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    Opinions on what's holding T below 30 for past few months? I don't see why the price hasn't risen along with the market. I just bought 3500 shares last week primarily for long term dividend income years and even decades down the road, but sure wouldn't mind seeing some appreciation in share value as well.
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    Looks like Futures are down about 130 points. Will we have a Red day tomorrow?
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    Soon folks! Soon

    Co provided an update at the Morgan Stanley European Tech, Media and Telecommunications Conference Strong cash generation and disciplined capital allocation gives AT&T financial strength and flexibility to invest in growth in its market-based priorities of fiber, 5G and HBO Max while simultaneously meeting its existing financial commitments. The company has refinanced more than $60 billion of debt at historically low rates and now has about $30 billion of debt coming due through 2025. AT&T expects 2020 full-year free cash flow of $26 billion or higher with a full year dividend payout ratio percentage in the high 50s%.1 The company also continues to expect gross capital investment in the $20 billion range for 2020.2 Network quality driven by significant investments in 5G and fiber helped support strong wireless financial and operational results and healthy broadband trends in the third quarter. In addition, the company believes that its recent and anticipated network investments will bolster AT&T's network foundation to compete as the need for high-quality connectivity only continues to increase. Looking forward, Stephens indicated that AT&T's integrated fiber strategy is expected to improve the company's connectivity offering for both consumer and enterprise markets and enhance its 5G network quality in a cost-efficient manner. Business transformation efforts are on track with the company's expectations and have already delivered savings from efficiencies, organizational alignments and the optimization of cash returns from select business operating units. AT&T remains focused on adding value for its customers through improved experiences and continued innovation, while simultaneously relying on technology and process improvements to enhance returns across its operations
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    AT&T has an impressive portfolio of assets. The company's HBO Max deal with Amazon will help its core businesses, and a potential Roku business will help drive millions in new users. All of these add up to billions in new annual revenue. The company's fiber business could also add billions in new annual revenue as long as it is focused on expanding.

    The company's FCF is incredibly strong. The company remains committed to its businesses with capital expenditures. The company has a less than 60% payout ratio as it continues to pay its dividend of nearly 7.5%. In the immediate term, we expect the company to focus on debt repurchases followed by share repurchases.
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    No volume today.Looks like most of the traders and wall street have left early for the holiday and the long weekend.Next weekend will be interesting as the larger funds start buying for next quarter
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    T seems really neutral. It’s a long term stock to keep forever for those dividends! Stock up on AT&T
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    Looking back a year T seems to be better positioned now. Any positive news regarding the balance sheet and business execution will move the equity higher...possibly much higher.
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    Cypress Point
    I did this just for fun and I know it is not the total picture. Tmus plus nflx plus chtr= Market cap about$506B= Revenue about $131B = Ebitda about $23B= Debt about $201B. ATT Market cap about $202B- Revenue about $172B Ebitda about $55B Debt about $187B. I know that T debt is less than 187B but since took the other figures for Yahoo stats I did the same with T. I am not saying that T should have a $500B market cap but I think $300B plus is a conservative valuation. ATT is very under valued!
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    Wow, my survey now shows over 90% of the 65+- responses want ONLY T related posts on this board. Yahoo and political posters TAKE NOTICE!
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    Here's a challenge: To anyone on this board that believes the dividend is "not safe," will "be cut," or is in any other way at risk, present your evidence. The numbers suggest it is well covered, and is not only safe but perhaps one of the safest dividends of any stock that exists. Show the rest of us the evidence, or go away.
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    I can't believe that Motley listed 3 negative posts against T!!!! I have never seen where Motley posts "don't buy T buy Verizon!. Buy these dividend stocks instead???? Is that legal? anyone? how is that fair against a company like T ???
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    2021 will be a year of "Value" investing... Buffett start accumulating Telecom....and you should too. !!!
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    HBO Max subs should skyrocket in Q4. Commercials everywhere. Very aggressive w/content. Need to sell DTV to Dish & this stock will be at $40 before you know it.
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    I’m curious, would most here prefer to keep comments on this board to T related issues or have it also open to all discussions on political and other matters.
    If you want it just T do thumbs up.
    If you don’t want it just T and to want include open discussion do thumbs down.
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    For those that discount HBO MAX , I have finished watching a crime show worth every it of $15 x per month. In fact if the movie even was bad which was a 10 on a scale of 1-10. Nicole Kidman was worth every bit of 15$. Great acting, great crime show many twists and turn, great jury trial.
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    XOM, which is a Dividend Aristocrat, has pledged to keep its dividend at any cost.
    T is in a way better position to retain its Dividend Aristocrat status, imo.
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    Why have my posts from earlier today been deleted, Yahoo!? We've all heard about "freedom of the press" ad nauseum, but what about "freedom of speech" in general? It seems our traditional American values are being held hostage by what was a once revered media industry.
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    Mark Post
    T has been strong all day on big volume.
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    What do you expect? Will AT&T recover and maybe move back towards $ 35? I think the quarterly results were pretty good, better than expected.
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    T is using all money from direct tv sale to pay down debt! All of it !