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  • K
    What will really be interesting is if/when EIA shows mogas demand well above 9Mbpd on Wednesday (as many have postulated). If oil overshoots (which the saying is it always does) it wouldn't be unreasonable to see WTI at $100+ by EOW. With a 13% gain in oil in a week... would 13% on XOM be possible? That would be $101... which was the TGT for the cup-and-handle that was forming before it got broken off last Wednesday/Thursday. Really interesting to watch, take a bunch of notes here because this is a very (surprisingly) catalyst driven trade at the moment. As always, keep an eye on future P/E and now with the new legislation to 'fight inflation' the share buybacks are likely to be brought forward to 2022... which actually gives XOM some latitude to increase share buybacks (now it looks like they're just reacting to legislation instead of increasing). Best news about this though... no chance of a windfall profit tax after Manchin caved on this bill... he won't have the appetite for another before midterms.
  • E
    Energy Investor
    When you watch the news the administration's goals are clearly defined. It's not about going green. This is a restating of American values. The same type of changes were made in Venezuela. That was a country that had a great oil industry and was undermined in the name of taking care of the poor. The result was the elimination of the oil industry and the middle class. People who wont work gladly accept this standard as they think they will be better off. Never works out. In most cases ignorant people fail to recognize when they have it made. The US is no different. November will be the turning point.
  • A
    I think XOM is ahead of the curve regarding carbon capture vs their peers. Hoping that this is the one good thing that comes out of the bill passage this past weekend and that it greatly benefits XOM.  A lot of the ESG folks don’t realize that they need energy companies. These companies are very innovative and they will be the industries who develop the technology moving forward regarding carbon capture and clean burn fuels like hydrogen. The current administration needs to stop demonizing this industry and work with them. They also need to realize that ANY type of tax, including a windfall profits tax will just be passed through to the consumers (ALL OF US)!!
  • r
    So doesn't Exxon now get government subsidies now for it's carbon capture plans??
  • p
    At this point, it’s whichever one of these catalysts hits first.

    (Responding to my other post)
  • T
    Assuming the tax on stock buybacks passes the House of Reps. What do you think the chances of XOM accelerating more of their share buyback into 2022 become. Perhaps a $5 to $10 Billion shift in buybacks from 2023 into 2022. This would avoid the 1% tax plus lessen the dividends paid on those cancelled shares. I would assume they could then start shifting their cashflow into more special dividends and building their cash coffers.
  • E
    Energy Investor
    Elections have consequences and the recently passed bill reflects that. The administration is pro China. China controls 95% of the material needed to make batteries for the EV cars. No one discusses what happens when cars become inoperable. I guess the government will create a superfund to bail out the people who own them. The only hope for this country is a massive voter turnout and fair monitored elections.
  • t
    Lets see........more folks working....more folks using energy....pretty simple
  • E
    Energy Investor
    The politicians will do everything they can to undermine the oil industry. The handwriting is on the wall. When you look at 528K new jobs, hundreds of flight cancellations daily you see that oil will start to tick up. Their days are numbered because November is just around the corner and all of their bad policies will get reversed.
  • B
    1.69 Million share block bought at ask at 9:56am was it XOM buyback?
  • D
    $OXY conversation
    Gary Simmons, Chief Commercial Officer at refining giant Valero: "I can tell you, through our wholesale channel, there is really no indication of any demand destruction... In June, we actually set sales records. We read a lot about demand destruction and mobility data showing in that range of 3% to 5% demand destruction. Again, we're not seeing it in our system."

  • K
    FED updates Inflation expectations... Wednesday will see EIA and CPI... heels down...
  • S
    soon we will have a revenue collection agency with nearly as many agents as there are active US marines. All pouring through your records to find any error and oversight. Is this the country dims invisioned? If they are only going after the top percentage of income earners then why a need to nearly double the agents? Because they are going after the middle class. The wealthy have attorneys and accountants. The rest will settle with the agency out of fear and lack of resources to fight. Sad days ahead for the old republic. Keep the faith, for November can bring some sanity back.
  • S
    the so called 'inflation act' will add 87k new agents to the internal RS making it larger than the state department, justice, and customs /BP combined. Not a single new agent to help at the border. There priorities are crystal clear. This much power focused on Americans will not be a good thing, yet applause were apparently in order. The bill doesnt even reduce inflation according to many analysts. This shows how lost the leftmind is. Make a note, and place your vote in Nov. They also managed to get more taxes on oil, NG, and coal into this monstrosity. I thought NG was considered clean by the left??
  • J
    Jack Jones
    It appears that the Inflation Act will further constrain oil and gas supply:

    - Increases taxes on offshore oil & gas rigs
    - Although in theory it opens up more federal lands for drilling, it does nothing to eliminate the mountain of red tape. This means that the govt can still use all sorts of tricks to stall or deny drilling.

    This bill is similar to the SPR releases. It's 100% politics and will likely result in higher energy prices.
  • a
    Buybacks or ex div runup?
  • D
    Dr Deplorable
    I’m getting a little discouraged here. Can some of you guys give me some hope by saying stuff like:

    It is oversold
    The RSI says ABC
    The chart pattern says XYZ
    The analysts say oil to 120
    The dividend is great
    and my favorite - TO DA MOON

    That sort of stuff.
  • R
    Xdividend on the 11th. If you buy now you will get the dividend
  • a
    What's doing on with WTI it hit $90 a few hours ago now at $87???
  • K
    This has to be good for XOM right?

    "Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 528,000 in July, and the unemployment rate edged down to 3.5 percent. Both total nonfarm employment and the unemployment rate have returned to their February 2020 pre-pandemic levels."