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Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

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  • s
    Now Cramer loves oil stocks..haha last to party every time
  • G
    So the EIA report is actually bullish because of the sizable drop in distillates. If the world is running out of distillates they will consume way more oil to make up for the shortfalls and produce gasoline as a byproduct. A distillate shortage is what rockets oil to $100+ and this time maybe even $200+.
  • K
    Alright folks, looking at the chart, the momentum indicators are flashing green... but I'll revisit the idea that we may be quickly (if not at) a near-term top. All breakouts slow down... this one is curious as there is still significant positive accumulation and RSI(6) while not moving up on high volume... which is uncommon to say the least. My speculation is that we may have reached an inflection point awaiting earnings between $75-76. Though, I think most folks would admit, even $75.50 from low $60s was a hell-of-a-run... I'm out of trading ideas on XOM until the Fed decides and earnings comes. Wouldn't be terribly surprised to se a run back up to $76 today... but I don't think this has enough steam to break past $76 with conviction (my opinion). Still very bullish XOM over the next 12 months, but I'm recommending a 'hold' on equities here and probably either reposition or take profit on calls (regarding earnings outcome).
  • B
    Bet a lot of ESG investors wish they weren't at this point. Woke is broke. Not only that, delusional to think that the lithium battery will be the sole source to power everything.
  • K
    I think we're witnessing an entire generation learning the hard lessons of the market... yes, kids, the market can go down and growth stocks don't always triple/quadruple in a year. I'm reading many articles/message boards with genuine panic... I guess this is why they have money managers and ETFs. I think the whole 'fractional shares' construct screwed things up in the market too... many retail investors with little idea of what, precisely, they were buying. GL, enjoy the rest of the sector/value rotation for however long it lasts. I know/hope most of you had/have an exit plan if you were trading -and/or- you've doubled up with at least a 8% divvy if you are long. At this point in the long game, we're approaching what could be considered fair value ($84 by EOY IMO)... so, be smart about what to do next. Likely best bet, to enjoy that sweet dividend and watch oil bust $100pbbl.
  • G
    Man looking at the technicals on the major indices they are all still way over sold yet XLE and XOM already at way over bought. This is going to be an epic run it looks like.
  • r
    RBC Capital says they were dead wrong about XOM and underestimated them. Expects stock to reach $90 a share in 2022.
  • j
    I’m I missing something today? Why the decline?
  • t
    Have a look at CVX....all new time high. XOM will follow...needs to play catch up.
  • T
    The Gravy Train 🌚
    People asking why this isn’t up big today. This is a gift before the stock moves higher. The smart money is adding more shares instead of whining about it not moving higher.
  • J
    Been investing for over 60 years. Nothing new here. Easy does it. I'm doing my part for the energy sector. Heaters for both pools are running wide open!
  • K
    Really bizarre pre-market... a couple potential catalysts, but 1.5% to to downside with the positive tailwinds gives me cause to scratch my head. I'm pulling my limits off, plenty of time, but I'm trying to figure out the motivation... Fed meeting? (should be already considered). Global demand? (Aramaco CEO put that to bed along with analyst calls for $100). Russia? (Likely a non-factor for XOM other than positive impact on oil). Perhaps just a good old fashion dip... but I think the timing would indicate a strong move back to/above $74 prior to earnings (then who knows). Still looking for $75... but maybe that's too ambitious after the good run to date.
  • Z
    all new energy stocks down big time. Did they really think wind and solar will replace the only real source of energy 😎
  • E
    Energy Investor
    Now we have finally reached a reasonable valuation, I do believe $85 is probably the realistic top in the near future. You have to be careful if your day trading XOM. Over the least week or so pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. I have been in and out of my trades on a daily basis with a great return. Now id when it may get a little tricky. I expect to start seeing some profit taking. Keep in mind my main block of XOM is permanently long and I day trade 20,000 shares. I don't always get all of the upside on the day trades, but the long position has been there to get the dividends and all of the upside. Interesting times. XOM is well positioned for the future like many of us on this board has said. Now we will just listen to socialist winers complain about our profits and how unfair it is.
  • T
    Why is anyone selling this? Gas is highest price in years. We are hitting 52 week highs every few days. Crude oil highest in years etc
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    Tom and Robin
    XOM is easily worth $100. 2019 Investor day predicted 70 Billion cash flow at $80 oil. Trades at 8x historically for 20 years. Even at absurd 6x cash flow you get 420 billion market cap ÷ 4.2 Billion shares = $100. CVX, a lesser company at all-time high now and we are 30% below all-time high. Demand has surpassed 2019. Midterms coming. Rotation to value. Wake up.
  • D
    Dear Lord: Please have Jefferson appear tomorrow morning to tell us that we are doomed and the price will crash. Please? Asking for my friends on the XOM board.
  • K
    Just have another glass of Franzia and chill, my car loves XOM premium with 675 HP and 19 MPG.
  • K
    The canary in the coalmine (Hess) beats by 12%... also verifies Bigly gains in Guyana reserves, and more to come. We will see how the day goes... but 5% gainer premarket. Of note, an equal percentage beat for XOM would mean $2.13 for 4Q... which would be nice, as I've been calling for $2.10.
  • G
    It's time to party like its 1999! Thank you Jefferson!