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SPDR Gold Shares (GLD)

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166.34-0.44 (-0.26%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
166.55 +0.21 (+0.13%)
Pre-market: 05:44AM EDT

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  • Z
    Don’t buy this ETF . Goes nowhere except down
  • G
    Are you guys part of ( They just talked about GLD
  • F
    I am so tired of GLD doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
  • W
    The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this, the rich invest their money and spend what's left while the poor spend their money and invest what's left.
  • t
    Hello what a good content but is it really advisable to get into investment with the current market down flow???
  • Z
    Look at Gold price . The Gld should be up by $3 at minimum. Sleeping people running this ETF.
  • *
    $MEGL conversation
    >> MEGL << Close to that time, Just Hold and Name your price. --- * J The Legend !
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  • Z
    Got to be up by more then $3 wake up . Look at gold price
  • S
    Long with 8521 shares. It looks like a massive cup-and-handle formation in gold. The 2nd attempt to break the $185 level will be a fast and long move. Investors will exit treasury bonds and speculative stocks.
    The stock allocation right now is high like in 2000. The following graph is the share/bond relationship allocation for all investors, which is inverse correlated with the 10 years stock market performance.

    Gold will outperforme speculative stocks and bonds for the next 10 years.
  • K
    Although this probably wont stop price declines of gold/silver.

    go read up on JPM criminal trials on gold/silver rigging.
    Also BAC took over JPM criminal behaviors for now as JPM is now in hot water and have their hands tied for the time being.

    google the article bloomberg. probably many more.

    JPMorgan’s ‘Big Hitters’ of Gold Market Face Trial Over Spoofing
    Three face prison if convicted of rigging prices for years
    JPMorgan dominates precious metals US says were manipulated

    Next need to investigate bank of America traders for criminal activity.
    I wonder if their traders are not afraid of being sent to prison.
  • J
    52 week low. Gold is mold! Stay away
  • K
    got in GLD at 171 and been selling covered calls ever since. Made back little over $5 there but still down. Beginning to think gold is an old man's investment that does not give you protection to stock market declines and recessionary concerns it has historically provided. Obviously crypto isn't the replacement, but what is?
  • J
    what will real gold stored at your home be worth if the banks are closed and
    all money is gone ?
    who will trade for it ?
  • P
    GLD is an index choice for my annuity. I can get capped at 5.5% if GLD moves up in the next 12 months. Should I get into GLD for this index or go with S&P 500, capped at 4.05%? Thanks
  • T
    The Party 🎉 Is Finally Over !
    GLD 200 will be reached in 2022 as fed pivots to rate cuts and more QE.
    Can you FEEL IT ?
  • J
    Gold is crashing. Get ready for $1500. There is a small percentage chance is retraces the entire rally from the year 2000. That puts gold at $250. I give it a 5% chance of happening. Gold $1500 is coming probably by end of July.
  • S
    They just featured GLD on this sites morning watchlist. (
  • D
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