D I will take that amazing news.
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    Everyday (even some times multiple times during a trading day) yahoo finance keeps messing with outlook, short term mid and long, and bullish bearish signals... YF doesn't know... This stock is poised to squeeze any day