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Ferrari N.V. (RACE)

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  • F
    Flesh Gordon
    I can afford a Ferrari. I drive a Ford. I own Ferrari stock instead. Makes me feel better. Lol.
  • M
    Bought in 2012 @16+, 1242% gain so far.
  • T
    Ferrari never will die
  • K
    I like this stock. I like this company. I DO NOT have my life savings in it, but I do have a little bit of money in it. I think my price point is right around 201? I'll add to it if it dips lower. This is an iconic brand and an iconic car. CO2 emissions don't factor into the production of Ferraris. They don't make enough cars to contribute to CO2. Look, they make and incredible product. I have never driven a Ferrari. I haven't. I did get to take a ride in one once in Las Vegas. OMG. It was a special car. It was not my dad's Dodge Caravan. It was something special. I, usually, do not go by charts. But, look at the chart of this thing, man. It does one goes up. Sure it doesn't go up like some sexy tech stocks...but, it goes up over time. I say this is a buy and hold. The brand is solid and profitable...and the stock will go up. I look 12 months in the future...that's my time horizon. This stock will be higher and stable 12 months from now. It may dip lower, but I think it is on sale right now. I'd say buy it. I'd say hang on to it. I'd say be patient and it will pay off in the end.
  • M
    Mario Pio
    I bought RACE in 5-2016 at 37, I don't believe they were ever much lower, I think they start at around $40, I checked my records. I don't know why are lower in the last weeks, the company is strong and customers are waiting for their new models, every car is already sold before his creation, no other car producer in the world can compete with Ferrari, they have been trying for tens of years but the stock market is not completely aware of this, this is probably why the slow down, it's an Italian car and Wall Street is in America therefore some experts have some problem foresee the outcome, they don't speak Italian. Ferrari since the opening have never missed the positive forecast, never and I'm sure it will be the same next meeting in January or February 2020. "Ferrari sei Grande" !
  • M
    Kudos and prayers to Marchionne.👍🙏
  • Y
    In uncertain times, only Gold and Ferrari go up!
  • A
    Target price for RACE is moved up to $225 by one of the top analyst.
  • h
    Farrari is the best car.. I love it...
  • M
    Ferrari has always been at the forefront of innovation, styling and technology; their stance to (ultimately) go electric will be magnificent — long-time Ferrari owner.
  • C
    how does this stock rebound? unveiling of the 5 year plan next month?
  • s
    I was really hoping to buy a Ferrari with my 1000 shares .
    Oh well not in this life....
  • K
    Kit Curry
    I personally know friends in China who buy expensive cars just because they are expensive. It’s hard to understand if you don’t understand how some of the rich people live in China. The more expensive Ferrari sells their cars, the most sales they get. The tariff has no effect on them.
  • A
    The longer term outlook for luxury goods is horrible. I think they are dumping money into buy backs to prop SP. once this genius plot proves in unsustainable expect reality to drop SP radically.
  • I
    The car is expensive and the stock is expensive...grrrrr. This is only for the rich. :(
  • W
    Wall St.
    $Race can produce only 9000 cars. so their revenue is limited. They will have to increase a production in order to increase its revenue
  • O
    I love my Ferrari ;)
  • B
    $RIDE conversation
    I know I post this a lot, Not about the $Race, about the $Ride <>Hub Motors driving on a Construction Site on Steroids' (40 mi @ Baja) and then driving 50mph on the way back to base. Great Results on Technology that nobody else is bringing to market.
  • O
    Oregon flowers
    just never know... been a very good year I strongly believe earnings will be above guidance. little dip this week before earnings. lets (RACE) to new highs in the second half of 2018
  • M
    Mario Pio
    I have bought Race since the beginning and so far Ferrari has never disappointed me, I made money on Bitcoins but I had to sell it when I was still ahead, lost $80,000 when I was ahead $120,000, still made $40,000 profit on Bitcoin, never sold Race, now the main stocks I have is RACE and NVDA, the rest I'm still losing, are some penny cryptocurrency stocks, lost too much on them so I wait if they ever come back, I can't lose much anymore on them. RACE and NVDA are my back bone and I'll keep long, another stock to watch, is moving up lately and has potential for a big growth is AMD, I might buy it again, I'm not too sure about it.