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AT&T Inc. (T)

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As of 2:21PM EST. Market open.
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  • b
    On Our Way To , $34.00 , Great , Safe , 7.5% , Dividend's , And Soon Stock Price Will Move Back Up , To $39.00 To $40.00 , Another Great Profit , GLTA ,
  • M
    Mark Post
    David Tepper's bullish comments on stocks send dow futures into the green.
  • J
    Im fine with $T being a bank account for me. The free cash flow nearly doubles the amount of total dividends paid. Its safe.

    Based on its last 5 yr FCF, fair value with a 10 P/E is $32ish. I am happy buying in the mid/high 20's and trimming in the mid 30's.

    Rinse and repeat.
  • A
    T forward PE = 9
    TMUS forward PE = 40
    VZ forward PE = 11

    T is criminally undervalued at this point. They have content + delivery finally resolved. With the economy finally recovering & higher rates coming, we'll be at $40 in no time.
  • A
    macd crossed the signal line on friday and went positive today. also, if it closes above 29.91 it will have broken above about a three mo trading range. i have been faked out by positive chart developments w/ T before, so by no means is this me suggesting these are screaming buy signals. but we are also leading into investor day. it could be setting up for a move, positively positioned and some of the reopening trends (movies) are helping. fingers crossed.
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    A Yahoo User
    I see the rotation out of the high flyers. Investors with common sense are taking some profet and buying the laggards like T.....
  • M
    AT&T dividend yield should really be around 5-5.5%, especially as they are streamlining operations and HBO Max/Warner Media is getting going, shares should be between $37-41
  • B
    Last chance <30
  • A
    So is T going to keep the aristocrat status?

    I think the dividend is the single most important factor in this stock.
  • d
    The last time ATT was at least this high was Dec 11, 2020. Quite a move(for T) over the past week.
  • E
    A year ago AT&T put its share buy back plans on hold because of all the unknowns around the growing virus.
    The Market punished the company for making responsible choices which protected the shareholders dividend payouts.
    Now that it is known that the decision was sound will the market allow the stock price to return to the more reasonable levels for a well managed company with a 7% dividend?.
  • D
    The long term health of this country’s economy continues to be degrading by the continued assault of the Dem wits. Add the weak foreign policy of the current administration and our future is looking bleak. Iran and China are gaining momentum and our allies are being forced to re-evaluate in light of the weakening status of the U.S. Investors have much to be nervous about.
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    Bikerguy MUTED!
  • t
    hopefully over 30 and stays there no more in the twenties. long and strong.
  • R
    For the last 12 months we’re told this stock will plummet and the 7% dividend is unstable. The market has a sell off due to bond yield concerns and the stock rises. Lol. Seems like the divy is plenty safe for those seeking safety.
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    A Yahoo User
    T is an excellent stock, to stash cash made in fang at this time. Stock price is a bargain and when or if the market drops, it won't go down any where near the amount the high flyers are going to.
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    BOOM ! Hit 30
  • P
    I go on Yahoo, Go to finance, Click on T, It goes to Summary with 1 day chart, which You can go 5 days and so on. Under the chart there are 3 Boxes, Performance Outlook. On Friday those 3 boxes were all Red, Short Term,Mid Term,Long Term, and now they are all Green. Did I miss something. What the Heck does that Mean.
  • t
    owned t for 8 years 5 t shares collected alot of dividends solid stock. you won't lose money on T.
  • S
    if you bought last week <$28.50, just hold