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    T is looking like there are a couple of weights holding down T shares. Management and their history of poor performance is probably first on the list. The second is perhaps the waiting to find out what the deal looks like ne t summer. And then perhaps the biggest weight that gains everyday is the possibility that the Dems are successful with their reconciliation effort that will destroy the economy and change this country into Cuba.
  • F
    have a honest question is this stock worth keeping? Bought 50k worth for the dividends, to pay for three cruises next year.
  • M
    Just Bought a Little More.. Bought @ 28.09 on the sell off.
    I now hold 92,000 shares @ 28.84 Average.. My Dividend check on my prior amount of
    T should Post later Today.. $41,000 +... Getting Paid NICELY To Wait !
  • T
    What Cramer did today was exactly what shorts do. He read a blip from Argus which stated the math didn't work for AT&T to pay out dividends in the 95% percentile as management has stated. Ok, maybe the dividend will be in the 90% percentile. He made it sound AT&T wouldn't be able to payout the resized dividend of 40% to 43% on anticipated free cash flow of $20 billion plus which isn't true.
  • D
    Still weak holders and day traders selling the pops just have to wait them out
  • h
    July jobs report: Only half the number that was expected. Spin that!
  • L
    Remember the pieces are going to be worth more than T is now trading for so pick up shares on the dips
  • R
    T generated $7 billion in free cash flow. Annualized that's $28 billion in free cash flow, more than double SQ and SHOP's annual revenue COMBINED. AT&T is a cash-generating machine, and the last time I checked, investing in companies that actually make money was positive.
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    Steel Curtain
    wow, Yahoo censoring anyone that speaks of the atrocity on the southern border. Wow ! America is no longer America. The people censoring aren't even from here.
  • G
    When will AT&T shareholders get the spinoff shares? anyone knows?
    Please post if you know. thanks
  • M
    Maybe this will POP a little on DRIP Day....
    Later Today Is Dividend Pay Date ! I Hope at these prices ya'll are re investing
    your Divvys.... I'm sending mine to UNCLE SAM as a Quarterly Tax Payment....
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    Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
    So supposedly the NewCo will start with a valuation of 130 billion and the shares will be somewhere around $7 / share to start. Not my calculations, read it several times though. With the content that Time Warner has, (130 Emmy nominations) I can't see that staying around $7 a share very long. Thing will probably double in the first week. The dividend is being cut 89 cents a share but $7 share is roughly the equivalent of 8 years of the slashed dividend. (7 dollars divided by 89 cents) I'm not selling. Going to be a long year waiting though unless something surprising happens.
  • h
    If your Warner shares completely cover your entire T investment within 3-5 years, what would your dividend ratio be with your T investment?
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    Steel Curtain
    AT&T will be reduced by the amount of the new company when they start trading independently. The new company is projected to trade at around $ 7, meaning AT&T will be REDUCED by $ 7 overnight. My plan is to wait and see and if I can get into AT&T at $ 23 to 25$ I will for sure. That would be 4.95% if the price dropped to $ 24, based on a $ 1.19 payout. It will be fascinating to see how AT&T trades the day before the new offering opens. I predict a sharp drop at some point that day and you'll have to be fast to lock in the 5% dividend.
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    Mantra Man
    CNBC should fire Kramer for favoring one company over another, even though its his opinion. CNBC is supposed to be NEUTRAL.
  • d
    Upgrade, price target raise, nothing seems to move this stock!
  • T
    AT&T 1.33 m net adds vs TMUS 1.4 m.

    Cramer needs to either get on board with AT&T or downgrade TMUS.
  • M
    Homegamers......When This POPS To The Low 30's........
    I Won't Be Able To Resist Checking In
    And SAYING.......
  • E
    Who ever thinks we are turning into CUBA get out now because in a couple of years you will need a truck tire tube to get out LMAO
  • T
    One of the interesting takeaways from the company's Q2 result is that it is gaining market share against Netflix in the U.S. While skeptics may continue to point out that it has a long way to catch up, the company's ~2.8 mn sequential net new subscriber addition in the U.S. (versus Q1) at the time when Netflix reported a ~0.43 mn sequential decrease in paid subscriber in the U.S. and Canada, is an indication that it can continue to attract viewers based on its content strength.