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  • R
    Up 21.5% in the last 6 months including dividend disbursement. This surge reminds me of the good 'ol days of Pac Bell/AT&T, now it's simply icing on the cake. Old guy, been long since 1981 W/dividend reinvestment, slow and steady, didn't get wealthy overnight but grateful and blessed for how well it turned out for my wife and I to enjoy the retirement phase of our life.
  • H
    FUN FACT: 90% of T shareholders we surveyed will not sell their shares whether the stock goes to $25 or $50. Most state the reason is that they now have yield of 6+%. Market makers are moving the same shares back and forth with no new inventory. Our target is now $60 year end based on lack of available shares.
  • W
    WHAT IS.....IS!
    From two seniors: To seniors who are making up their mind to buy ATT. We too did the same many years ago. This was a time where we could only afford to buy small amount of shares. We decided to do this for my wife's mother had invested in ATT way back when. So we started buying. Yes, there was up and downs in this stock when the country was going thru this and that. But we continued buying what we could afford and investing the dividends (small at the beginning). We are now in our 80's....and still own the shares. We now take out the dividends (now approx. 6% plus never going down). This allows us to pay all our condo taxes each year. We get the dividend dollars 4 times a year. We have no regrets about owing this stock. We are middle income people, we did not want to lose any of our money and decided years ago to go with this stock. We have no regrets.....Our adult children also started investing in this. They invest what they can afford. You don't have to buy a lot of shares....just start as we did too will be happy that you did. Things in our country are so unrest.....we feel no matter what the future holds for it we feel save. Again, just our opinion for so many asks us at our did you do it??? and are you glad that you did.....Yes we are...
  • A
    TMUS had a nice report, but one day investors, money mgrs and analysts will wake up and say "wait, we're putting an x multiple on this? it's a communications AT&T, they have a streaming product, so part of their valuation should get a streamer's multiple!"
  • J
    Don’t let these people bait you to sell. You only lose when you sell. They have made to many moves in the right direction the past 1-2 years to give up on them now. I STRONGLY believe in their (now cheaper) streaming service and their expansion past phone/internet service. They are setting up to a MASSIVE Company in 10-20 years imo. Good luck with markets today
  • d
    I rode the Elliot run to the top and sold a few years back. I feel a similar run is coming here. I will not sell for anything less than $39. Long 10k shares.
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    A Yahoo User
    T is a great company, to invest in at this time. It's business of communication and Media will shine going forward. When you look at the valuations of other companies, T is still a total bargain. I look at the market everyday and see the same stocks being pushed higher and higher, while ignoring the potential gains to be had going forward from companies like T. I said my piece, now go buy a K shares while you still can at the president bargain price....
  • b
    The volume is clear. No sellers. And why would you sell. No where else to put money and get 6+% taxed as a dividend. Don’t see much of a decision until we hit $50
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    Red Equal
    LOW VOLUME: The "big buyers" were waiting for T holders to panic, take profits, or overthink their decisions to hold, and thus sell. But there were fewer sellers. Holders know T is worth a lot more and going higher. Buyers will have to pay up for the price higher. DON'T SELL! Not yet, anyway.
  • k
    The grind up with Biden tax plan on this will be spectacular..42 by end of year. Better to be in dividend then in capital gains with upcoming hammer.
  • C
    We're getting AT&T TV ads saying AT&T micro-fiber internet is 20X faster than cable internet.
    AT&T U-Verse is gone.
    AT&T TV is here.
    If all this is true,
    Won't AT&T end up #1 in the near term future?
  • B
    Saw my dividend payment yesterday. It feels like paycheck time. Chiching!.
    I call this stock old reliable, and a good one to have in my portfolio.
  • t
    Bullish on the HBO Max narrative. Expansion to rest of world this summer with ad-supported subscription options will be excellent.
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    Cypress Point
    How about valuations? T EBITDA $49B, F P/E 10. TMUS EBITDA 23B F P/E 39. So if TMUS doubles the EBITDA their P/E would still be "about" 2 times higher than T. Go figure, what company is a better buy today.
  • K
    Khun JT
    ATT hiring Jason Kilar the streaming expert from Hulu & Amazon to be the CEO of Warner Media was a great move. He is expensive .....but will get outstanding results for stockholders.
  • F
    Heading towards a new 52 week high above $33. Holding 10K shares to give as a gift to my daughter when she turns 18. She is only 10 now.

    God willing I shall Live and be in Health and enjoy watching the slow and steady up and down, gap open gap closed, climb of T not only towards a new 52 week high, but a new 5 year high, for I believe that the next 8 years are going to be the best years fot T, breakout years, while we get paid.

  • E
    End of day volume tells the tale.
    Very very large trades done today.Earlier the volume was being recorded as low,nearly half of normal volume at mid day and over normal volume at end of day.I wonder which Funds are betting heavily on T
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    Bobby N
    Looks like div reinvestment today moving stock up today.
  • L
    The truth for this stock lies somewhere between cheetah and the $60 PTs on this board. Obviously $60 is not a realistic PT EOY but $38 range is. I’m here with my $29 average and have no plans to sell EVER. We locked in our 7% dividends and therefore instructional level returns if you can go LONG
  • R
    Red Equal
    Did it just close at high of the day, at 32.42? This is good, right? Hint, hint.