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AT&T Inc. (T)

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  • J
    Apple should just buy T at these levels and can offer a complete package service and hardware
  • M
    For the past 25 years, T's CEOs have done very well. T's shareholders? Not so much
  • P
    Just bought my first 500 shares of T. I understand that the market is bearish on the stock, and I realize that it could fall farther. I had initially planned on buying 1,000 shares; so, if it falls a few points more, I'll just add the other 500. Long-term, I'm not at all worried about investing at these levels. Separately, I also scooped up 500 shares of VZ.
  • k
    Why won’t Stankey say anything positive or at least say he won’t cut the dividend again (he said that before by the way the stock spiked then he cut the dividend). But this time he needs to pinky swear
  • N
    Adjusting for inflation, T is actually at 1988 levels of stock price right now.

    40 years of no growth =)
  • M
    Don't be surprise to see T cut the dividend in 2023. By then the stock price will be mid $15s (and heading lower). The dividend needs to be cut in order to address the huge debt T is carrying. T has to address the debt issue. They can't just keep kicking the can down the road. When they do reduce the dividend, the share price will drop as many investors will begin to look at alternatives and realizing that T can't significantly raise prices due to competition from VZ & TMUS. Poor management has consequences. Unfortunately the investors are taking the brunt of it, while the executives are paid outlandish salaries.
  • -
    How low do you think T will go ? Im bullish long term. At these prices I do think T is definitely over sold....
  • m
    michael leis
    Certainly when Elliott pushed for sale of WBD and being an investor, forecasting a $60 share price or what AT&T is worth, is what made me a believer to hang in. Today I’m lost for word’s.
  • B
    Much easier to make $$$ when the market drops. IMO, the market has much lower to go. I'm waiting for the major pullback to arrive before I start adding & T-PC (ATT preferred) is on the list, as well as SJT if it is below $11.
  • P
    This sell off has been expected since early last year when it became obvious that Biden was going to govern like Bernie Sanders. Nothing very surprising, and a great buying opportunity but no rush. I will probably start buying next month.
  • k
    This won’t ever recover unless they cut dividend by half again and pay off debt and stop spending money . And when ever the next spectrum auction occurs they will be buried into another round of cuts . A very bad investment now holy cow they ruined a lot of people and got ceo got very rich
  • J
    Another 52 week low. Great job. Not sure if this one or WBD is worse. Aye Aye Aye
  • L
    really needs to turn around.
  • y
    Today is the lowest point since February 1995...!!
    Unbelievable ....
    Spin-offs and splits are taken into account.
    What's going on here that it's going down so badly?
    It can't just be about inflation and interest rate hikes......
  • X
    Hike til it breaks, cut til it inflates. Central Banking since 1694.
  • s
    Something a lot of people maybe don't realize is that ATT is losing some high level people. Today Karthik Viswanathan, VP of digital product development, announced he's leaving. Several people under him have as well.
  • d
    Will this ever see 20/share again? And when?
  • S
    This stock hasn’t been this cheap since 1996. Get in while you can because this won’t last forever, especially at 6.8% dividend.
  • c
    Thanks, Joe...thanks for nuthin'.
  • B
    Stinkey needs to go to the unemployment line for what he has done to T and the long term shareholders. I can't believe he was not kicked out at the last vote. More pain coming until he gets the boot.