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Today's Worst Performers

WatchlistDay chg. %FollowersSymbolsPublisher
Most added to watchlists
-4.90%77,58329Yahoo Finance
The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio
-3.64%218,38320Yahoo Finance
Stocks fuelling the Internet of Things
-2.49%10,3557The Motley Fool
Biggest earnings’ beats
-1.97%10,6059Yahoo Finance
New hedge fund holders
-1.86%14,56830Yahoo Finance
Crowded hedge fund positions
-1.80%10,12330Yahoo Finance
Cash-rich companies stocks
-1.09%5,07330Yahoo Finance
Long-haul Buffett buys
-0.76%9,7258The Motley Fool
Most active SPACs
-0.64%7,40530Yahoo Finance
Most bought by hedge funds
-0.31%38,34230Yahoo Finance
Recent 52-week lows
-0.29%12,38030Yahoo Finance
Dividend growth market leaders
-0.27%14,50210The Motley Fool
Sinful stocks
-0.21%7,85315Yahoo Finance
Most watched by Yahoo Finance users
-0.18%27,49922Yahoo Finance
Women at the helm
-0.17%2,35120Yahoo Finance
Cannabis stocks
+0.07%159,91521Yahoo Finance
Biggest earnings’ misses
+0.12%4435Yahoo Finance
Smart money stocks
+0.18%15,47711Yahoo Finance
Tech stocks that move the market
+0.22%96,61819Yahoo Finance
Most sold by hedge funds
+0.39%12,44930Yahoo Finance
Bank and financial services stocks
+0.67%4,64630Yahoo Finance
Brands consumers love
+0.74%6,79619The Motley Fool
The autonomous car
+0.76%13,3665Yahoo Finance
Ageing baby boomers
+1.07%3,57211Yahoo Finance
Least volatile cryptos
+1.08%5,79330Yahoo Finance
Medical device and research stocks
+1.11%4,46430Yahoo Finance
Semiconductor stocks
+1.15%8,59030Yahoo Finance
Biotech and drug stocks
+1.22%6,13930Yahoo Finance
High-yield dividend stocks
+1.25%13,22830Yahoo Finance
Oil and gas stocks
+1.28%8,53030Yahoo Finance
Electronic trading stocks
+1.31%29213Yahoo Finance
Healthy living
+1.33%8,32711Yahoo Finance
Most sold by activist hedge funds
+1.33%19,45130Yahoo Finance
Activist hedge fund positions
+1.35%11,17630Yahoo Finance
New family economy
+1.37%3,25613Yahoo Finance
Top cryptos by market cap
+1.39%19,57030Yahoo Finance
Most volatile cryptos
+1.40%6,65730Yahoo Finance
Top crypto bets
+1.51%27,58115Yahoo Finance
Largest 52-week gains
+1.63%16,31130Yahoo Finance
Most bought by activist hedge funds
+1.77%57,42219Yahoo Finance
Romance industry
+2.01%3,07512Yahoo Finance
Recent 52-week highs
+2.08%13,62325Yahoo Finance
Stocks with highest short interest
+2.41%5,44230Yahoo Finance
China tech and internet stocks
+3.32%7,29113Yahoo Finance
Top cryptos by volume all currencies (24 hrs)
+3.46%11,63130Yahoo Finance
Video game stocks
+3.59%5,40124Yahoo Finance
Top cryptos by tokens outstanding
+4.04%5,54730Yahoo Finance
E-commerce stocks
+4.05%5,44126Yahoo Finance
Most removed from watchlists
+4.26%4,03730Yahoo Finance
Crowded tech hedge fund positions
+4.36%16,89130Yahoo Finance
Most active small-cap stocks
+5.19%15,28830Yahoo Finance
The fight against COVID19
Largest 52-week losses
+6.69%16,01430Yahoo Finance
Most active penny stocks
+26.52%46,61930Yahoo Finance