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    AT&T (T) CEO John Stankey, who also spoke on Tuesday, focused on the benefits of the company’s media and telecom portfolio approach—while also hinting at possible divestitures of noncore assets in the future. He pointed to investments in new HBO Max content and fiber-optic cable to power 5G infrastructure and home-broadband service.
    He explained how HBO Max can capture viewers canceling DirecTV and attract customers to more-expensive wireless and other telecom plans that bundle the service. That could also serve to keep customers from switching providers.
    Stankey reiterated AT&T’s commitment to its dividend, currently yielding 7.1% annually, and to paying down debt.
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    I wonder when T will reinstate the buyback program. At current yield every 5 billion dollar buyback they save $350 million a year in dividend payment
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    For everyone who needs an explanation as to why T is acting like a comotose patient in the IC unit, it's simple. All the money is chasing after the momentum stocks. They used to be referred to as the go-go stocks in the past. I've seen this movie many, many times before.

    T is an investment stock, not a gambling stock. The Federal Reserve's monetary policy has turned the stock market into a casino. People who want to grow their money will follow the momentum leaders and not the investment stocks such as T.

    But, this movie always starts out as a 'How To Make A Million Dollars In Your Spare Time' and then turns into a 'Revenge Of The Zombies' movie.

    It never fails, never!
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    T is the most widely held stock among members of Congress.
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    Everyone is on Welfare and the system is about to CRASH because it's broken and out of money, Everything is falling apart . Obama and Joe broke and robbed the system dry at over 85 billions a month as he and Joe destroyed America as they exported the companies and Jobs right out of America with their high taxes. The Tax base is getting smaller and smaller and the need is getting bigger and bigger , The law of large numbers , There is not enough money left to tax your way out of the broken system. That is why people are hurting more and more because the taxes they are paying leaves nothing left to live on. No matter what tax bracket you are in. FED TAX 10-37% , State Tax CA 1-13.5%, Sales TAX CA 10%, Self Employment TAX 15.3%, or Social Security Tax 6.2%, Medicare Tax 1.45%, P:roperty Tax 1-1.5% and going up, Gas TAX, , Lumber FEE, Paint FEE they have started adding FEE that way no one has to vote to add a TAX. The Problem is the Tax burden on the American people has double over the last 40 years because the wages as the Jobs have left have not keep up. with the TAX base that's needed so TAXES have doubled. There is not the tax base left in American to fix the problem , because as TAXES go higher the more money and Jobs that will leave. Joes way of adding TAXES just insure that more money and Jobs will leave American and that Tax base will get even small and a bigger burden on who is left. The only way left to fix the problem we have is to bring Companies with the jobs they create back to America, but to do that you can't TAX them to death or they will stay where they are at and more than likely move the rest of the Jobs they have in the USA out. America is not the greatest Country to live in anymore the DEM wits have destroyed that. Sure it is better than some $, H, I, T, hole 3rd world countries but now we have places in America that are not even better than 3rd world countries. The system is broken and the money has left or is leaving so the TAX base is getting smaller and the need is getting greater and greater. It does not matter who wins in NOV the system will fix it's self and the next civil war starts. There is NO FAIR TAX in a UN FAIR and BROKEN TAX SYSTEM. where the winners of the election pick and choose the winners with TAX breaks only they can use. Because it's the total Tax burden that has robbed the American people of the America Dream. The FED TAX is only a part of the total TAX burden people are now under. I hope the Future I have seen is wrong , but everything else they have shown me has come to pass ,
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    Great news! Comcast (via NBC Universal) tells ROKU to go pound sand. They will end their channels on ROKU. There is no need for large media companies to be extorted by this nat. Swat it and move on, or force them into a favorite pay model.
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    Safe dividend and great price to add onto position. People need to realize this is a pure income play, it’s not Amazon or Tesla it’s T. Stop whining and add more and collect you’re guaranteed cash every 90 days. T long!
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    I recently MUTED David and today he popped up on my screen again. I don't understand that. Is it because I'm using a tablet?
    Never had this problem on the laptop.
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    I don’t get it. The Trump tax cut has benefited AT&T by about $40 billion over 4 years. It’s pays a good part of your dividend but they won’t rein in CNN?
    Now you know why the market is pricing AT&T as if the dividend is not secure.
    Biden said in a CNN interview he would raise the corporate tax rate regardless of the nation's unemployment rate.
    Biden said in a CNN interview he would raise the corporate tax rate regardless of the nation's unemployment rate.
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    how is it that it trades MILLIONS daily and the stock cant move up in up markets at all,, please explain that,, dont give me the excuse of debt,, thats not the issue, why are the real buyers not stepping in
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    Only 3 more weeks until X-Dividend day..... (probably October 8th). Looking forward to the 7% dividend. Maybe a climb to $30. :)
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    Honestly, I like AT&T's future better than both Verizon and TMobile. The sole reason that AT&T bought DirecTV and Time Warner is because it was getting difficult for any company to grow in the saturated wireless market. T diversified while the others didn't. Eventually T's investment is going to kick in. Just ran in to this pandemic at the wrong time, when everything was about to get up and running.
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    Excerpt from comments by John Stanley ceo, to Barrons -
    “AT&T’s final priorities are to maintain its dividend, currently yielding 7.1% annually, and to pay down debt. The company had about $152 billion in net borrowings at the end of the second quarter.”
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    One of the best values out there. Market is just rewarding other metrics besides cash flows and user bases. If T was an IPO it would go up 500% in a day.
    Let’s get some god dam positive news going
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    Mr T
    Princeton study shows slow Joe Biden supported Black Lives Matter Responsible For 91% of Riots Over Last 3 Months
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    Chic Furniture of Canton
    NBC universal and Roku finalizing a deal...Roku up in AH trading
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    The future is so bright I am going to need to wear shades , With 5G I don't even need the cable company for internet. The 5G world I will have everything bundled on my Cell bill for less and even less when T is selling ads to lower prices even more , The 5G world that only T can leverage all it's assets. because everyone else is a one trick pony that can't compete
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    ATT could play its full hand of great cards better than now. To utilize its own local/online stores as the sales channel, not on apple TV or Roku, new customers just need a free HBO Max stick to go. How to get people into your business is the first thing, how to maintain your customers-adding content is next. HBO Max app/interface is not intelligent, not AI powered, not search friendly, not typing friendly.... after launched for 4 months. The Board never get into the feeling of hi-tech world.
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    CNN/T last reported Judge Ginsburg recovery was going well & she was back in gym 6am three times a week. U can always trust CNN. LOL...
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    They buy low then retail investors follow....
    Money Flows Back Into Stocks
    After 12 straight weeks of outflows, money came rushing back into stocks this week, according to data from BofA Research and EPDR. That money came out of cash, money markets, and gold, where it has been sitting all year, and came rushing into global equities. The Fed's promise to maintain interest rates at current levels until 2023 may have had something to do with that.
    Here's the breakdown:
    $26.3 billion flowed into equities—the largest inflows since March 2018
    $58.9 billion flowed out of cash—the ninth largest outflow on record
    $184 billion has come out of cash and money markets in the past six weeks—the most in a six-week period since April 2010
    $400 million flowed out of gold—the first outflows in four months
    So, Why Is the U.S. Stock Market Lower?
    Great question. The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq are both lower over the past several weeks as they have been dragged down by the big technology stocks that drove those indexes back to record highs. Apple alone has shed 22% or $500 billion in market cap since its most recent high on Sept. 2.

    But value stocks, after being put on the endangered species list, have come stomping back as investors have rotated out of growth. They are parking their money in cyclical value stocks to ride out the economic recovery that is underway. For the first time in 11 months, value is actually outperforming growth, according to Bespoke Investments.
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