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Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

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61.99-2.11 (-3.29%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
60.99 -1.00 (-1.61%)
Pre-market: 08:47AM EDT
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    XOM is still undervalued guys... Since 2020 they have been cutting expenses to increase profitability. Q2 earnings report will be extremely good. The money they are making right now is more than enough to melt debt, increase dividend and buy back shares. Just BUY.
  • a
    I think think this sell off will be short lived. With supply constraints still in place, XOM has tremendous upward pressure. I think this is an excellent time to add to your position. The Iran deal is more than likely already figured in to the price.
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    What would you calculate cash flow and the value of XOM shares at if natural gas would trend upwards of $5 or $6? This is still way below the BTU equivalent energy value basis of oil. At $70 a barrel, the BTU energy equivalent value for natural gas is over $11.50 and shipping of natural gas via growing LNG volumes could push natural gas that direction over the long term. If you study past history of natural gas prices, $3.25 is on the low side, and demand is being built all over the world for more natural gas.

    Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I am long HGTXU, GURE, SWN and AR all with natural gas reserves. Positions may be added to or decreased at any time. This is not investment advice and investors should do their own due diligence and consult their advisors. I make plenty of mistakes and posts may be subject to errors. And finally, If there is even a remote possibility that there is a Heaven and a Hell, it should be the primary concern of each person during this short life to know their final forwarding address prior to the start of eternity.
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    Not even going to speculate on today's action... just going to wait out the turbulence. I'd like to think this is/was a good buying opportunity, but then again... I can't discern a rationale reason for the move.
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    $100 Oil Predictions Soar As Analysts Warn Of Supply Crisis. “Incredible demand,” inflation, and shareholder pressure on oil supermajors to drastically cut emissions could lead to an oil crisis within three years, with very high oil and gasoline prices, David Tawil, president of Maglan Capital, told Fox Business on Wednesday.

    Tawil has been very bullish on oil for some time, and thinks that the prices could hit $100 per barrel soon.

    In the near term, oil prices have more room to rise, both from inflationary standpoint but also from demand standpoint, he told Fox Business.

  • R
    XOM stock is the baby that got thrown out with commodity-inflation-exit bathwater yesterday. Crude oil supply and demand issues remain unchanged.
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    EIA report comes in with ~5M boe draw, all classes at/below 5-yr average. Coupled with booming demand, a heat wave and artificially reduced production/supply... the long-term projections for XOM are coming into focus. We already somewhat know how 2Q-3Q will look... 4Q is looking more certain, and now we can start talking '22 (with corresponding revenues). I think major firms are going to be more comfortable entering with the oil market coming into focus for the next 12-18 months (pending another black swan). Would really be interested in a credit upgrade or two (to recover pre-COVID ratings) to get a healthy boost up to the next support level. GL all, I don't see too many hurdles to the upper 60s at this point.
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    Barrons today says buy oil stocks--oil to move over $80 bb and hold.
  • T
    I have a feeling that yesterday was just a minor pop to what is around the corner...once the average investor become aware of how much money this company is actually making coupled with the very generous dividend yield, you will see this climb above $100...yeah I said is going to happen.
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    ExxonMobil is a hedge against inflation and frankly a very undervalued stock per my Analysts confirmed so knowing Inflation is rising faster than anyone thought, to me ExxonMobil is historically undervalued and a Strong Buy recommendation
  • A
    Future look. EVs doomed to fail. Not enough lithium, battery disposal issues, costs too high, carving station build out not economic, charging time too long for consumers! What will work and will take time is hydrogen derived from hydrocarbons like gasoline. A winner all around!
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    $OXY conversation
    Some days in the past; today's action( by greedy hedge funds and institutions) was called: PURE ILLEGAL MANIPULATION
    WHERE IS SEC??!!!!!!
    Short data: June17 ,2021

    Explanation about below data:
    Vol: The total volume numbers of first hand shares which is coming into market for trading.It is different than total volume that you see in yahoo or elsewhere.Because in total volume one share can change many hands between traders.But original amount of coming shares and shorted shares are constant for day.

    For Canadian Stocks the volume is just for US market.
    SU :(Vol 2.45M shares),(Short 0.81M shares ), (33% of first hand shares)(Price change:-4.57%)
    XOM (Vol 8.8M ), (Short 3.5M ), (40% )———(Price change:-3.29%)
    CLR (Vol 0.75M ), (Short 0.39M ), (52% )———(Price change:-6.29%)
    CVX (Vol 3.5M ), (Short 1.9M ), (54% )———(Price change:-2.37%)
    OXY (Vol 15.78M ), (Short 8.7M ), (55% )———(Price change:-7.6%)
    CPG (Vol 1.65M ), (Short 0.98M ), (60% )———(Price change:-6.74%)
    CNQ (Vol 0.73M ), (Short 0.23M ), (32% )———(Price change:-4.3%)
    ENB (Vol 1.13M ), (Short 0.62M ), (55% )———(Price change:-0.69%)
    BP (Vol 4.26M ), (Short 1.42M ), (34% )———(Price change:-2.69%)
    CVE (Vol 3M ), (Short 0.87M ), (30% )———(Price change:-4.25%)
    CDEV (Vol 4.61M ), (Short 1.6M ), (35%)———(Price change:-8.26%)
    FANG (Vol 1 M ), (Short 0.46M ), (46% )———(Price change:-3.85%)
    CPE (Vol 0.69M ), (Short 0.39M ), (57% )———(Price change:-6.25%)
    MRO (Vol 13.9M ), (Short 8M ), (58% )———(Price change:-5.64%)
    SLB (Vol 4.5M ), (Short 2.1M ), (46% )———(Price change:-4.61%)
    HAL (Vol 2.9M ), (Short 1.7M ), (60% )———(Price change:-5.73%)
    RIG (Vol 15.5M ), (Short 9.1M ), (59% )———(Price change:-7.64%)
    TOT (Vol 2.7M ), (Short 0.87M ), (35% )———(Price change:0%)
    PXD (Vol 1.1M ), (Short 0.33M ), (32% )———(Price change:-2.42%)
    COP (Vol 3.1M ), (Short 1.6M ), (52% )———(Price change:-3.47%)
    BKR (Vol 2.1M ), (Short 1.43M ), (67% )———(Price change:-2.91%)
    LPI (Vol 0.2M ), (Short 0.05M ), (25% )———(Price change:-7.08%)
    PDS (Vol 0.02M ), (Short 0.001M ), (50% )———(Price change:-6.35%)

    #XOM, #CLR , #CVX , #OXY , #CPG , #CNQ , #ENB , #BP , #CVE , #CDEV , #FANG , #CPE, #MRO , #SLB, #HAL, #RIG , #TOT, #PXD , #COP, #BKR , #LPI , #PDS
  • M
    Take a step back and look at the 6 month chart. Today doesn't look so bad from that distance.
  • H
    Mr. Clean, do short squeezes only occur when options are involved or can a short squeeze happen when there is large selling on the open market where no options are involved? For example, can a short squeeze occur when an insider sells a lot of his shares on the open market?
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    $CPE conversation
    Gas Is So Scarce in Europe That Coal Is Making a Comeback

    Vanessa Dezem, Jesper Starn and Isis Almeida: Tue, June 15, 2021, 2:00 AM
    (Bloomberg) --

    Europe is so short of natural gas that the continent -- usually seen as the poster child for the global fight against emissions -- is turning to coal to meet electricity demand that is now back to pre-pandemic levels.

    Coal usage in the continent jumped 10% to 15% this year after a colder- and longer-than-usual winter left gas storage sites depleted, said Andy Sommer, team leader of fundamental analysis and modeling at Swiss trader Axpo Solutions AG. As economies reopen and people go back to the office, countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Poland turned to coal to keep the lights on.

    Europe has long been at the forefront of the battle to reduce global warming. The continent has the world’s largest carbon market, charging the likes of utilities, steel producers and cement makers for polluting the environment. But even with record carbon prices this year, low gas reserves mean burning coal -- the dirties of fossil fuels -- has become more widespread again.

    “Energy demand has been pretty strong in Europe and we have seen a recovery from the pandemic,” Sommer said in an interview. “Gas storage is so low now that Europe cannot afford to run extra power generation with the fuel.”

    The return of coal is a setback for Europe ahead of the climate talks in Glasgow later this year. Leaders of the world’s biggest economies failed to set a firm date to end coal burning at the meeting of the Group of Seven at the weekend in Cornwall, U.K.

    Europe faced freezing temperatures earlier this year, boosting demand for heating at a time liquefied natural gas cargoes were being sent to Asia instead. Russia sent less gas to the continent via Ukraine ahead of the start of the Nord Stream 2 link to Germany, expected later this year.

    All of that mean that European storage is currently 25% below the five-year average and benchmark Dutch gas surged more than 50% this year. Futures are currently trading near their highest level for this time of the year since 2008.

    “People thought Russia was going to book more capacity via Ukraine and that just hasn’t happened in a meaningful way,” said Trevor Sikorski, head of natural gas and energy transition at consultants Energy Aspects in London. “The market is super tight, it’s trying to get less gas into power.”

    Electricity demand, which crashed as the coronavirus locked down cities from Frankfurt to London, is now back. Usage in countries including Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic are above the five-year average, while demand is flat in Italy and France, Morgan Stanley said in a report Monday.

    With gas supplies already tight amid heavy maintenance cutting flows from Norway, utilities have turned to coal to keep the lights on. While the price of carbon is trading near a record, many have hedged it years in advance. That means burning coal could still be profitable.

    Generators with “highly efficient” new plants can probably manage to produce power from coal until 2023, even with high carbon prices, Axpo’s Sommer said.

    The G-7 recognized that coal is the single biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in its final communique. But the group promised only to “rapidly scale-up technologies and policies that further accelerate the transition away from unabated coal capacity.”

    “It’s not a great a message to be sending,” said Ursula Tonkin, portfolio manager of the Whitehelm Capital Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund, the Australia-based company that has $4.4 billion of assets under management in all of its funds.

    While it would be “fantastic” if politicians came to a deal, coal is likely to be phased out anyway by 2030, 2035, said Tonkin. “Politics are important, but you also have the economics of the transition really kicking in within that timeframe,” she said.
  • r
    Longs sleep well on days like these. Great buying opportunities for those that want to get in.
  • A
    Great News! Exxon may be raising its dividend from 87 to 91-92 cents a share this year!

    "By emphasizing spending discipline, the new Exxon is likely to be able to send more money back to shareholders.

    Exxon didn’t raise its dividend last year, after increasing it for 37 years in a row. But Leggate suspects that that pause will be short-lived. He expects the company to raise the dividend by an average of 5% a year through the end of the decade."
  • R
    share the love of oil. I use my dividend as supplemental income and right now it pays for our new car. better than an annuity! I keep waiting for a pullback to add more shares but I'm ok with what I got. just as an aside, on the very first earth day, I changed my oil and poured it on the weeds out behind my back fence.
  • s
    did you read about electric car owners in CA? They are dumping their electric cars for Gas cars.
    Reason: Too long to juice up the electric for poor miles on electric vs gas miles. Oh, ya! They like
    the idea it takes a few minutes to gas up vs plugging in for hours do to low wattage plug in's. At home
    or at the office! there are 3 levels of juice to juice a electric car faster but most folks can't find the 2 or
    3 level and so Gas is King!!!!! That is one for CA! Now Californians need to clean up the rest of their state.
    So much to do.
  • p
    Up 20% over 6 months and you get a dividend ....and it doesnt even reflect the current oil price at these levels it has a long run ahead of it at this rate